Tropical Storm Elsa drenches Northeast on its way to New England

New York City subways flooded ahead of the storm, which left a trail of destruction along the East Coast.
4:11 | 07/09/21

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Elsa drenches Northeast on its way to New England
We begin with tropical storm Allison are drenching the East Coast before I'll say even hit New York thunderstorms soaked the city cautioned flash floods. In subway stations now the northeast is bracing for possible tornadoes after more than a dozen were reported from Florida to Virginia. Chief meteorologist ginger Z has the latest. The northeast swamped but three days of severe storms. And this was not yet Elsa. In new York and New Jersey crowds were waiting home from work. Training thunderstorms over the Tri-State dropping up to five inches of rain in just a few hours Thursday afternoon we. Multiple subway stations flooded. People may navigating the waist deep water and fighting the impromptu waterfalls cascading into the stations then onto the track. And above ground major highways at a standstill. Rescuers pulling people from flooded cars. Do not drive at the flooded areas we have multiple vehicles stuck. In New Jersey a fire department capturing this video of floods gushing through the road blocking multiple streets. Nearly 300 reports in three days of damaging winds hail and perilous flash flooding. And now it's time for ALZA. And did you Xie joins me live now from rockaway beach you your ginger what are you seeing there. Yes and now we still have the shower is that a month later than anywhere earlier you can see behind me this hour his. Print TI. Who blew the most impact finding gusting winds at this moment you can see that low level clouds there really filtering through because. Elsa its full lying I mean at last check it was at 31 miles per hour to the northeast that is sliding aren't the only good news because they were says saturated pleaded not that need this thing that's been around and give us more rain so here's what to get expects. Tornadoes are still at risk let's say flash flooding his number one risk for the northeast but I wanted to share with you this video from Jacksonville because almost every statement else attached. They had a tornado and so this is from an EF 110 mile per hour winds of really amazing to see that from a surveillance camera there. And then I want to share with you where the movement is going and how we track it out from this point forward so let's go to hadn't started it has moved mostly into Connecticut. Rhode Island and Massachusetts it is just wrap it around on the backside bell in parts of New York. And of course western Connecticut but at this flight to the northeast that they had it's moving very quickly. They don't go play for your day today so be aware if you're anywhere in New England that you're gonna have a really messy lunch hour we're gonna get rid of that you're late morning early afternoon the trap of. We'll storm warnings will stay with us through most of today and then my tonight most of us are going to be rid of it New Hampshire and Maine also plays some lingering showers into the saint dinnertime. But after tonight we will finally flat out says bell the flash flood watch as I do want to emphasize that even if you're not going to be co still getting all that wind. You could see another one to three inches some places for class. And apple earlier he had I've been saying all morning but if you take. A saturated ground with six fresh inches of water and you even get a 45 mile per hour wind root system that's not doing well on the big tree. Can easily topple so that is self significant address this morning. And we have got something lynch more I cannot wait to be dumb and alpha and I'm sure many others feel the same fans. That that's for sure ginger. Is usual for a storm like this. To stave this strong as it travels from Florida all the way of the northeast. What was pretty remarkable to me elicit how well held together over Lance you have to remember that once it made its way through Cedar Key year that big bend area. Florida it was over Georgia South Carolina and North Carolina before getting to the Delmarva peninsula touching water again the number one fuel for a tropical. Storm his warm water it was not getting any of that fuel also had a very strong corner and now it has they have very quick movement thankfully. He did not want to block this thing up. Gary get out of here Alison ginger is easily appreciated as always thank you think. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"New York City subways flooded ahead of the storm, which left a trail of destruction along the East Coast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78754561","title":"Tropical Storm Elsa drenches Northeast on its way to New England","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-elsa-drenches-northeast-england-78754561"}