Will Thanksgiving lead to a rise in cases?

Millions ignore CDC travel guidance, taking to airports and highways nationwide as AstraZeneca and Oxford University announce their COVID-19 vaccine.
4:52 | 11/23/20

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Transcript for Will Thanksgiving lead to a rise in cases?
Let's pretty infectious disease specialist an ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein now or more on this. Got a rousing good morning what do you think when you see those airport images from the past few days. Hi Daryn I mean this makes me incredibly onerous mean the sheer numbers of people are looking to gather outside the household there's no question this to be super spreader reed show every single time we have a holiday we see increased. Mobility and that leads to increases in cases this is the most popular yet yet were already Christmas with his had a great widespread searches. Are systems on the brink. Brigham Y I mean we're probably unit yet 200000 keeps his day meeting this week 200000 hospitals 82000 deaths a day he started yet he hurts is -- epidemic in the uber all right so I can do that people can reconsider their plans tried to gather and all of our council. She may dent into this or just a note on testing I know people think we can test the ring to Thanksgiving dinner that's true and yet test doesn't mean you're not and it could be free moral. You know load would be detected by tests will be really have to understand it's not just testing gatherings and are small masking social distancing inflation. Everything we can you you transmission are heading to all people how to travel what's the safest way to do it aside from obviously just being in your. Her car right I mean truthfully you want avoided all right so any scenario there is. Trouble and it shall meet its number of things around the district airport terminals are breast. All of you carry some risk because he can't say sixty apart we probably has more risk just because you're connected to more people who you know nobody in the middle Ian you're windows. Cards if you're not in a bubble that got carries risks is already are cooling where people outside your console there's opportunities for transmission. Clearly masking and keeping the windows open at the most important thing you can you if you must get into a vehicle on an end and travel this Thanksgiving. AstraZeneca and Oxford University announced that their trials show their vaccine is up to 90% effective. At preventing the virus how does say compared to the visor and the mid Darren about. So Monday another incredible day for vaccine news now heard vaccine candidate which is showing aren't yet this is odd gestures at him vaccine which is actually only different mechanism from the other two vaccines using recombinant an umpire can actually help to deliberate genetic material. A different technology also showing. I think it's overall result for about 70%. They used to scenarios warrant which is too full doses of vaccine and warrant which was how does all of Bayh pulled us. Exactly sure why that second scenario did better meet because it doesn't create an immune. About it and are. The fact if you die version that scenario was 9%. And on top of that we saw no Asians know your teachers and also super orderly no severe vs. So still some really wonderful news and third vaccine. We'll take the wonderful news that we can get out we also know that front line workers will get access to vaccines first how all other Americans know when it's their turn. Yeah me. And we know that there are going to be a priority groups when it comes of this taxing health care workers. Honorable you know we're we're seeing potentially twenty million doses are the end of December hopefully we're gonna have a real wrap up in production next you're not quite so great about this AstraZeneca. I had the potential to treat billion doses 20/20 one also looked in their amazing is that there's an equitable. Are low and be available to most Americans are now he's drawn a third senior. Many shot trench this particular vaccine actually doesn't require deep treaties just regular refrigerator so much more portable so Dench. This game in terms of being able to deliver vaccines most Americans early into next year. And then we heard in Tom's piece that ever Jenner on therapeutic was a judge approved for emergency authorization by the FDA what we know about that. I mean listen it's free it's another therapy that's being made available to the public clearly the president received a new near how to ruin our clinical trials around this year key are. The copy don't mention is that the still believes Irish you know these -- edicts. We're not meant to steal millions and millions of doses. Of subset eight clearly they will be corporate goes sit here are coal bed I'm. But it's not an ideal way therapeutic does it get us out the current grim situation we're in now so really can't. They're treating you get through to the end of the year and this is why all of the non pharmaceutical interventions like math or socialists and not a boring stuff. We know what were allow all right doctor John Brownstein we appreciate your time as always thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Millions ignore CDC travel guidance, taking to airports and highways nationwide as AstraZeneca and Oxford University announce their COVID-19 vaccine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74361367","title":"Will Thanksgiving lead to a rise in cases?","url":"/US/video/thanksgiving-lead-rise-cases-74361367"}