Trump reacts to Comey's interview with ABC News

ABC News' correspondents around the globe talk the latest on Syria, boycotts at Starbucks and reaction to Comey's first TV interview since being fired.
13:27 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for Trump reacts to Comey's interview with ABC News
Good morning I'm cannot vote here in New York welcome to ABC news why we are following the biggest stories around the country. And around the world and we already have that is the start to this week in those rainy Monday here in New York where. We will pull out here concede that right behind me here we see that in Philadelphia. We're keeping close Oklahoma City because there have been protests that have sparked because of their arrest of those two manned by Philadelphia police a book replete are responding to the latest. Marlins the game is there also a big day. For the president's long time fixer friend and mortar Michael Cohen who is expected to be in federal court. On to get his documents and recordings that he wants back after they were seized by the FBI he wants. He says there attorney client privilege but that play here so we're gonna get our latest air Turkey but. For now. We're gonna talk about that big big ABC news interview with fighter FBI director James told me Karen Travers is standing by at the White House the broad yet. Karen Travers on the South Lawn of the White House Karen I think a few people were watching that interview last night. George Stephanopoulos. And James Komi. Yeah I think a couple it was certainly a very blockbuster interview in one. The has clearly been thinking about for several days last week he was tweeting after the excerpt aired tweak it after our Promos airing. He actually didn't tweet during interview afterwards in this morning. Prize that the president's reaction with. Muted in what we've seen in recent days he did it tweet about your view and said it can't meet lied to congress and call me and many others committee crying but. That's definitely hurt last couple days different cogs in coney. Slippery and untruthful. Ball instead go down as the worst FBI director in this nation's history. Karen there are a lot of big moments when it came to George's interview with Jim Thome. I think one of the biggest is that he said that he believes that there's some type of evidence obstruction of justice. That part and also where he what is he unequivocally 100% that he feels that the president. Might not be compromised by the Russians and that even startling ordinances apt at eight couldn't imagine saying that about any other US president. The White House is gone into a apple on. Full court assault on Jim coney. You know last week and it there was a suggestion that perhaps they would let outside allies do this let REC take the lead on. Going after homey and trying to trash its credibility. But who has the prize best laid plans here at the White House and to be ended with a presidential tweak. And once the president started talking about it last week Easter he saw his senior officials. Taking that scene Q Kelly Conley counselor to the president. This morning with saying that income is trying to revise history and just try and sell books and he's the patriot he says he is. He would've brought all of this up last year he talked more to congress. He wouldn't have been writing this manuscripts. No surprise the White House. Pushing back very strongly but the big question is but I think more books sales certainly saw that a couple months ago fire and fury that book about the inner workings of the west wing. President. Clinton stopped talking about it the authors that keep it going like this keep me in the headlines in coming up thinking. And. I think so maids. Book authority number one and has got a pre sells and I think a lot of people will be picking up all right so I BC's Karen Robertson a thank you Caron I appreciate it get to see if art's let's move now to a Michael Cohen who is going to be. Expected in federal court later today to try to get as the documents recordings back after that FBI rate last week over to our Eric Turkey with standing by air and I know you've been following every document that's been filed on this for us in this past weekend. On what what's the latest so far. Well even Michael Collins attorney say this can it may be the most. Ever publicized. Search in the history of the FBI they they may well be right about that after. The FBI under a un court ordered search warrant from federal prosecutors here in New York. Went through Cohen's home and office and hotel room and even a safety deposit box and cell phones and they seized an awful lot of records. Recordings and other material. And they have not yet gone through it ordinarily. Federal prosecutors would have a separate pay eighteen to filter out documents that might be subject to the attorney client privileged. But president trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen have made clear. They don't trust federal prosecutors to do that job themselves they want to review the records. Before a federal prosecutors get to read it and today this afternoon Michael Cohen has been ordered into court by a federal judge to make that argument in person. Aaron the judge on Friday as you know. Had to be irritated annoyed that Michael Cohen whether they are because she had a number of questions for him about his clients and law practice. And he wasn't there. Is a real question about. Michael Cohen Kenneth and and whether he is actually engaged in the practice of law as you'd think any old lawyer would be or or whether he's more. Fixer for Donald Trump federal prosecutors have questioned that Michael Cohen has much of a law practice at all. And said that he was just doing. Business dealings for Donald Trump but didn't really have any other clients and the judge wanted to ask Colin about that but he did not show up so she ordered him to appear today. And just a moment ago Cohen's attorneys outlined three clients that. Michael Cohen they said performed legal work for Donald Trump. Elliott Brady a former RNC finance official who resigned after the Wall Street Journal published a story saying that. He with Collins help it paid off a model whom he had impregnated. And an unnamed third client whose identity did not want to be did disclose. So Michael Cohen is trying to prove that in fact the FBI may have swept up all sorts of legal documents that could potentially be subject to attorney client privilege. But Aaron no doubt his most powerful client even though they're outlined in his three clients the most powerful Klein as president Troxel what does this mean for the president obviously the president. We know had an attorney there on Friday and likely will have his attorney there today as well. She stood up somewhat of a surprise in court and set I represent the president of the United States I was hired last Wednesday and I'd like to be heard and in court papers. The president made clear he did not have confidence in federal prosecutors here in New York to do the job of sifting through all the records before investigators. Get to read them and he asked that. He be allowed to go through everything that the FBI swept up in order to see if