Trump calls US a 'world leader' on environmental issues

Dr. Victoria Hermann and Heather McTeer Toney describe the environmental state of emergency and what steps need to be taken to reduce the effects of pollution and global warming on the environment.
7:12 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for Trump calls US a 'world leader' on environmental issues
A president trump is talking about the environments something that is front and center for many Democrats of course but not so much. For members of his party the president today is claiming that the US is a world leader. On environmental issues this from the president who withdrew us from the parent climate accords and also ruled back more than eighty environmental regulations in his first. Two years in office the president speaking about this at the White House this afternoon we're taking a look right now the president let's listen in briefly. When we innovate produced and grow up. We're able to unleash technologies. And processes that. Make the environment better while reassuring. And so importantly you look at. We shoring production. All the way taken it away from foreign polluters. And back. Two American soil the previous administration. Waged a relentless war. On American energy we can't do that they sought to punish show workers are produces. And manufactures. With. In effective global agreements. That allowed the world's worst polluting countries to continue their practices. These radical plans. Would not make the world cleaner they would just make and put Americans. Out of work and they put a matter of work rapidly. They've moved production to foreign countries with lower standards are companies wars. And that's president Donald companies from at the White House taking credit for what he says his US leadership. On environmental issues we will now ask to a murmur I'll ask experts whether they think that's the case is brand Heather matier. Tony if she's a national field director with moms clean air force was a former EPA official. During the Obama administration had a great to see you in Victoria Herman. And National Geographic Explorer managing editor. Managing director rather of the Arctic institute over with our friends. At Nat geo great to see you thank you so much Victoria for coming in let me start. With you Heather you have been advocating. For so many of these environmental protections that the president. Has rolled back. What we're do you think he who is his leadership is on this environmental issue and end it do you think he's done anything right on the environment. When you know as a volcano spit on me column writing that the same being happy to. Happening right now the idea the acts that he's making this statement saying it laughable at best this administration has done an ink. But grant the worst polluters in the US. I keep my hand Indian industry administration by. Clinton lobbyists to key positions and earth EPA and department of interior. Continually honorable Barack. Think that we no relation to that we know have been helpful you communities all across this country. So scary I DNA he's frank Blaine Abu barn polluters or look at what isn't what he called it happened near empty. Really and steady not only moms but all Americans they we have to do better and hold this administration as well each. Count all. Army Egypt where protecting our children. An art I'm. Victoria Herman you studied the impact of climate change on many vulnerable communities are or how in the world. You know the president it's saying today that his focus on promoting natural gas. Has been part of the solution to improving air quality in the United States is there anything to that. Is the greater use of natural gas a positive thing. Natural gas used to be viewed as a bridge between. Our and a intensive cool are oil and renewable energy but at this point one we have less than twelve years to canteen a climate change catastrophe. We don't have time for breach few. Well natural gas does Aaron not less dirty and then. Coal or gas it also increases it met in emissions and methane is 100 times. More potent than carbon dioxide n.'s. The only real energy solution is renewable energies. And as Heather as you look ahead to to between twenty presidential campaign. I think I know where you fall on the issue of the environment. How how. How salient do you think this is going to be this year as voters head to the polls do you think that climate changes. Actually get topped the list and in surpassed things like health care and the economy and people in your circles. This housing and money every angle we're looking anarchy and the hospital are at not. Looking an important regulations like Mercury toxins into administration trying to roll back the clean car and you're trying to grow trying to make us pay more money aghast crop just put it. You'll current ticker Houston practical school it's definitely an anonymous and how it ends Victorian just then we know. Less than twelve years outs in the sewer that we are changing things get our children are not had a irreversible in cash so I think you know Maggie they were given that I today Indy V well water and now. Or would immediately series struck. Yet Fisher was assigned to dale lot of flooding at the White House actually in the press room over there the west wing we saw water. All over the floor in the ABC Booth there are out here we have your name and have pictures of it there is water in the carpet. And was up to the shoes as some people in there but Victoria before. Are we let you go ask you about that the leadership that cities in local communities are doing on this we hear from so many places across the country California Florida. Including some Republican and controlled areas. Really stepping not to take on climate change and a community adaptation do you think that's. Sort of the future here in the near term that this is going to be you have to be a local issue community based issue responding to this. I think ultimately it needs to be both a national and as a national issue well we have a lack of leadership during this administration in late. ED three environmental roll backs we are now seeing cities states. Ands or local villages and talents rising up to. You seem mayors who are stepping up and committing to the climate Paris agreement despite the United States withdrawing from that agreement. And smaller rural communities that are binding climate solutions. All across the united state and US territories so wild C a lack of action at the federal level. We are seeing thousands of community private champions that are rising up to that challenge. And to really pioneering the solutions to mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to those impacts that we can no longer a boy like that flooding in DC today. Can it's inspiring to see those communities and those local residents taking that step sister right we do need some. Our national leadership doctor Victoria Herman the managing director of the art institute and National Geographic Explorer thanks much Victoria and Heather matier Tony. A national few director for moms clean air force we appreciate you for coming on thank you so much Heather.

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{"duration":"7:12","description":"Dr. Victoria Hermann and Heather McTeer Toney describe the environmental state of emergency and what steps need to be taken to reduce the effects of pollution and global warming on the environment. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64205201","title":"Trump calls US a 'world leader' on environmental issues","url":"/US/video/trump-calls-us-world-leader-environmental-issues-64205201"}