Travel company CEO talks how to plan for Labor Day

Peek CEO and founder Ruzwana Bashir discusses how to "go for great activities" during a Labor Day "staycation" and how to plan for "bleisure," business trips combined with leisurely activities.
3:17 | 08/27/19

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Transcript for Travel company CEO talks how to plan for Labor Day
Guys is it just me or does it feel like all the news this sort of weighing us down a bit it's a bit heavy so much so that you mightn't he be in need of a little vacate until Labor Day is approaching. And if you don't have it all figured out not to worry because earth want to this year is going to help us Al you are the CEO and founder of peak. Dot com and I'm so glad you're here because you have a site that helps people teary. An unforgettable trip yes yes without people but great things to these activities and experience it yes like its travel guru you are yes so. This is a thing. Labor is right around the corner and I think some people may have prepare procrastinated on making their plans. I'm so I want you to give us tips on the state occasion but what can people do to make their stay at home feel nice and like a good vacation yeah well about half. And America is isn't it vacation. And you're not going to be Elaine and make a last minute I would say. Look for great things junior Haines City safe on the vacation. Maybe he laughed cooking Barack amazing you ultrasound you can learn how to make cross currency can do pizza making classes you can go on great toys you know and as an amazing subway toll can land about the history some why. In Grand Central say. Depending on attraction good cigar great activities because his or some things to me going on right now close at eight to stop going on the trip. Say what if you wanna get a Chicago and all Mexican city actually pretty inexpensive flights. To get you back from nice park in the country and is really incredible things he parents filed saying if she can't get anything can happen I would be to make Michigan. And takes women enjoy Olaf for the summer term I'm actually makes KCB to have an incredible. F fifteens and his incredible thing tool as parents and approaching as he sees I think that flap. I like that I like that and you have another term that I've heard used before is it bleacher. Yet business visa business believes yours seem mix it together he's a leader so what does that mean so basically that's. Eighteenth that you know he or happen. The teens teens left treks. I'm a lot of Americans are doing now and save. Why aren't they continue to investigate city how fun enjoy. Getting canceling me and say these things religious is up eighteen EC we have. To mix business and that shut them on trips he happened. That's one of the things that peaks great cat he's he's helping me I don't if you experience case thanks to Dan TV might happen fifty cent violence while. Get your sights. Really amazing but doesn't that I want to ask because since you're telling us about what plans to make I wanna hear what your plans are yet. The guru dale well suited him really funny thing about this is that Ali like you guys have Big Apple known anti. And say I'm one thing that people hate me ice is actually most of its planned preannouncement it yes I think it was spontaneous and say actually the knee and making one of the things we just mentioned and I been thinking that Torre. But in most people especially millennial another foot parking in and bond passed 50% of the bookings on a platform coupled last minute with hundreds of millions of gallons vikings. Save the happening in the lost 24 Allen said I think the days when people used to plan vacations you know months and months and gone and actually. Based visiting rooms and often it now. OK so we're not eleventh this sleepy we're not alone it. Ever over as well and the cheers during an office or all of us together again caper MP dot com thank you so much for being with us and we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Peek CEO and founder Ruzwana Bashir discusses how to \"go for great activities\" during a Labor Day \"staycation\" and how to plan for \"bleisure,\" business trips combined with leisurely activities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65221821","title":"Travel company CEO talks how to plan for Labor Day ","url":"/US/video/travel-company-ceo-talks-plan-labor-day-65221821"}