Trump delivers remarks on counter-narcotics efforts

President Donald Trump traveled to Florida Friday and started a series of stops with a briefing and remarks at U.S. Southern Command in Doral.
6:25 | 07/10/20

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Transcript for Trump delivers remarks on counter-narcotics efforts
On the first this year announced that the United States armed forces would begin a surge of military assets. In the Western Hemisphere unlike anything seen in recent history and that is a fact. On one of the reasons as we now have better equipment than we've ever had we have new. Along with point five trillion dollars in spending all made in the USA. Over the last three months American service members joined by. Partner nations have patrolled regional waters from the Caribbean sea to these specific. United States deployed a vast arsenal of Coast Guard cutters. Naval combat ships specially. Armed Coast Guard helicopters are they are real weapons they are powerful weapons. Hi tech maritime patrol aircraft as well as roughly 1300. Additional personnel. These forces represented a 65%. Increase in ships and a 75% increase in surveillance aircraft. And last year alone. We're taking these fight directly to the sinister criminal cartels and we're showing them. No mercy we are. Doing numbers like nobody thought possible even the admiral he would say that he would have never thought this was going to happen to the extent that has happened. Our message is clear you will not threaten our citizens who are not poison our children. And you'll not infiltrate our borders. We will fight you rules up you wouldn't we will put. Everybody that we find behind bars if you're lucky. The results of this historic international campaign have been absolutely phenomenal. This joint operation has resulted in the interdiction. More than 120. Metric tons does anyone know how much that is. Of illicit narcotics that is in mass of billions and billions and the arrests of more than 1000 drug traffickers. These actions have denied the cartel of millions of various cartels of billions and billions of dollars indication. Prevented the loss of untold American lives and we've seen the results in the United States. In a single four day period and made our courageous Coast Guard men and women stabbed three narco submarines packed with poisonous drugs. Keeping thousands of pounds of lethal narcotics or from our streets and off of our city. Barry is we get rid of it. We we have met and I don't know what you do within what do you do with that by the way you get all that stuff you dump it what do you do with that who. I want to hair. What do you do of that. You brought up but just dump it someplace. Else. They learned that sounds like a good way of doing it. On behalf of millions of American moms and dads are want to express our country's pride and gratitude for your life saving actions. My administration is committed to ensuring you have the tools the resources equipment and support you need. And the support that you deserve then you've always deserved it and needs to run insured funeral insured anymore you have the best equipment in the world. They have two years of painful budget cuts I ended last year's disastrous offensive question. And secured almost 2.5 billion that I mentioned to rebuild our entire united states military. We're giving you the finest airplanes and ships submarines tanks missiles and weapons of every single kind even new uniforms in some cases for the army as an example. And again all made in the USA I love that sound made in the USA. We've approved the two new state of the art national security cutters and two polar security cutters. Are the united states coast. And so much other equipment including we have. Under construction right now the largest ice breaker in the world. And we're going to be trying to get it we can an extra ten ice breakers we only have one. Russia has forty we have one. Cell. We will have to. But we think we'll have ten because we're trying to do a deal with. A certain place that has a lot of ice breakers and we're seeing that we can make a really good deal where you can have them very fast you know about that we're working on men think we can surprise you. And a very good price which will be nice much cheaper than the one we're building and that's also nice to about tribal home. Our enemies are on notice because the united states military is much more powerful much more lethal. And much more prepared than ever before we're in a position that we've never been in equipment arrives and we have the greatest people owners. We're also supporting the courageous men and women of CB. PD IU's Border Patrol and DEA and FBI and all of the heroes of law enforcement great people. As long as I am president I will never allow your sacred mission to be undermined her attacked in anyway. I will not have open borders we will not abolish the police. And we will not slash to budgets for our military and we will not allow our country to be swamped was deadly drugs we have stopped. Numbers that we've never stopped before or even to us. And we are of done it in a way that our enemy understands and they getting a little bit concerned because they've never had losses like this they never had. Submarines taken from them they actually build submarines because smaller versions of what we have to put it mildly. Like much smaller but this submarines nevertheless very expensive things. And that they've never seen. Anything like what's happened to them in the last unit and we will defend our country we will defend our borders our children our heroes and our great American flag will always defend our American flag were very proud of our plan. We will protect preserve and promote. The American way of life. And we were always stand strong for god country family and freedom. I just want to thank everybody for being here this is a very special moment I think especially so because you've done so much over the last short period of time to. Bringing life and safety. To the United States of America and other parts of the world by the way but to the United States and apps I want to thank you god bless you all thank you very much admiral thank.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"President Donald Trump traveled to Florida Friday and started a series of stops with a briefing and remarks at U.S. Southern Command in Doral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71721545","title":"Trump delivers remarks on counter-narcotics efforts","url":"/US/video/trump-delivers-remarks-counter-narcotics-efforts-71721545"}