Tom Hanks Becomes a Soldier's Surprise

Bob Woodruff tells Staff Sergeant Gabriel Posey of his mentor, Tom Hanks.
3:00 | 12/10/12

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Transcript for Tom Hanks Becomes a Soldier's Surprise
I -- Bob Woodruff -- ABC news and as part of our series standing up for heroes I get a chance to sit down with Gabriel -- is -- staff -- army veteran. We just recently served in Afghanistan. He wanted to tell me about his dream to get into the world of film and television right here in Los Angeles. Actually connected and together with Tom Hanks and you can imagine how surprised and shocked Gabriel was when I told him exactly who is -- -- Would be heat why is it that you join the military when he came -- -- Blogs on the military doing palace. It was -- Paulson. -- -- analysts. I want to do something noble. My parents. -- people like family. -- on the -- easily did you ever have fear when you're serving over in Afghanistan are you always concentrating on your on your mission and not really distracted by here. I had some fear a lot of times the rules don't count on and was working folks on the job. Think about. What was going on. We had a lot of mortars common. Story tonight at all times of the day. What we're somebody your accomplishments going over there and -- -- -- made a lot of friends. Culturally with the Afghan national network of those. Soldiers. Sort of children -- call it. He's still in in contact Lotta entry. Talk to -- -- every couple weeks the ones that I was charges. Just to make sure that they're okay -- if they're focusing received. But they're not have any problems from the transition from this exercise. How is the transition. Coming from a place like that back to the United States' -- peaceful and maybe in some ways. More boring when we're in Afghanistan working long hours. -- -- -- to do if you weren't sleeping. We're you know working. So when you come back to the states we feel restless and what you need to do isn't try to find something to break that restlessness so. I mean it's it's transition but there's some -- -- you know you back home back to family friends. And others a lot of people and our. Think about whether they should join the military -- not in what sense was the was this a life changer for you. I think the army and what does it really person. -- personal courage. Austin on the leader. What would be your dream and now that you are going and this world. In the US you've been away from the last nine years Michigan serving. But Janus who write for. Television. I've been writing. Constantly for the last couple years have you done that before. To be done some films were television work I had no insurance is purely a -- yes I want to show you who's going to be -- her. Our ecology he's not really well known person. Well I -- Eyewitness case -- oh. No way down a city -- and he says he's remote able to sergeant first class -- -- -- -- fedex's. We we're gonna take his -- and match them up to areas in the motion picture industry is brought it uses. That is actually going to utilize those interest and -- experience. In the best possible way. Analysts say is a great thing about so many people in the military man they are really good itself well. The xetra that was the last -- gets all the problems that -- when you can find somebody who solves problems in the motion picture issue whether its production of war. Or marketing or or anywhere it anywhere attended. This discipline to come while you can get them solved problems those people worth their -- in precious and solving problems. Now that's -- difference now is that. So April had a chance to go over to Tom Hanks office etiquette began their -- so he could learn from one of the most well loved -- In a world of --

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{"id":17925524,"title":"Tom Hanks Becomes a Soldier's Surprise","duration":"3:00","description":"Bob Woodruff tells Staff Sergeant Gabriel Posey of his mentor, Tom Hanks. ","url":"/US/video/tom-hanks-soldiers-surprise-17925524","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}