Tropical Storm Iselle Rips Through Hawaiian Islands

Powerful winds cause flooding, damage homes and knock down power lines.
6:15 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Iselle Rips Through Hawaiian Islands
The Hawaiian Airlines islands riding out the storm that was once hurricane es -- Powerful winds leaving homes damaged trees toppled power lines down and some flooding. And fortunately it is not over yet and that is because record high es -- on the left. Hurricane Coolio on the right a stronger -- -- now packing 110 -- mile an hour winds. When I'm Dan heckler in New York issues -- and those braving the elements as latest now from -- why. Rain wind and strong serve lashing -- Hawaii's eastern edge today as itself makes landfall. Downgraded to a tropical storm as -- approached the big island results still delivered a powerful punch. Gusts up to seventy miles per hour. Forecasters say it is the biggest storms hit the Hawaiian Islands in 22 years across the island downed trees that are highways. Severed power lines sparking flames overnight leaving nearly 25000. Homes in the dark government offices and schools are still closed. Residents are being urged to stay inside. Former ABC news camera woman -- that area and riding out the storm in her hold on the big. For hunkered down we're in the dark. And is important -- really Louisiana -- who feels scary it's that the winds are starting to howl. And the brain is going in all different directions. The airport in Honolulu remains open but dozens of flights have been canceled or delayed. One flight headed to Los Angeles left five hours early trying to get out of town before is -- showed up. We're looking out -- We're we're hoping the rest of the -- gets almost at. BI -- Zell has officially made landfall here on the big island of Hawaii but officials -- there is still the second half of the system to move over the island. Then of course there is hurricane Julio -- category three hurricane with winds of 115 miles an hour that is also bearing down on the islands. Clayton send -- ABC news Hilo Hawaii. So for the very latest on the situation now -- -- -- -- Heather Waldman and -- first don't talk about. He's -- how much longer is that system expected impact the island's. Well a system has a huge wind -- so that's going to be the biggest problem. The on the storm actually off to the west of the big island here at this point the -- winds are over but still some very gusty winds expanding all of the north so all of the islands. Could be feeling gusts easily after tropical storm force that's certainly not the question a big problem right now for the southern half of the big island. Is going to be all the rain over eight inches expected in some areas here's a look at the projected rainfall -- -- the worst of the rain falling across again the eastern -- -- that does -- -- The airport is closed until further notice as the storm continues to make farther west for progress anywhere throughout the islands easily two to four inches of rain. -- -- -- -- some of these areas on the wind weren't signs of the mountains are considered desert so rain is heavy certainly going to lead to some flooding problems. Pacific does satellite shows -- -- they are making progress again farther west across the Hawaiian Islands not very well organized at this point. Interestingly enough as soon as the storm made its way into some higher mountains there. On the big island it did start to really pull apart so a lot of very heavy rain involved. -- often -- -- hurricane who only know is going to be following in the footsteps of these although this time around. Does look like the storm is going to jog a little bit farther to the north -- -- -- -- islands by good 200 miles. Of course lot can change in the coming days since the something -- have to keep an eye on. Let me ask is there -- -- -- similarities between these two storms as you've been kind of forecasting any point out there that they can vary quite a bit from minute to minute almost. Yeah that's right well really not many differences in the tracks at this point as you can see with the satellite era Julio pretty much following right in the tales of B cell. The difference is going to be this area of high pressure back off to the east that's -- steering these storms around the Hawaiian Islands. And of this series high pressure -- back a little farther off to the east giving more room. For Julio to move a bit farther to the north and thankfully as some of these warmer waters -- that would help to -- keep -- strengthening but it is expected to weaken as it moves just in the north of the islands. So a hurricane is a rarity for Hawaii there in -- three with direct hits only since 1950 there what are the forces that that are making this kind of 12 punch essentially going -- Well absolutely absolutely this is you know a rare event for the Hawaiian Islands there have only -- -- to a tropical systems to make. Impact on the big island itself. The -- here in the central Pacific capital on the warm side the -- is known for being a slightly more active than the Atlantic basin so. That's something we normally see but again the right factors coming into play here with his area of high pressure. Over the right area allowing -- Yeltsin move in from the east and track across the islands but again. -- very difficult for these factors all to come into play as course the Hawaiian Islands and -- small area across the Pacific so. Again all the factors to sort of played in tune me out right mix here for this particular storm. -- moving in a way that from Hawaii and the Pacific than any other storms that are developing that. We might in the -- and -- United States be keeping an eye on anything heading from Africa off across the Atlantic. The Atlantic basin at this point is why we've only had that two tropical systems here at this point. There's -- tropical wave in the lesser Antilles and that is expected to a weekend as it moves out into the open Caribbean. But we tell when -- are simply too strong right now winds high up in the atmosphere. Too strong to allow any major tropical developments that's definitely good news for the Atlantic basin -- around the eastern Pacific for more storms are continue to track westward. As again the space intends to remain a bit more active. We'll keep fingers crossed that it stays that way Heather while that from AccuWeather had -- thank you so much. Of course you can keep up with the cell and Coolio in real time by -- ABC news app lets start a -- for exclusive updates on the go. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"Powerful winds cause flooding, damage homes and knock down power lines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24903890","title":"Tropical Storm Iselle Rips Through Hawaiian Islands","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-iselle-rips-hawaiian-islands-24903890"}