attorney client privilege applies. It's going to be a tall order but nonetheless the president is intent on making this because as we've reported here before Kenneth the White House send and the trump administration. See the seizure of Michael Cohen's files as potentially more damaging for the president. Then the special counsel investigation into Russia. All right Erica Turkey they're the president Eran also apparently angrier. About this situation evolving Cohen then. Currently has about in the Muller probe. I'm so we will see what happens in court today thank you. Erica terse he now we turn to Syria and the military strikes by the US the UK and France it's been a weekend there in in Syria where we know that. That is backed coalition has been targeting. Chemical weapons by. President of Charlotte side and so that's what we find our Dave on the who's on the scene in Beirut James what's the latest there. Look at it this morning in just the last few moments we from the Director General of the AP CW cuts the chemical inspectorate that's meant to be able to goad to. This area just outside Damascus by the suspected chemical attack movement have taken place out he said. That Syrian rush as stopping them from me at the get that we've had reports of this over the last couple of days because. Initially that well Christmas was supposed to stop them suck today that he's been found out this morning he said instead that Syria has offered 22 witnesses from Duma. That area that some of Damascus to come. Into the center of town to meet. In spite BZW inspectors at the hotel to explain to them what they saw one. I think that that's going to be a certain amount of skepticism about whether or not the Syrians and the Russians of pop's. Hand picked. Individuals to come and talk to the AP CW because rusher of course says. This in Thai chemical attack was faked and not just thought that was staged by western intelligence site. I think people are gonna have a certain amount of skepticism about whether or not these 22 individuals. Really did see or it will they might be heading. And that this is possible lightning game that we've seen eye out Syria or in the last few years. You know Ross and Syria providing access to contested parts of Syria to either the UN humanitarian convoys or the AP CW and M when it comes to it stopping it and saying that some kind of comment is required in this case. That's the process saying that the security reasons they require UN hunting to getting to do not site. This is approximately C eight the we just waiting to see whether or not the AP CW accept the invitation to meet its 22 people. Or pushes further to get to do month to see for themselves what actually happened. James there with a lot of skepticism about whether or not those inspectors would be able to have access to that site is anyone surprised this morning. That they are not here yet after being landing. Getting on the ground being there Saturday is there any skepticism or any surprise that they're not there right now. Well I think anybody has been watching this wolf of the loss avenue is. It's the I stated this is very much part of a captain. And the Russians. Had an entire explanation for what went on in pima nonstop today they say that British intelligence worked together with humanitarian. Outlook is inside Syria that white helmets who is we now have been truthful with saving thousands of lives in Syria. And they say that two of those individuals running to a hospital and started coating a commotion about them kind of chemical attack. So then that it filming people responding to this whipping up dated in one when it but. That happened they actually got these two individuals who pay on Russian state television some kind of pre. That this whole thing with stage box. Some of law some major and now some news organizations of Ortiz belted. Speaking to people who say they were victims about attack news new with avenues since been evacuated the Sunday Times but it might newspaper. Has been speaking to some of the people who made it out they've made subsequently. It into attacking the refugee camps want to read you a little bit of what some people told them the mother with that two children. My laps and I'm miles up. And the mother money she said my whole body didn't what when the bombs came down to is that when I was climbing this that I could feel myself losing strength. I couldn't control my body I was just shaking the whole time that wasn't oxygen. And they pool these. Appease them. People that the Sunday Times have been speaking with these that it witnesses have been. Talking about some of the symptoms that off. That are similar to those experienced by people who either chlorine and pursue the goals salary and poisoning which is the Holy See it Saturday and I think that people are starting to see the truth of what happening to him about a QCW needs to get him. Nine. Incredible reporting there on my team Foreman in bay routines thank you so much for keeping watch on that situation in Syria. Our butt back here at home in the US again in Philadelphia that went to the top there we are monitoring that situation. Out of the figure from lobby with the through we have faction where there was an incident where two black men were arrested. And thought it with Starbucks sparking some weekend protest. Book you please also responding but also. The Starbucks CEO. Here's Libby Davis with a laser eye Lindsay. Hey good morning Kenneth outrage is now brewing at this Philadelphia Starbucks just a little while ago there. About a dozen protesters who are out here on relative but because of the driving rain they've now taken their process. Inside essentially conducting. Standing if you will. Now this all happened as a result of that now viral video viewed more than nine million times to Blackmon. Sitting at a table inside this Starbucks and then arrested taken out. In handcuffs police say the men were sitting at a table without making a purchase and when asked to leave they refused that's what an employee called 911 reporting incidents. As trespassing. Witnesses say that the real estate brokers were about to meet with a friend when they were discriminated against for being black but Philadelphia's police commissioner says its officers did. Everything by the book he says at that they did nothing wrong they follow policy they did what they were supposed to do. Now those Tim and have since been released no charges were filed they now have attorneys the CEO of Starbucks says that he would like to meet with them face to face. To offer an apology. I don't think filling the Davis there will keep watch on that story as well as the number that are happening around the globe I can find more all these stories on our ABC news app. Commitment Logan reporting live here New York.

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{"id":54504242,"title":"Trump reacts to Comey's interview with ABC News","duration":"13:27","description":"ABC News' correspondents around the globe talk the latest on Syria, boycotts at Starbucks and reaction to Comey's first TV interview since being fired.","url":"/US/video/trump-reacts-comeys-interview-abc-news-54504242","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}