8 tornadoes reported as storm moves across the heartland

ABC News' Alex Perez surveys damage in Louisville, Kentucky, after storms made their way across several states.
2:15 | 04/04/18

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Transcript for 8 tornadoes reported as storm moves across the heartland
A lot of storm damage overnight announcement wanna start. Bergen now express Alex I give us the scene there are a lot to cover overnight a lot of damage. Yet DeVon here it will blow that storm has pushed up you can probably see in this guy behind me here it is still overpass this was a fast moving storm but it was powerful and effective. A huge stretch of the country from Texas although I have to Ohio now. Oh and a show you a few pictures you get an idea of what I'm talking about this was the scenic at Houston's hobby airport those strong winds knocking over anger. Flipping it hits are of the airplanes that were parked on the ground there. Now luckily there were no injuries there but this storm was in no joke here in Kentucky especially. In the rural areas there were several structures that were damaged similar scenes in parts of Ohio there were at least at 300 reports. A storm damage and across the region they were there were at least eight reported tornadoes. And so a lot of people just beginning to assess some of the damage here of course is still a lot of cleanup to do and DeVon it's not over. Just yet this storm now moving east moving to the I 95 corridor and where they are expecting it to create a lot of problems. Throughout the date that. Outlets we we know we're watching the storm here in New York track toward us twenty states. As you know in the high wind and snow warnings today where you had. This afternoon your on this story today for world news tonight where were you expecting most of the damage to that next. What we're we're still assessing the damage here in this area it was difficult just to get here traveling. Two global yesterday from Chicago our flight was delayed in getting into the area took some time. And then this morning just assessing the damage because it's still widespread. Yet we had to drive about an hour it's we're spent part of the day today driving around trying to figure out where exactly is damages but as I said they have some 300 reports of storm damage there have come and so this is pretty widespread and it's those rural small communities where. There are any structures like those buildings that you see over here to block. The wind. Go to the areas that have a lot of problems so they're still trying to assessed on. All right outs for it's they say about their stay warm thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez surveys damage in Louisville, Kentucky, after storms made their way across several states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54232494","title":"8 tornadoes reported as storm moves across the heartland","url":"/US/video/tornadoes-reported-storm-moves-heartland-54232494"}