Tips to have a safe, Happy Halloween in a COVID-19 world

With states across the country canceling their Halloween festivities, Dr. John Brownstein gives guidance on how to stay safe this holiday as the country sees a massive increase in coronavirus cases.
4:53 | 10/26/20

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Transcript for Tips to have a safe, Happy Halloween in a COVID-19 world
And with Halloween just five days away we know that this year is going to look a little different than usual. Asked corona virus cases surge across the country some cities are banning parades and trick or treating. So how can you celebrate safely here's of the pilgrim. Halloween may not be canceled but it's going to look a lot different this year we all adored adored her recruiting period. Al paso in the midst of a corona virus surged camping down Halloween plants the city's seeing close to 111000. Active cases. Hospitals beads job their Macs. Now asking people to stay home for the next two weeks to reduce the spread and ease the strain on the hospitals. Beverly Hills approving an urgency ordinance banning to trick or treating. Restricting getting candy treats or toys to anyone not in your household. Warning rule breakers will be issued citations. I understand didn't deep disappointment that all children half X. Even though it was a difficult decision really was the right decision to make him that's our day in time. Cities and at least 37 states changing some of their Halloween plants most canceling community events. Very Harris had been considered a high risk in New York City. The city's Halloween parade that usually draws some 50000 people called off. The mayor saying no to inside trick or treating this year. Do you do if this CC putting out a guideline warning people to avoid high risk Halloween activities. My door to door trick or treating or Carter car truck or tree. Indoor costume parties or haunted houses and he writes with people who are not in your household check. It isn't. Instead the CDC encouraging people to try to lower risk plants like socially distance pumpkin carving. Halloween scavenger hunts. And if you want to trick or treat. Try to build one way version where you pick up wrapped goodie bags lined up at the end of a driveway or edge of the yard. Now experts say if you are planning to dress up think about your costume you don't want aware just a generic costume mask you want to make sure you have a two fabric. Cotton mask either incorporate it into your cost you or just gonna Halloween themed mask to Wear Diane. Right even pilgrim good tips there thank you. And for more I'm joined by ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein good morning doctor Brownstein is there a way to check retreat safely this Halloween. Yeah. So we have to remember this virus is still not under control all right so we don't want to own needs to be Ager peppers more cheese and his passion for the stigma of being a team trends and and socialism is wearing Jean. Yeah I don't these groups artists. It's been a long road but why choose to how enjoyable Halloween and her wasted youth trick or treating or where it might be seen but when Richard retreating increase our larger arts. Just don't know when he's march 2 seconds especially. Inside. We also want to think about certain underlying heart Texans need 688. Extras a massive surge so we listen to public call it they're getting guidance. Really trend here to those items. And for anyone who does go Juergen treating what precautions. Should you take it to wipe down the candy when you get home what do you need to do. Yes we really have to new worries here and detonated sixty. Yeah a lot of people and it's there's this concept of hygiene here are just blowing up people report we know that searches cart. He's in the major motor transmission so. Wiping out candy it's that exception is our hundreds TC guidelines and it just to keep people away from what's important right hand washing still harsh you don't you don't address tree chocolates and Eric also leads our transmission so few -- reducing numbers of contracts and those are the things to focus on. Try and easily excessive and beyond that. And what are the most important things to remember as families get ready for Halloween and maybe some of the other holidays would beard come at three top tips. In terms of helping us to prioritize who we know we don't have to wash the candy. What's more important. Are so important that Washington. So always pirate. Terrorist activities are radio traditional sort of more trick or treating is calling armored cars most people this year he wanted to point in your guy or straight so costume party is content. How does bush really want to see outside she hasn't thought he's in on those higher on the floor risks outside. He's right so the costs increased pumpkin carving outdoors start your parents and he sort of new concepts one waitress retreating almost taxis are much Flores and won't reduce transmission in the community and I tactic Brownstein always great to have you thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"With states across the country canceling their Halloween festivities, Dr. John Brownstein gives guidance on how to stay safe this holiday as the country sees a massive increase in coronavirus cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73836634","title":"Tips to have a safe, Happy Halloween in a COVID-19 world","url":"/US/video/tips-safe-happy-halloween-covid-19-world-73836634"}