Trio nabbed in largest pill seizure in NJ history

Three New Jersey men have been arrested and charged with running a counterfeit drug storefront on the dark web that sold hundreds of thousands of narcotic pills nationwide.
4:48 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Trio nabbed in largest pill seizure in NJ history
In cases of economic crime it's really all about following the money. That's been the case since Thomas Dewey US district attorney in the 1930s. And so much of our cases over the last years have been. Made by. Investigators carefully following the movement of money pulling a thread to see where that money ends up. But today. We really have much the same issue that confronts us pulling a thread and following the money in 2019. Today. Is about. Knowing where to look in the Internet and in cyberspace. Because it truly is the case that today our crime scene is the Internet it is on. In cyberspace. Am. We see it play out in this investigation. When we are no longer talking about dollars but we're talking about corporal currency like good coin and a theory of I am businesses who are doing their business not on line where the average person can access but on the dark web. Where you need special software just a local logon but it turns out you can engage and large amounts cripple activity. Almost a detected. Today we are announcing the takedown of what I would characterize as a major storefronts. On the dark wit that made and sold and shipped. Counterfeit xanax tablets to buyers in 43. States. And wandered 2.3 million dollars of the proceeds using crypto current C. It's believed New Jersey that this is the largest pill seizure in new Jersey's history it is certainly. It's I believe. Very large about the largest one for New York State prosecutors to have taken now on be a dark web. We recovered approximately 420000. Counterfeit xanax tablets. Which are kept mostly in Orange buckets where they overseas agencies in the straight ahead into my right in that photograph. Those tablets have a street value of roughly three million dollars. We also the investigators also recovered and I say this disturbingly. Five fee of 500 class scenes of heroin laced with. Found hidden inside desktop computer. I think everybody in this room understands that the addition of fentanyl edition of fentanyl. Into cocaine or heroin. Can often be fatal experience and so at this time what we're seeing an explosive. Growth. Fatalities. Our round prescription drugs and war and war including fentanyl are recovering this her what her with fentanyl was a particularly disturbing thing. The investigators were corporate large quantities of that in front of methamphetamine. IG HB we talked about admiral which stimulant. Academy in LSD and steroids and you can see. The photographs. Photographs of the various drugs or some of them that received immediately to my left. Interestingly they recovered four pill presses including. One that you saw. In front of me. Now this is obviously. A fairly large operation with four pill presses. Like the machine that you're seeing as well as they recover industrial mixers and as I said punched guys. The police and agents recovered a GPS signal. Right there if the fiscal object is it's right there to my left. Which is stored in vehicles to work trackers. And and in addition they recovered what's called a cookbook containing wreck of recipes for how to make the counterfeit drugs. And using our own in house tools and expertise here in our lab. We were able to seize some of the defendants proceeds. Digital currency. In our search they are devices. And that search continues for more assets related to this drug operation. But clearly were operating on the dark web is how you get access to this information which truly is just marketplace in terms of where else this case will take us. And I think it is and speaking with the experts behind me it appears that this is a self contained entrepreneurial group. We have not yet completed the digital forensics we may find. We may find other places to go in this investigation but I think what we see today is a very large scale are made some very large scale. Independent group of drug seller onto port Norris who got who finally got a little bit over their head and and got caught.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Three New Jersey men have been arrested and charged with running a counterfeit drug storefront on the dark web that sold hundreds of thousands of narcotic pills nationwide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62437688","title":"Trio nabbed in largest pill seizure in NJ history","url":"/US/video/trio-nabbed-largest-pill-seizure-nj-history-62437688"}