Trump discusses success in the Middle East

The president says he is looking to end America’s war in the Middle East and bring troops back home.
8:01 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for Trump discusses success in the Middle East
Last week I announced sick ground breaking plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Recognizing that all past attempts have failed. We must be determined and created an order to stabilize the region and give millions of young people the chance to realize a better future. Three years ago the barbarians devices. Held over 20000 square miles of territory in Iraq and Syria. Today the nicest territorial Kalla fate has been 100%. Destroyed. And the founder and leader of vice is the bloodthirsty killer known as Al bag daddy is dead. Oh. We're joined this evening by Carl and Marcia Muller. After graduating from college their beautiful daughter Kyle. Became a humanitarian. Aid worker. She once wrote some people find god in church. Some people find god and they share. Some people find god and love I find god and suffering I've known for some time. What my life's work is using my hands his tools to relieve suffering. In 2013. While caring for suffering civilians in Syria. Caylee was kidnapped tortured and enslaved by oasis and kept as a prisoner. Of Al Baghdad he himself. After more than 500 horrifying days of captivity. How bag daddy. Murdered young beautiful Kayla. She was just 26 years old. On the night that US special forces operations and did Al Baghdad he's miserable life. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General mark Lilly received a call in the situation room. He was told that the brave men of the elite special forces team. That so perfectly carried out the operation. Had given. Their mission and name. Task force 814. It was a reference to a special day August 14. Taylor's birthday. Carl and martian America's warriors never forgot Kayla. And neither will we. Every day America's men and women in uniform demonstrate the infinite depth of love that dwells in the human heart. One of these American heroes was army staff sergeant Christopher hate. On his second deployment to Iraq in 2008. Sargent hate quota letter to his one year old soon engage. I will be with you again he wrote to gauge. I will teach you to ride your first plank. Build your first sandbox. What you play sports. And see you have kids also. I love you send. Take care of your mother I am always with you daddy. On Easter Sunday of 2008. Chris was out on patrol in Baghdad when his Bradley Fighting Vehicle was hit by a roadside Bob. That night he made the ultimate sacrifice. For our country. Sargent hey. Now rests in eternal glory in Arlington. And his wife Kelly is in the gallery tonight joined by their son who is now a thirteen year old. And doing very very well to Kelly engage. Chris will live in our hearts forever. Is looking down and you now thank you. Thank you very much thank you both very much. The terrorists responsible for killing Sargent Hank. Please Kassim sell a money who provided the deadly roadside bomb that took chris' life. Solemn money was the Iranian regime's most ruthless butcher a monster who murder wounded thousands of American service members in Iraq. As the world's top terrorist cell a money orchestrated the deaths of countless men women and children. He directed the December just so all. And went on to assault. US forces in Iraq. Was actively planning new attacks. When we him very hard. And that's why last month at my direction the US military XEQ they flawless precision strike. That killed so many and terminated his evil reign of terror forever. Our message through the terraces where. You will never escape. American justice. If you attack our citizens you forfeit. Your life. It. In recent months we have seen proud Iranians raise their voices against their oppressive rulers. The Iranian regime must abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Staff spreading terror and death and destruction. And start working for the good of its own people. Because of our powerful sanctions the Iranian economy is doing very very poorly. We can help them making me very good. And chew it time recovery. It can no good very quickly but perhaps they are too proud to foolish to ask for that how we are here. Let's see which road they choose. It is totally up to them. As we defend American lives we are working to end America's wars in the Middle East. In Afghanistan. The determination and valor of our war fighters. Has allowed us to make tremendous progress in peace talks are now under way. I am not looking to kill hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan. Many of them totally innocent. It is also not our function to serve other nations as law enforcement agencies. He's a war fighters that we have to best in the world. And they either want to fight to win or not fight at all. We are working to finally end America's longest war. And bring our troops back home and.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"The president says he is looking to end America’s war in the Middle East and bring troops back home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68766204","title":"Trump discusses success in the Middle East","url":"/US/video/trump-discusses-success-middle-east-68766204"}