Tropical Storm Arthur Gains Strength

Red flags issued for beachgoers as severe weather moves up the Florida coast.
5:51 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Arthur Gains Strength
And take a look at those waves there rising in the serve -- -- than those red warning flags. Are waving. As tropical storm Arthur gain strength. Moving up the Florida coast beach goers now being told to take heat it. You're not a strong so we'll find red flags we invite you to probably stay out of water. We're very very shallow. Good advice there I'm Michelle Franzen a New York that storm could really be a holiday buzz kill along the eastern seaboard. Florida seen some of those rip currents already ABC's Matt -- is in Daytona Beach Matt. Just over the past couple hours and we've been here we've felt the wind and that surf kicked up and right over there those are the outer bands of tropical storm Arthur. Serve as -- -- up to seven feet here and we've seen. Paddle -- swimmers surfers get into trouble just south of here in Fort Pierce Florida getting jammed up against some rocks and that's really the major concern. For a meteorologist here it's the water not so much that we and or the rain rip currents a major factor we're told children and even on wary adults to get swept far out to -- by these conditions. And with millions upon millions of Americans flocking to beaches like this over the next couple of days for this big holiday weekend. We're gonna try to get -- a heated into that water and lifeguards are going to be very very busy back -- -- in New York. That gunman in Daytona Beach thank you for that report and from Daytona Beach we want to go to Cocoa Beach. WS TDs Tim barber watching the waves churning from there to date him. We've got quite a few rain bands come in this morning you -- -- -- having a little bit of one right now you can tell by looking at the people were huddled under the here. If -- -- -- yesterday you saw how many people are at the beach now take a look it's almost anti the only people who are out here are the surfers. Because the conditions are perfect take a look it's like blasts out there which looks different from this video we shot yesterday the choppy surf. A lot of people -- -- -- back to the beach because there is not a lot of sun as you could see in this new video was shot within the last couple hours. We have also been soaked by those rain bands which were having right now so that is also problem for some people. Despite the smooth water the -- still have the red flag up. And they're watching the water closely of course are going to be driving up and down the coast here to give you the best coverage of tropical storm Arthur we'll have latest later today. Reporting from cocoa beach Florida Tim barber for ABC news. Tim thank you for that report and to just evaluate different perspectives. This is how tropical storm Arthur is taking shape as it looks from space these images taken today from the International Space Station. As it flew over the storm already. The governor of North Carolina has declared a short time ago a state of emergency for 25 -- And just how bad could this tropical storm Arthur get we want to bring in AccuWeather is Heather Walt. Whether give us an idea give us an I had or give us an idea and we are watching this storm it is the first storm of the season not necessarily the biggest but the timing of it right. -- that's absolutely right Michelle kind of becoming at a worse time unfortunately it's only going to move closer to the Carolinas as we get ready for Independence Day weekend. Here's a look at -- as it stands right now pretty moderate tropical storm -- CBI pretty well defined in the center of the showers and thunderstorms spinning off the coast of Florida. Might not -- impacts on the Atlantic coast are the rough surf and rip tides. A couple of showers also moving inland -- BO that Orlando area so -- soggy in these places. But again as we have the next couple days the big impacts going to be the waves and going to be the rip tides as well flooding not going to be huge concern. Here's the track that we're expecting for Arthur as we have to the next couple days tropical storm right now but by this time tomorrow. We are expecting it to be a minimal hurricane very close to the Charleston area and very close to Wilmington area as well. Hurricane warnings already in affect for parts of the outer banks as the storm going to -- Very very close to these areas now there is -- little -- here with this track. Over the next couple days there is a front coming in from the eastern US depending on how fast that front is able to move that's going to determine. How Far East or west the storm is going to track at the -- a little bit slower. It's going to move farther inland so wind could be a bit of a factor here along our -- intense hurricane warnings to tropical storm warnings already in effect for surrounding beaches as well. And hurricane warnings in effect for the open waters that's as the closer you get -- the center of the storm. The more likely -- to encounter those hurricane conditions. Minor flooding possible again along the extreme outer banks for -- to be anywhere from three to five inches. Closer to the center and that -- the re going to make it too far inland it will be -- breezy in eastern North Carolina as we -- through Independence Day. As the storm continues to move away even wants it is away from these areas. The waves are still going to be up pretty Ralph. Around the coast of the Carolina so again that's the biggest -- certainly for the Atlantic beaches all the way through Thursday including Independence Day as well. You know once the storm -- is way up in -- New England. The waves in its wake still want to be on the -- side so swimming boating. Highly discourage over the next couple days here's a look at broad picture Arthur still -- here off the coast and southeastern last high pressure building in over the Atlantic. Winds flow clockwise around that so they're out of the south and east that front as it approaches -- -- help to accelerate the storm. Farther to the north and -- so will keep away from New England but could enhance the showers and storms -- like Philadelphia and Boston. At least during morning on Independence Day. Thanks Heather we will be watching tropical storm Arthur by the hour and you can -- you can keep up with the story in real time. By downloading the ABC news happens star in this -- for exclusive updates on -- -- For now I'm Michelle Franzen a New York.

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{"id":24399575,"title":"Tropical Storm Arthur Gains Strength","duration":"5:51","description":"Red flags issued for beachgoers as severe weather moves up the Florida coast.","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-arthur-gains-strength-24399575","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}