Trump blames Dems for family separation as Homeland Security head defends policy

Plus ABC News' exclusive interview with a victim of a roller-coaster derailment and the latest on Meghan Markle's father.
25:29 | 06/18/18

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Transcript for Trump blames Dems for family separation as Homeland Security head defends policy
Hey there welcome eighty. ABC news headquarters in New York let's get straight to the heart of the stories making headlines on this Monday and it's a busy 11 we start off with the immigration debate in full focus families. Separated at the border ABC's Marcus Moore is on the border. Between Texas and Mexico in a checking with him in just a moment and also Thomas Markel. Speaking out for the first time. Since the royal wedding what he had to say about his daughter Mary Carey and may be about Harry's politics but first to that breaking news out of the US Supreme Court. We know that they were supposed to decide on gerrymandering one of these topics they can get walking confusing so here to break it down for it. ABC news' Kate shot hate you weren't there for this decision but really kind of a non decision on that core issue of political Jerry Jerry. That's exactly right and I think is out of the Supreme Court today is what the court didn't decide. It before it to cases that were challenges too partisan Jerry Sanders. So this the practice of drawing state legislative districts that will advantage the party that's already in power so opponents say that look. If districts are drawn by incumbents. There's no real competition don't actually get a meaningful vote if the lines are drawn so that incumbents always we. So we had to separate challenges to maps won drawn by Democrats won drawn by Republicans when out of Wisconsin. One out of Maryland and there's a lot of anticipation of this decision may be the Supreme Court would finally say something. About whether the constitution allows districts to be drawn for partisan advantage. But the court today totally dodge answering those questions I basically said in one case the plaintiffs who brought the case hadn't established that they were injured by an app. And any other one they had waited too long to bring the claims and it any event it was at an early stage of litigation and the court basically took an offering and didn't make any major new law. Up but this question might come back before the Supreme Court. Potentially as soon as next term the Wisconsin case the plaintiffs get to start over an established injury that they say they've suffer. Why do you think Kate now of this issue that's been around for quite a long time and at that guy down why now is coated possibly even addressing that and that maybe next turnout elegant and a well. Will say that redistricting gerrymandering has been around for a long time but the techniques have gotten a lot better so. It's just legislatures have all of these sophisticated methods to draw district. That really protect incumbents right so once you got controlled the state legislature and it's usually the state legislature that draws the district's. You can basically entrench herself and power may be for decades on and on because or there's new technology that allows it happened much more sophisticated ways. So the challenges aren't new but the challenges the lower courts at least have found that these challenges are sort of new only kind of careful and precise and that they can show. I stayed as you know 6040. In its voter registration but 7030 in kind of the outcomes of and that produces so there's a disconnect between. Voter registration an actual election outcomes mess because the districts are drawn. Very carefully you know both parties students. So don't for the first time the Wisconsin lower court found paint this violates the constitution when it happened this legislative map. Is unconstitutional so that's the first thing we can so the plaintiffs thought maybe they could get the Supreme Court to affirm what the Wisconsin lower court to an. And the court didn't say that the lower court got it wrong on the substance just said that the parties who said they were injured hadn't sufficiently shown a district that they lived and out were affected by the map and they suffered the kind of injury that allows you go to court I get some redress. I'm thing I would say the courts sometimes avoids getting in the middle of election related disputes. Near an election right in support. Coming up on the mid term elections. So it's a moment that played in the justices' minds not wanting to do anything that might disrupt some voting maps. You know pretty close to November 2018 may be next term with a little bit more time before 20/20 building more inclined to kind of wade into this sticky issue. Kate shot there at the Supreme Court thank you for waiting for the sticky issue and breaking that down sports and also for braving the heat they're watching and it is hot out there. And why are there they 88. Our right not that controversial issue of immigration and we're hearing about the family separated at the border eighty he'd Marcus Moore got a first hand up close look at what some of these facilities look like. And markets so are you are right now first. I am a real good morning to you were and the uncle Louis park which is in mission Texas they. Community in the McAllen area that's right along the US Mexico border and this is the Rio Grande river right here and on the other side that land. That's