Top Headlines of 2016

Looking back at major news events of the past year.
3:42 | 12/22/16

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Transcript for Top Headlines of 2016
Are. Forward to be here precedent Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia has passed away political battle brewing this but it will not be bill this year I plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. The bill HB two has come under heavy fire from critics impermissibly discriminatory toxic water crisis in Flint Mars isn't officials weeding by months to warn the public. Explosives. That the virus we've never seen a mosquito borne illness could cost of birth defect. Golden age seventeen and over Batman while they shot and killed by Gutenberg. Nearly a million Samsung notes seven sold in the US. Recalled the smoke was unbearable black thick smoke deadly winter storm for the record books DC Philadelphia and New York. Revealing another dangerous heights not a winter wonderland deadly storms plaguing millions are giving out. What you stated disaster in more than thirty counties. From Florida hurt you obviously eclipse of the Carolinas floodwater came. Airing here with the three million Americans got to leave their homes fill out a no no no you wild fires raging across the southeast. If you are in person that phrase we can use your prayers aware house party that turned into a deadly inferno alcoholic singer monster we have. Located and recovered. 36 victim a historic handshake in Havana is some where. Via a long time Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Has died. Why here on the streets of Havana this country of their nine day warning period but of course outside of Cuba. Different reaction. The British people have spoken and the answer is without any impact with instantaneous. And national market and really. Prime minister resigning that powerful image partly on the board of civil war to me. A routine morning became the scene of carnage was for the nightmare three explosions rocked Belgium two four run in the metro station. Thousands of people do it at night out when a truck drivers slam it. And to crowds of people. See blood and bodies everywhere three attackers with guns and suicide bomb storm four. We're shooting one side and then there's bombs went off. However terror inside this Orlando nightclub. It wasn't a typical shooting it was hate the deadliest mass shooting in American history be my only so I don't. Oh. Shooter Obama team that is twice as deadly shooting outside a rouge convenience. The traffic stop turned deadly chef for bullet hit him there he's shooting sparks sadness count me out. The streets of Charlotte were on fire chaos erupting Ingram were deadly police shooting. Not much historical officers killed while they weren't super block lives matter protest suspects dating he'll play what's best buy don't. Deadly ambush in Baton Rouge these officers were intentionally targeted assassinate. Got chilly start on mother earth Kelly spent 340 days aboard the space station the treasury announcing. Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson powerful heads of both. One point five billion dollars I'm wrote grateful that we got a big piece about it.

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{"id":44350555,"title":"Top Headlines of 2016","duration":"3:42","description":"Looking back at major news events of the past year.","url":"/US/video/top-headlines-2016-44350555","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}