Tips on Saving For the Holidays

Consumer analyst Vera Gibbons from has 5 easy ways to save hundreds in just a month!
3:27 | 11/07/16

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Transcript for Tips on Saving For the Holidays
The holiday shopping season begins in less than three weeks can you believe it and if you haven't saved up for all those gifts. You need to hear relatives aren't gonna go away anytime soon. But does not too late Vera Gibbons is here with us again and she's a consumer analyst for gas buddy dot com. Every actually have some really cool tips there's reading all of them and their easy they're easy which is key and you start with. Saving on taxes. Blood just your tax opponents just so they're refunds are averaging about 3000 dollars yeah a year or so that's 250 a month that should be in your pocket better to get the money as journey and give the government an interest free loans at. Change it taking more allowances is going to boost your take home pay and you'll see the changes reflected. Union next paycheck the next time you go in check and when your employer just haven't done. Not my problem with that is at all boosted from one deductions here it's not like. Nine you won't talk to Kevin and it hurt it makes creating a number right yeah you wanna come out sort of even on the haven't any idea what to get a big massive tax rate on every and that's just not in an effort to great way for a couple of weeks if you have to. Get some gifts just planning to get some little bit more in your in your paycheck. And I'm a victim of this very do this all the time eating out less you mentioned. We give us senate couple thousand dollars a year just eating out punching me this is ridiculous so. Make your own food unheated home grocery costs have been filing for ten consecutive months it's cheap hurt. Now for eggs milk. Meet so make parents at home and save over a couple hundred dollars and that includes cutting back on your seamless orders or whatever and I doubt it and that's the big money drainers it I would also suggest you avoid retell -- process a lot of them out there movie theater popcorn marked out by as much as thirteen 100% wind you buy it restaurants 100 to 200% for bottles by the glass 30400%. Coffee. Another 300%. Pre cut fruits and vegetables 25 to 30% so if you avoid just one or two of these retelling of jobs. He could easily save 1200 dollars and cents cut your own fruit. And make your own popcorn and stomp your grapes of me dot. My baby out that's what it is safe you say it next thing is pay yourself what do you mean by that. Well you should have a certain amount taken out of your paycheck and automatically deposited into his savings account and not doing this just do it now and start small just 2.5 dollars a week for paychecks that's a hundred dollars back in your pocket yet by asserted that this recently and it's amazing how much it's a smartly appear not to notice when you don't actually saying no and then it just use it. For whatever. You know while night on the town. And finally said that some gas buying change your gas find cancer gas buddy actually get a survey about our fuel purchasing habits at the pump and some of them are costly work filling up the premium even though we don't need it. We are waiting for the lights to go on and never filling up anywhere we're going to places that we think of the cheapest prices but don't necessarily have the cheapest prices so. The no brainer here is aghast but the average saves the average Kelly Ford Five Hundred dollars a year or about 48 hours I'm wow so. These are some very simple strategies to put over 600 dollars in your pocket just in time for the holidays. Which is about what we're going to be spending will absolutely no truth in just trying to get a written a loan from your mom or. Some relative. No that's out of the Mets on numbers that's. That extend this. Now play David F five it's a very thank you so much fan and if you wanna see more protests there on our website WNN fans dot com your what you wrote these down.

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{"id":43354491,"title":"Tips on Saving For the Holidays","duration":"3:27","description":"Consumer analyst Vera Gibbons from has 5 easy ways to save hundreds in just a month!","url":"/US/video/tips-saving-holidays-43354491","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}