Mexico most got muscles Mexico there so that's how close we are to the border and just a few moments ago there was a flurry of activity here aerial because this is where. The armed Border Patrol and also the Texas Rangers and law enforcement officials have been. Launching boats from a boat ramp here. And it gives you a sense of how this is they. Everyday thing. If it is continuous thing for the Border Patrol as they try to stop people from crossing into the the country illegally. In part because it's so dangerous this river. Is not notorious for drownings and that is what kind of show you here. Jeff exit around the South Pole here you can see kind of the terrain that they're dealing with. On the river itself this doesn't include. The other parts of the border where it's desert like but all of it is very treacherous and very dangerous and we're here area L. Because this is really the front line of the effort. Two out stop via illegal border crossings I think we have a boat that's coming up right now. I can hear it and we'll see if there's them. In activity there okay filling out this what was seen this when you see all those agents there. On the boats they do this all day every day to try to stop this influx of people crossing over an aerial as that happens. There's controversy brewing as you know protests outside the government holding facilities were so many people are being held and also. Where children have been separated from their parents as the judicial process were to sweep her. And in markets you actually got to enter one of those facilities tell us what he saw there and that's pretty unprecedented. Yeah a job walk with his we went into the the facility. It was it was almost overwhelming this'll action my first time to go into. A government holding facility like this there Ross literally hundreds of people men women and children. Inside holding cells that were. There were several of them the adult males were in one cell. Then there were families. Moms with their children and another group of cells in the dads with their children. And they were just they were just sitting there waiting for their cases to be to be processed and in the midst of that area out you saw the kids they were actually playing there inside these cells some of them were watching television. Seemingly unaware of the seriousness of the situation that that there and and of course the controversy. Surrounding this because. Home some of the people who had been in there aerial had been there for four days or war. Com so the case is very eight quit being just a couple of days or longer than that and that's certainly what we have seen is how. How big of an issue this is in the scale of it. Border Patrol told me that they brought an extra man power to try to process all of the cases that they're dealing with this constant flow of. People apprehended at the border in markets he wrote a really long note that you sent out about that conditions at that this of those facilities that you're seeing I we we're hearing about the silver blanket app for some of the kids who are detained there we're hearing about. Lots of later. Tell us about the conditions that you observed in those areas where you were able to see. Yeah area I saw a lot of it was a crap space for some of the people who were in the cells are room you know. Twelve or more people men inside one cell. Waiting for their cases to be to be process but. That you also saw. Grew a line of mothers. Let's it was about fifty moms are holding their kids are walking within by this side in a single file line. Where they had just finished I finished lunch but they were being moved into another part of the facility so it was bound. It seemed organize but certainly. 44 someone you know with freshman eyes like mine and his first I was in there it seemed. A bit a chaotic in some ways. But it was in an organized chaos if you will is there are moving these families from one cell to another. And that you can you consider area oh. Com what many of them have have been through and they'd. Decided to take the chance to in the country it illegally so. Not only are they dealing with that would be unknown potentially inside those holding facilities but also the of the unknown that they do ward to get there in the first. Market something pretty unprecedented we don't often see first ladies weighing in on political issues clearly. The immigration debate is a hot button emotional heart breaking issue for so many. Now First Lady Laura Bush and an app that about this and even Gilani a trumpet saying we have to be a country of laws but also. Of hard what are you hearing about the sentiments from Berkeley. Well it was very significant what what she said and to be honest with the I have not had a chance to get reaction from. From people hear about the the first lady's. Off bad but you know she called a zero tolerance policy. Crew rule this is from the former First Lady. An array of Republican state. And it oriented this this this discussion. That's been happening and so was she says something it's certainly. It is certainly make them makes waves but aerial. All four for that view there is obviously the other side and people who who clearly say. That this policy is in place to protect. The country and also to protect people who are trying to cross into the country it illegally yet while the on the chief patrol officer. We're gonna talk to can't mountain in just a moment about the president's stance on this and laceration didn't