Trump cancels meeting with Taliban leaders

President Trump canceled a secret meeting with Taliban leaders following the recent Kabul car bombings.
3:51 | 09/09/19

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Transcript for Trump cancels meeting with Taliban leaders
Want to turn next to the White House ABC's Karen Travers is there because. White House announced and then abruptly canceled talks with with the Taliban Karen. It is in a series of tweets from the president over the weekend where he said that this meeting was going to take place at Camp David yesterday with senior Taliban leaders but he also said. In that series a tweet that he would not going to be having the meeting abruptly canceling it. This is very surprising to many people here in Washington that this was the next step the president was going to take after months of conversations. Intense negotiations between top US officials. And leaders and members of the Taliban now the president said that it was because of the suicide bombing that took place last week in cobble at a checkpoint. A dozen people were killed including US service member an air and at the sixteenth American that was killed in combat in Afghanistan this year. President said it was because of that. That this meeting is often we heard that message from secretary of state Mike Pompeo yesterday on this week told George Stephanopoulos of the president said enough after that suicide attack. It's notable though the administration in the past has said that American service members being killed in Afghanistan and then with the violence is ongoing there. Is a reason to continue these peace negotiations. Yeah that's gonna say this there's been violence in Afghanistan before this year and do we have any. How this happened in the first place the iteration the order of operations how this all came to being. Another in the news reporting that would has not the last just twelve hours or so from the New York Times and this president suggesting that the about a week and a half ago that the talks had gotten to a place where they felt that they had in agreement in principle that very intense rounds of negotiations and the president. Who makes a big moment he likes the need for TV events as we've seen with his meetings with Kim Jung then went to bring Taliban leaders to Camp David just outside of Washington. To have this big announcement about an agreement. And their work. Questions about whether or not the Afghan leadership should be included ultimately they were invited to and then down Saturday the president said all of it is off. And that appeared to catch some lawmakers by surprise especially the timing since we're just a few days away from the eighteenth anniversary of 9/11. The reaction from members of both parties was swift and it was fierce airing you had Democrats say that the president. Is treating farm policy like a reality show that all is of the game show to him but you also have Republicans questioning. Bringing Taliban leaders to Camp David of all places just days before the 9/11 anniversary one tweet I think that is standing out is. From Liz Cheney the senior Republican in the house and a daughter of the former vice president and lien Liz Cheney said that David is where American leaders met to plan our response after 9/11. She says no member of the Taliban should ever set foot there. Today Karen the president. Hosts a meeting about about guns it is they're finally some movement there. This is a White House meeting with senior officials and about a dozen mayors from both parties and police chiefs as a right now it's not clear the president will be attending this meeting himself it was Adam requested by the US conference of mayors Karen who had been pushing. For some movement on background check legislation in the wake of the shootings in Texas and Ohio last month. The president for weeks had been saying there are already strict background checks on the books. An inch of legislation he was really deferring to congress saying when they get back we'll see what lawmakers put together. It was striking to see the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell last week say they're not gonna move forward and anything in the senate. And so they know exactly what the president will stand for and what he would sign so right now congress comes back today. But there's still a lot of you go first no you go first let's see what you do first before anything gets going. All right ABC's Karen Travers there at the White House.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"President Trump canceled a secret meeting with Taliban leaders following the recent Kabul car bombings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65487135","title":"Trump cancels meeting with Taliban leaders","url":"/US/video/trump-cancels-meeting-taliban-leaders-65487135"}