Top diplomat's impeachment testimony bombshell

Bill Taylor said President Trump wanted to withhold aid if Ukraine's leadership would not investigate 2016 election interference and the Bidens.
6:16 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for Top diplomat's impeachment testimony bombshell
The impeachment inquiry is proceeding apace at Singleton a new poll. I think just came out this morning known morning showing Americans having growing support now for impeachment this one from Quinnipiac University shows 55%. Of Americans now voters say the house should investigate. These claims of misconduct by president trump that's up just from last week when the same survey was conducted in take a look at this though. Just under half of Americans 48% to the president should be impeached and removed. Ourselves broader support for the inquiry a little bit less support at least at this phase. Because a investigators here seem to be looking at and seemed to be wrapping their minds around this explosive testimony yesterday. From the top diplomatic official in Ukraine who puts president trump right at the center of a quid pro quo. Absolutely that the president was personally saying that the aid to Ukraine should be held up until Ukraine cooperated in investigations. Into the president's political rivals former vice president Joseph Biden and his son as well as Democrats. And this incredibly gripping testimony and what we have seen is a sixteen page opening statement from Bill Taylor is the top diplomat to US diplomat to Ukraine. That doesn't include the hours and hours of questions that he took from lawmakers behind closed doors but this is incredible where he talks about a regular foreign policy channel a regular channel diplomacy which is found normally things are done with the diplomats and the State Department and national security officials working together he also described in your regular informal channel of US policy making that was led by the US ambassador to the EU. A top. Big time trump donor. As well as the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani Bill Taylor had meticulous. Notes the last couple of months phone calls text messages. And conversations that he was a part and all of the alarm bells that we're getting raised along the way. Just an extraordinary. A piece of evidence there that testimony underscoring. An extraordinary story the president of the United States. Withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to exact political favors from a foreign country Catherine fall there's this. Testimony comes on top of a striking admission. Last week by the president's own chief of staff make mold Rainey who came out and actually. Admitted to this set politics were part of this pressure in operation and all of us need to get over it. Oh well that's her and I think as Karen said this was. The most damning testimony yesterday by Bill Taylor Republicans that I've talked to privately say this is a test many economists worried about seven but I would also say that this morning there was that high drama here behind me were about. Two dozen Republicans there. But demanding to get into the skipped right over here in read the transcripts and and participate. In these depositions they're attacking a chairmanship for the way. He is handling mess but look as we. Move forward we're still going to see a lot of these witnesses behind closed doors and really what you said about that aid and let the acting. Chief of staff said is the main concern here and really what is coming out in if that's. It's encountered. Or stick with you here because you've been talking to so many members of congress up there you can work in the hallways staked out there in front of the committee room I mean. Are Republicans defending this actual conduct by the president's so far we've just heard. Process objections about the alleged unfairness of this process but how do they answer now. This body of evidence it seems to show the president from did in fact with hold money that was approved in order to get them to investigate Joseph Biden. Oh well it's a great question right it's all about the drama around the process a lot of the Republicans can't really answer that question whether. It was appropriate. To withhold it or not what we aren't hearing though is every one most Republicans as defenders of the president here in congress saying there was no quid pro quo everything that they say that they've heard. A behind the scenes they think they're not particularly concerned about a seven but you raise a good point that there. Is the eagle in defending of the withholding of eighty and it's it's really just. Up process. We have certainly starting to be few cracks in that Republican armory a slow and concerns quiet concerns that you are telling us about yesterday Karen back to you because. Amidst all of this impeachment if you're in the inquiry that's underway now the president faces a new challenge from someone. Inside the west wing we've got word now overnight that an anonymous senior administration officials still on the job. Is writing a book about what's happening in there. Yeah you've forgotten about that senior administration official who wrote that very explosive New York Times op Ed in September of last year talking about the problems within the administration and assuring Americans that there were adults in the room who are trying to pull that the president. From acting on his worst impulses and making rash and bad decisions we. A couple weeks ago saying. Ever happened that person I guess they're still here David they left we weren't sure because we never learn the identity well now that person is writing a book November 19 the warning will come out written by a senior trump administration official which of course is you know DeVon from your time you're at the White House. That's not a small universe it's not just people who work right behind us in the west wing it could be people act departments who worked in senior levels but. If you talk about which hot which is of course one of the president's favor. Phrases as last year there was so much finger pointing and questioned among the White House staff as to who this person could be they said they were gonna try and root out the anonymous official and figure out who was. And I guess they didn't figure out needed now this person is apparently still here writing this book I think the finger pointing will begin over the next couple of weeks this is certainly something that is not going to please the president. We know how it's art about the whistle blower this is somebody who's on his in nineteen here. He had just incredible also as you say another piece of evidence that there are so many within the administration sounding the alarm about what's been going on their Karen Travers are White House correspondent. They so much Karen Catherine folders for us on Capitol Hill.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Bill Taylor said President Trump wanted to withhold aid if Ukraine's leadership would not investigate 2016 election interference and the Bidens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66474407","title":"Top diplomat's impeachment testimony bombshell","url":"/US/video/top-diplomats-impeachment-testimony-bombshell-66474407"}