catch up their markets but I do ask you about honestly I'm rob that her rip it crash. Between Border Patrol agents and a van packed with undocumented immigrants five people died. In that crash what are you hearing about that it just devastating. That is that it is devastating scene if you see an ad man. That. That was involved in the crash as we look at another boat here that's doing patrol. A home so that crash represents aerial something that happens day in and day out here along the border. The Border Patrol is often involved in it in chases what vehicles that are. Allegedly carrying undocumented. Immigrants and that crash yesterday it was just an illustration of how that that. Continues. More than a dozen people inside that van a twelve undocumented immigrants reportedly thrown from the vehicle. And five with the passing away and Lou officials rules say it. Likely will not be the last chased they'll be involved in which is a reason why are they say this zero tolerance policy is necessary as they try to curb this influx of immigrants are migrants trying to make it into the country illegally. Marcus Moore thank you so much for your according there on the border we appreciate it thank you for sharing your insight there. We want to head now queue at the White House where where can promote RA BC news correspondent is standing by and the president this morning Canon with some. Not so surprising tweets a flurry of them as usual is Monday morning tweets talking about this immigration issue he's really doubling down on the administration's. Stance that it's Democrats who are to blame for this. He really S aerial good morning to you yet this president this White House. This administration remaining defiant. Today also taking a hardline position in the face of mounting pressure from both Democrats and Republicans to do something. And to stop the separation of immigrant families the president throwing it right back. Act congress especially Democrats telling lawmakers to act and change immigration laws the president tweeting right there are just me if it is the Democrats fault for being weak and ineffective with. Broader security and I think he needs border security and crime tell them to start thinking about the people devastated by crime coming from. A legal immigration and change the laws also this morning strong and tough words from Department of Homeland Security secretary yours than know things that simply. If you cross the border illegally. We will prosecute you the secretary saying this administration has not going to apologize for what he lost a legal actions have consequences. Whether you have children are if you commit a crime. You go to jail this morning the president also back on Twitter saying why don't the Democrats about the boat civics the world's worst immigration laws. Where's the outcry for the killings in crime being caused by gain them including MS thirteen coming into our country illegally. The quote from the president United States who also with regard immigration in Europe same crime is way up in Germany. Which is not true crime in Germany is actually down we should mention that the president the White House and supporters continue to build on its counter argument. Multiple back Jackson studies show claims that illegal immigration increased violent crime are simply untrue. As your markets were just talking aerial operas they demonic front also weigh into this immigration policy debate. Very rare for to make a statement like this unusual the First Lady on through her spokeswoman it's that this. She said that she hates the separation of families she hopes that both sides. Both sides of the aisle I should say probably come together to achieve successful immigration reform. She also says she believes that this country if you follow the law but all things to govern with heart. Former First Lady Laura Bush has lived that a border state of Texas she called immoral all the cool that's zero tolerance policies like you that suit. There's Japanese interment camps. The market we have these 2000 children have been separated. From their family. I tell you aerial images play a big role for this president so what you have images of crying immigrant children separated from their parents. You better believe this president he. Knows this. He's keenly aware of it but will have an impact on in his decision making or executive went into executive action we will see I asked the president on Friday. Right here on the north lawn we made that surprise trip out of the north want year. We don't expect that today but it read he does will be ready when the president's that right here I asked them. Mr. President could you take executive action here aerial told me. I'm that he could not. It's really it's interesting you mention the president and the optics of different situations how it impacts and well he's gonna have a chance to go to Capitol Hill tomorrow and it. Three different immigration bill's there in front of him. You first see any kind of compromise coming forward from those from those meetings he's gonna have on Capitol Hill. Well he definitely wool go to Capitol Hill tomorrow to really work to rally house Republicans who have come together. I'm for these are compromised bills they're aimed at. Ending the separation of immigrant families provide billions of dollars in funny about 45 billion dollars in funny for his southern border wall and help young undocumented immigrants also eliminate several visa programs. But aerial