Tools to help you stay calm

“10% Happier” author Dan Harris, on the tools that can help you stay calm amid COVID-19 turbulence.
4:44 | 03/20/20

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Transcript for Tools to help you stay calm
Like so many of you at home I definitely have found myself. Having moments of panic and anxiety BD can go from hour to hour data day as I navigate as we all do these strange times. Especially since we just don't know so much about this virus. Now more than ever we need tools to help us stay calm so here to help us is author of 10% happier anchor of weekend GMA and my friend and colleague. Dan Harris good morning me for being with us so this obviously is an incredibly odd time in America there's so much information being shorted us. It keeps changing as some of this information we're getting is very scary I mean I think what I read some of these news reports. That's when the panic sets in so I know your leader here at ABC news when it comes to staying mindful. And practicing medication. Medication meditation are. No I mean honestly can't. If your doctor recommends that medication I'm saying it took another look at and it's time yes I'm a powerful combination what did you be doing to sit com looked out and I am. Just like you I've had moments of anxiety where I spin out and I have been trying to follow my own advice but we're gonna talk about some of these tips and meaning you view and I found that doing the things that we're to discuss right now. Have really helped me. All right so let's talk about some of those things. The first hit seems to be a bit counter intuitive you say remember. That anxiety is natural gas this is really important is no anxiety. Is just your mind and body trying to keep you safe. Anxiety is natural this is. An unusual. And confusing situation and what we want to do is is to realize that there's a certain amount of anxiety that make sense. What you don't want to do is tip over into panic and that's what some of these next fits what puppy do balance. Productive useful anxiety gains on constructive from a nation. My mama look this one because your next at this remember all those annoying things your mom nags you about pulled do them. Added that ash I hate to say it but there are few things that you're our moms told us to do like get exercise. Get enough sleep and these are things that we'll help you manage your anxiety sleep is incredibly important you want to get 78 hours if you can. Exercise too is really important it doesn't have to be some wild work out which I know you like to do here that kids they're automatically cut making them to work out with me if I mean there's nothing wrong with that but if he would just say your not physically able they sit to do that. Just taking a walk outside getting sunshine a lot of science shows this is a great way to reduce anxiety know the difference between physical and social distancing yes so I don't like the term social distancing because. It's. Then we need we're deeply wired for social connection and when you don't get it you get depressed silks physical distance yes but social. You don't call your mom call your friends do it on video try to help out your neighbors this will get you out of your self centered fear. And hat and get you into an elevated empowered state. Other than this very important hour you say moderate your consumption of news that's right. But now I eight. You don't want to undermine our ratings here and I do think and following the news is really important but you wanna pay attention to how you're doing in if you're stuck in a Twitter hole for hours and hours on end. You might want to step away from the phone or the computer it's good to be informed but too much information can lead to a. I got a little panicked with some scary news I read I went street to a rom com I mean that's just what every need to do it just kind of I've been watching us in Iraq. Well we didn't and I really a fun Joseph I love a show that I don't think I can say on the air you know and talked about it something creek. Our hope yes I do you think is the most important of the mall perhaps use meditation as a tool. Look obviously have mr. meditation guy I've written a couple books about it so it's going to be not a surprise that I would recommend recommend the meditation but there are 21 of all there's an enormous amount of science suggests that meditation can really reduce anxiety. So there are two ways to do it one is an informal meditation which you just kind of it's fit into your daily life coming to teach you want. What are we all have to do these days we have to wash your hands for twenty seconds how anyone who uses one seconds you wanna use and to spin out and worry about things we're going to have your mind to break so. This is a little cheesy and I resisted at first but there's a certain amount as there is a lot of scientists suggest this technique. Really can help to the these ancient phrases that you can repeat silently in your head while you're meditating they are. May we all be happy. May we all be safe. May we all be healthy. May we all live with ease do that two or three times I drove that I don't think is cheesy at all while. Thank you I try to kind of wash your morbid skeptic in me less of a skeptic Grammy. That is a really helpful weights like pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. For your brain gets you out of fear. And that's a nice entree into may be deeper meditation later on. Absolutely which I also recommend thank you Dan I appreciate it later.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"“10% Happier” author Dan Harris, on the tools that can help you stay calm amid COVID-19 turbulence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69710050","title":"Tools to help you stay calm","url":"/US/video/tools-stay-calm-69710050"}