Texas Officials Urge Residents Near Fertilizer Explosion To Return Home Under Curfew

Citizens of West, Texas are advised there is no imminent safety concern following plant explosion.
11:29 | 04/20/13

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Transcript for Texas Officials Urge Residents Near Fertilizer Explosion To Return Home Under Curfew
Good afternoon thank -- for comment. My name is Steve client. I ND Meyer pro team for the city of -- ask. And first and foremost. I want to dispel any rumors. And any. Health or safety hazards are threats. At this time in the city of west it is safe is safe it is sank. Far citizens. After it throughout my statement -- will not field any questions -- -- what happened on screens. This statement is only for the citizens a way -- to -- -- and their recovery. To get back to their homes. Also. The mayor of last an honorable Tommy -- -- at 4 o'clock for our citizens we'll have a town hall meeting. At the Knights of Columbus hall in last. And again. Novel -- -- most guess we'll have a town hall meeting for all citizens interest dating coming. At 4 o'clock. At the knots of Columbus hall here in -- asked. In -- companies and adjusters. Can go to the community center and last. Unless Tokyo road. To get their vehicles marked so they can have access through the area. In order to start helping our citizens and -- -- process. I had to prepare excitement. -- -- -- Almost certain parts of the impacted area. And -- returning back to the city of west. This city is working to -- tying the -- -- -- damaged city area. The city of west has chosen to open this area to the risks to residents -- -- just. Only following conditions. There is limited access to water. Electricity. And natural gas at this -- I curfew is any fact. Immediately. All residents are encouraged to be out of the -- packed area. Or inside their residences. By seven PE elm due to health and safety reasons. This car if you will be enforced at sunset. Due to -- -- structural damage. Residents should be aware of hazards that may include. Broken glass nails. Any other degree and roadways are in their yards itself. No vehicles larger than -- pick up truck will be allowed in the impacted area. Residents should nighttime I say speed while traveling through the neighborhood. No more. -- two vehicles par residents Andreas. Only residents eighteen years of age and older who live in this area will be -- -- to -- -- -- stage one. Of several upcoming re entry stages. The process for stage one is as follows. Assembly will be at the intersection of -- and street and Tokyo straight starting at 3 o'clock Ted -- Vehicles will run up in single follow all right history facing south. DPS troopers will mark permitted vehicles with appropriate entry numbers. Vehicles that had been checked in -- the sun with Dantre numbers. Will be permitted -- be permitted to air at 4 o'clock today. Access to the impacted area will only be from seven AM to 7. I'm gonna repeat that for the benefit of our citizens so they can make sure they understand what we're trying to do foreign. A Stanley starting today at 3 o'clock. Will be at the intersection of write history and Tokyo street facing south. Vehicle -- up in single -- -- -- history. DPS troopers will be even more marked permitted vehicles with appropriate entry numbers. Vehicles that had been -- and and a son into numbers will Dan Perry beat permitted to start entering. At 3 o'clock today. Access to the impacted area will only be allowed from 7 AMG 7 PM until further notice. The city of -- asked. And the west City Council request all citizens that way asked to please use other than northbound my pain. Right again and oak streets for their normal traffic. Updates on other impacted areas of the studio where will be provided as this answer as this information. Becomes available to us. Citizens leaving these impacted areas should be continue to -- the city of -- website for information. And Debbi Debbi Debbi -- city of west dot com. Or by calling our hot line -- gave -- four. 8267550. Again our city of west website. WWW. City -- way -- Dot com or by calling west Thailand do you -- for -- -- six. 75. Zero. -- -- -- -- A cooperative with all law enforcement officers. We are going through a tough time here. And we are working diligently to get everybody back in their homes and and we really -- now we are really working hard for our people. All the city of west to council and all people our condolences go out also not to the -- -- apartment only. But to the city and added that it has lost people. The west analysts service for their losses. A -- him. The Saint Mary's Catholic Church it is Johnson here west has been -- enough. To give us our facilities. For all the people that have -- assist our citizens. -- -- All the federal state and local market -- people are at their site working in years and it so they can have 1 central location to work out. And the city is very grateful for father it cross it. 4 PM -- issues that. In a lot of that. For our masses for the -- of that charge June I had this announcement for the AM. And I -- repeat it. -- -- Gotten. Calls -- the number of people expected to a team and they force scheduled memorial masses it. Are charged. Saint Joseph's and all -- parking area has been arranged a shuttle service. People wanting to it can masses are encouraged a year allows the parking at -- fast corner. Of south. Right history in Tokyo road. Across from the community center. I believe our citizens are familiar what that. It is writers -- largely -- rod across from our community center next to the railroad tracks. Is a large field will we will have buses where they can get -- -- and that will be bused to and from the church. Service for the buses will -- one hour before the masses and continue one hour after. Mass times are as follows. 6:30 PM on Saturday. 730 -- AM -- Sunday. -- -- AM on Sunday. And 10:30 AM on Sunday. Again for our people that go to that charged one and I sure you'll hear this because there's a lot of congestion at that church did all that -- -- personnel. I bus will be in the field across. From the community center was fast -- that field. And thus is will be there for your convenience to get you back and forth to church. Starting one hour before all scheduled masses and -- normally scheduled masses. Again. Ever -- -- any rumors that you hard today. Forget about it it's good we're trying to get our people backhand and I want to encourage that plays -- -- is safe safe inside. Thank you for your time on the behalf of the C -- last. We are break right for you to come and get this information out to our people thanking him. We are working on that as we speak and that will come later at another press announcement. Yes we are working on hand for a large memorial service. And -- if you -- -- listens. I can study but I have to stay on their property they can't walk around. And there will be law enforcement there to see all this enforced and there will be a lot of law enforcement. There will be no walking around if you want to stay at your house -- -- risk. You can stay there but you -- -- what you divers these diet your own place I can Callahan. Can understand. Doing so. I -- him. -- -- -- -- Fourteenth has been confirmed. The same as yesterday fourteen. -- We can -- fourteen at this time. They -- the department of public safety -- these are yes. I want apologized. To everybody I have -- rare -- -- portion of this stagnant. On the reentering. The people they -- -- -- into their homes. Are from oak street. Abroad like that is the first five -- -- one apologized for not -- man. From oak street abroad like. Walnut. I'm so sorry from oak street to walnut that is the people -- can coming and if you're walnut north. We will work with that engage -- and those as quickly as possible. -- to walnut. Thank -- I'm sort of that mistake.

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{"id":19007507,"title":"Texas Officials Urge Residents Near Fertilizer Explosion To Return Home Under Curfew","duration":"11:29","description":"Citizens of West, Texas are advised there is no imminent safety concern following plant explosion.","url":"/US/video/texas-officials-urge-residents-fertilizer-explosion-return-home-19007507","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}