these bills simply don't happen needed democratic support which is why the president continues to hammer Democrats saying that. He needs the Democrats to really chase immigration laws and remember Friday the president actually sparked a lot of confusion when he said that he wouldn't sign. The more moderate bill of the two but the White House later clarified aerial same boat proposals have the support of the president so at this point it is wolf the mode that's happening here at the White House and here in Washington. Boosts immigration bill Knight is scheduled for a vote at this point. But hospital Paul Ryan has made a promise that they will go to the floor for a potential vote. All right Kenneth Snowden keeping your finger on the pulse of a very thorny issue there in Washington we're gonna continue to check in with you we appreciate it. And now tonight excessive heat it's pounding a lot of the country and also severe weather that may be on the way ABC's chief meteorologist Andrew C with a look at what you might expect. Aerial think he was got to get straight to both weather headlines we get right into the devastation happening Upper Peninsula of Michigan that's after more than six inches and up to ten inches of rain took out roads and huge sink wells reported all over road after road taken out. And now more rain in the forecast flood watches those sank south and parts of western Wisconsin and western Kansas all along that stationary front. That low is gonna slide and eastern Nebraska could pick up a four inches of rain we're going to be watching potential flooding they're too. Heat advisories from Topeka Kansas right to Champaign Illinois Indianapolis Toledo Ohio into the northeast where some schools are going to be closing early on Monday. Or even clothing altogether in Massachusetts thanks to that that big blue H is that they high pressure system rotate clockwise. It ushers in he keeps it there at least for a couple of days. Remember official status I'm even gonna feel like 100 lot of places until Thursday. And then finally I want as chair with you. The severe weather threats of severe storms came through northern Wisconsin's plan at Wisconsin tornado captured there on video. And today we got the potential for large hail and damaging winds mostly just north of Albany new Burlington western and southern. Main. And that's going to be again damaging winds that's kind of the primary threat. Finally you look at in the gulf and we got a little tropical wave is that we haven't had enough whether already this property is anywhere from six to ten inches of rain right along the coast. All those people still very tender after parking lot in this. Area. You're keeping a close eye on at four S and it's hard to believe it's not even summer yet we're seeing a scorching temperatures even our correspondents drinking lots of water out there is I hope you are well. I want to turn to that ABC news exclusive interview after that terrifying ordeal on a roller coaster in Florida ABC's Victor of Kenya spoke with a passenger. About that terror aren't situation. Aerial everyone who was riding that roller coaster when it he railed lives right here in Kentucky they're co workers who run a business trip. The woman that we sat down with as a 34 year old mother to know bruised from head to toe. But she survived that 34 football and tells us she is lucky to be alive. This was the frantic scene along the Daytona Beach boardwalk this sand blaster roller coaster do you railing. Amanda Bostick was in town with a group from work it was the legislative their trip they all decided to ride that roller coaster together. Bostick says that things seemed off from the start. Have downs trimmed support mean to support being lack of involvement I don't know that happens of that. I am I mean mania. Bostick was rushed to the hospital where she says she was diagnosed with a concussion. Days later her orders are badly bruised and her left leg is so severely swollen she can't even put issue order for she also has chipped teeth. The 44 year old mother of two now using a walker to get around. Her attorney wants answers this report from Thursday morning shows the coaster plus the safety inspection just hours before the derailment. But just last month. The right failed due to a number of deficiencies including excessive corrosion and its track cracked investigation into what caused the malfunction. Is ongoing. Amanda says she has a long road to recovery her attorneys are now in the investigation stage of a developing lawsuit we have reached out to the amusement park. But aerial we have not heard back. Victor attendant there forests we appreciated and we wish him speedy recovery has while. No one turned to London where it comes Markel speaking out for the first time since his daughter Maggie and became the duchess of sucks Sus sex and of course. This is never without controversy you wanna turn out to eighty feet nine hunters in London has been following the royals four S and holly he's speaking out and not really holding back. Definitely not running back Harry out good afternoon so he is. Yeah of course for the first time since that they grow wedding which he was not present for. I'm it was kind of a sad we hear interview let's take a listen to what it meant to him to miss out on his daughters they today. I can't think of are better. Replacement than someone like Prince Charles. He looked very handsome man and my daughter a beautiful we've. I was jealous that which had been