Transgender airman inspired by veteran grandfather

Sterling Crutcher joined the Air Force to pay tribute to his late grandfather.
2:33 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for Transgender airman inspired by veteran grandfather
My grandfathers who always talked about his our communities. And talked about the missions he went nine and talked about his career all the time and would always tell stories and was always so proud of them. I wanted to hear forced to be my career wanted to stand for a full 20 maybe 30 am I'm I wanted to please my kids in this kind of environment. You know having missed having the means that. Will be hardest. Personally I after I rented tweets from I was I was initially very upset. And it's hard to read. Mailing me finite you're probably don't lose your job. In any situation. Says senator Reid. Accurate tweet was was even more hard. I didn't want to believe that. That we had that much weight on I limit an optimist. Thorough untrue I told my husband don't worry it's just to tweet. But I think people knew deep down it is coming to you become more and hands so now we are faced this. Policy. Change. Being. Stuck in limbo. Earrings. The unknown. The air force we'll man was everyone when Mike and supervision of nineteen years and I hadn't received. The most amazing amount of support. They they see me through Miami scene for the airman that day I strive to mean. There hasn't been in disrupts with the unit cohesion there hasn't been an upset there hasn't caused division within my unit with me existing and doing my job. I think diversity in the military. And in life is important. It's what makes our country's truly great.

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{"id":51048999,"title":"Transgender airman inspired by veteran grandfather","duration":"2:33","description":"Sterling Crutcher joined the Air Force to pay tribute to his late grandfather.","url":"/US/video/transgender-airman-inspired-veteran-grandfather-51048999","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}