First trans athlete to make a men's US national team to be honored at World Pride

Chris Mosier is the first trans athlete to make a U.S. men's national team, as a triathlete member of Team USA, and the first trans athlete to be in a Nike ad.
4:06 | 06/28/19

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Transcript for First trans athlete to make a men's US national team to be honored at World Pride
I'm what we're doing is highlighting people. Who have been making a difference in the community and today. I'm joined by Chris mosier and saying your last name correctly yes I'm so excited. You aren't trans athlete. Who started competing before your transition. You are the first known. Al translate athlete to join a national team correct that's correct right yet so. Were you ever worried about what your teammates are people would say. Oh absolutely yeah I think I was I was more worried actually before transition. When I was trying to keep a secret. And I heard you just mentioned to you are watching this and seekers. Keeping a secret is so incredibly painful and so I was really concerned about what other people and think before I told them whoever was. And I hadn't had a better time. Because as much confidence after it was open with the world that I was trans. Absolutely so. What's it like competing for a year now does it what how do you feel when you're out there doing what you love I feel so proud because I can show up fully as myself there are two parts and even a really really important and his. My trends and queer identity and being an athlete which have been since I was very very young he and say oh it's important for me to show up. Fully as myself as all of those things and just be really proud that I can. Pull on a teen USA uniform represent our country even know there are places in our country where I am not safe as a trans person while. You know two to hold both of those things at the same time and just show other people that's possible. Absolutely so you have a website that's called trans athlete dot com I want to know what the purpose and intention behind this website is. When I was coming out in 2010 it was really challenging for me because I didn't see other athletes doing when I wanted to do. And NC trans man convenience man and I didn't see the policies. That even tell me if I could compete and so I created this website as a way for other people specifically trends athletes and know what the policies work. But for coaches administrators national governing body is organizations. High school organizations to know what is in good policy. What is bad policies and put them all out there and try to use that to leverage change. With an organization continue find out a lot of people are reaching out to you for help with us every day really everyday wow and more and more in just in India last six years since the website has been around. We see more and more high school state organizations get policies. And we've seen more recreational needs and believe. Policies decree and continues. It's its definitely need topic in sports that's incredible and so on Sunday you're gonna be at the parade yes yes tell me about this and in what pride means to you this the world pride fiftieth anniversary means. TU personally was amazing to be honored as one of the community heroes this year's being run up in front of Cassini say hey I'm proud to run. Condit placed in me and you know from reassess its. Amazing to show up in and be visible as the person and I am to let other people see me know that they are possible. That you can have a happy successful awesome life and be yourself and do what you wanna deal. And yet to be up there with their creator of the trans pride flag and mean you know remembering in the memory of Stonewall fiftieth anniversary. For me it's just a matter of remembering what this is all about it's not so much about the parties and floats and the glitter the it is about all of those things tuned. It's going to be a great time. Now but for me it's really about that action it's about that energy that feeling. Creating changing and we are at a point now where you have fifty years ago black trans women. Started this movement of Stonewall yet and we are now in a position where six black trans women have been murdered in pride month alone. And things haven't really changed that much and want that to be front and center on the focus. Why I'm there yet sent to fight for our communities saying he's not platform to speak. These truths. And you will be front row at the parade and we hope. Every one. Two and then to our Tom Ridge again it's on Sunday starting at 11 AM eastern you can catch it on all streaming platforms and Some guys check that out.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Chris Mosier is the first trans athlete to make a U.S. men's national team, as a triathlete member of Team USA, and the first trans athlete to be in a Nike ad.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64021873","title":"First trans athlete to make a men's US national team to be honored at World Pride","url":"/US/video/trans-athlete-make-mens-us-national-team-honored-64021873"}