there which had been me. But. Sank that he was there and thank him for that. It's kind of swing area but it's really sad he looks like he's struggling through that he also looks like he's recovering some from some sort of health problems which week. I have heard lots of reports about the last couple of months there was another sweet mom an area where he talked about how Megan first told him about Harry he said he got one fund cod at that. Hey dad had you know I've got a new boyfriend second phone call to pay that he's British app by I and then the first third phone call with hate that actually it's Prince Harry you might have heard about it meat the member of the royal families there were some lighter moments in there. And but it was definitely controversial area. Yes and and it itchy bites and to call an age so that they that there isn't secrecy there's so people wouldn't know that the conversations are happening about Prince Harry. That's right so he did talk about how he planned to attend the wedding and he talked about how he was gonna read a speech in part that's because meat based on phone calls that he actually. Had with Harry so even a we hadn't actually met Harry. And he spoke about a specific phone call that he had with Harry and Megan let's pick up quickly send cadets and then look on the politics. Perry get on the phone with Megan they called me together. And Harry asked for her hand over the phone. And I said. Here gentlemen. Promised me on never raise your hand against my daughter and of course I give you more. So Christie did give him his permission and there is a lot of buzz on social media about that line about raising a hand. I'm kind of a bizarre thing a bizarre threat on Muster warning. In that first phone call between a father and a future son in law but not politics Arial this is really interesting the British royal family does not weighed into politics we have no idea what Harry thinks. About break there about Donald tramp but this morning on good morning Britain Thomas Merkel said they would actually spoken about it so they spoke about Donald Trump apparently. Harry advised Thomas to kind of give him a shot and then about brags that Harry said actually. For open to it but it was a bizarre kind of comment to add into the public sphere but good morning Britain was loving it they were pumping Thomas Merkel for any information they can possibly get. Well we wish mega Markel and Harry the very best and we also wish him while it's as he deals and health struggles thank you so much smiling actor from London with the indictment are openly. And I want to turn to the World Cup. In Moscow right now all of the excitement brewing or so much more ahead of us that we heard about that earthquake that was triggered by fans celebrating that underdog victory by Mexico. Factor Carvel is in Moscow following that the tough assignment for you Patrick. Yes I mean it says in a potty basically equities at Harris that the earthquake. That is a seismic potty here as well last night just up from the Kremlin that we were in crowds Mexican fans last night. All wearing some errors and then in a Mexican wrestling maps masks and just and hiding and dancing in his eyes and you don't see in Moscow allowed. Adam. So transform the city the thousands thousands of people most countries. An annual Seattle. Yet it normally hit at least not. You do as a resident menacing sometimes and at the moment. Yeah they just allow this body to go on is that the seed it has thousands of people climbing up lampposts and dancing in front of the Kremlin. Is this is nots in the UC everyday must. It's an interesting juxtaposition for sure we should mention that was up also earthquake in Mexico. But there's a lot coming down the pike for us tell us what games we can expect today and may be some of the surprises in store. Yes as days and coming in the big game that that people are looking that is is England. And engineers it down in Volgograd one of the reasons is that you might remember that two years ago there was a lot of fans struggle between Russian and English fans of his son. Some very slight consensus that could be repeated down in Volgograd I was following a sounding grad the same time. Security is so tight here. Analysts say we've been speaking to some of the some of the Russian violent times that ring fronts is again. The European champions its financial happen and they just say ended the crackdown has been going on if it's it is means that that's unlikely to happen so I say I think the focus will be much more. On the fogel today and and then found. And Patrick to show us where you're standing right now I believe that's the stadium behind you just paint the picture of what fans are seeing. There are not scout. Just are our standing in the area that is the giants fans and that was set up. The foreign press coming watched some behind me dizziness so you have Moscow. And and this is the main stadium the music you stadium where last night Mexico B Gemini. Anastos about the final will be an easy Dziena smartest all the Moscow that you can see stressed out of of that. All right Patrick Deval there in Russia Flores we hope you enjoy the games and let us know what happens we're all watching. The entire world watching and thank you for watching ABC news live we hope you'll tune in to world news tonight with David Muir and you can get the very latest on And download eighty sees app have a great Monday.

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