Trump backtracks on gun background checks after talk with NRA president

After a call with NRA president Wayne LaPierre, Trump has seemed to distance himself from new gun control measures weeks after saying there needs to be "meaningful background checks."
5:17 | 08/21/19

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Transcript for Trump backtracks on gun background checks after talk with NRA president
Now we turn to Washington where presidents from spoke on the White House South Lawn on his way to Louisville to day on a number of topics. Including gun control legislation a major issue coming in the discussion again after a spate of mass shootings including El Paso Tex is. In Dayton Ohio an after the shootings. The president seemed keen on tougher background checks saying the country needed them I want to bring in Jordan felt that the White House to discuss this Jordan. Why the change now before he said we needed them and now he's saying no universal background checks. Kimberly today the president sits at his position hasn't changed at all on background facts. But he he laid out it hasn't practiced all served from a two week feeling that we need is something big something's wrong. Free form background check in this country and now he's saying that we Ari half strong background checks. September what we know it the president had an extended conversation with plain not hear the head of the hour rain yesterday. And then not call our understanding is that the president committed to not doing universal background checks. Now the president today saying he didn't commit to doing nothing with Wayne not hearing fact he says that. Here's a lot here and greens that something happened to be done in some way. But what the president is really saying now it's much more trimmed down version of what he was saying. Two weeks ago he's saying that we don't work around the badges and makes him kind of minor changes to the background checks. That already exist to make them more and boards say the president wants to kind of makes them minor changes. We're not gonna see a big. Major overhaul on background check as the president aides announced signaling south. The president really you're trying to Boleyn that yet make it seem like there's been upset at all. There hasn't and I says. But I want to also talk about what he said about. The mental health because he said that you know he doesn't want guns in the hands of people that are mentally unstable so it's it's back to a mental health issue. Absolutely and that's kind of where the president is more consistently it was more of an anomaly to hear the president talking about making dramatic changes to background check. Talking about the mental health aspect of this talking about that. Slippery slope that concerns he has about doing some things in the background check closet thing he says Democrats will wanna. Take things along much further still don't really in our re talking points. And much more in line with the president's strong Second Amendment supporting faith. I for the president very much back where he started it would seen differently. And jordin are they looking in the administration are looking into some sort of age related changes now. Seven sound like there is anything specific that they're looking to deal right there Kimberly you'll remember after our plane. The president what to forever making. Some changes that aids is around. Gotten owner set but we're really lacking a lot of fact that his city from the White House at this point on what they're looking to you and of course. Capitol Hill very much need the leadership of this president to send a clear signal. About what he's going to you how or who want to take that than right now they just don't halfback. Yes a major issue. You and why you're with us somehow wanna talked about another controversy. Lots of comments on representative how leave. And representative Omar in regards to Israel and a the president made some comments about the Jewish community today's let's take a listen of that. In my opinion. You vote for a Democrat you're being very disloyal. Do Jewish people and yet being very loyal to Israel. Yet Jordan so what are we supposed to make of those comments there. Kimberly the president very much doubling down on a statement he made yesterday where he sad that anyone who any Jewish person you vote for Democrats. It's either lacking knowledge or that they are hit oil the president Claire fine today that he would. Saying that they are disloyal to Israel so the president very much doubling down on what has been criticized as an anti committee probe. The site yet that Jewish people at this fuel oil heat between Israel and the United States. The president not backing down from that and that criticism only wetland. And Jordan obviously. Lots going on nominee before you go I just want to ask you about some this meeting that was canceled. Between the president and the leader of Denmark over that. Selling but Greenland. That last night the president announced that he wouldn't be going to Denmark had planned over the Labor Day weekend and the reason for that if he said. The Danish prime minister had said it was. Of bird. For him to bring up this idea of the US possibly buying green line. The president saying today that everything he fit that wasn't. So much the highs they weren't willing to talk but he sent back home with an exceptionally fit if don't talk about the United States that way he felt. It was very disrespectful. Now Kimberly it's worth noting that just a few days ago the president pulled back yeah I get fine criminalist does tonight he had not. Something out the top agenda when he mat with the Danish government and a couple of weeks. But that's we very much revealing that this was much more furious than forefront in the president's mind that he had flat on. Right Jordan lots of controversy there I'm appreciate all of the other days Jordan felt that the White House thank you so much. You know.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"After a call with NRA president Wayne LaPierre, Trump has seemed to distance himself from new gun control measures weeks after saying there needs to be \"meaningful background checks.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65105002","title":"Trump backtracks on gun background checks after talk with NRA president","url":"/US/video/trump-backtracks-gun-background-checks-talk-nra-president-65105002"}