Trump targets Harris for being ‘very weak on facts’

In response to Sen. Kamala Harris’ comments criticizing his handling of the coronavirus, the president argued that it is Harris who is "very weak on facts."
5:19 | 08/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump targets Harris for being ‘very weak on facts’
Colin Harris just appeared together. Before he got on the podium can you tell us if you watch her remarks. He was your reaction. I didn't watch ice or just a moment of him speaking in a moment of her speaking. And it was enough look he made it to us a picture. I watched her I watch your poll numbers go boom boom boom down to almost nothing. And she left angry she left bed. There was nobody more insulting to Biden. Then she was she said horrible things about him including accusations. Made about him by. A woman where she. I guess believe the woman. And now all of a sudden she's running to be. Vice president saying how wonderful it is. I thought it was a very unusual pick because she said such bad things and you know better than anybody what. You're not you'll write it because you know you don't want to do that but you know better than anybody. She said horrible things about horrible things. And she mocked him. Openly mocked him. That's why half that that was a very risky pick because I'm sure that'll be played back. Not necessarily by me but others who will be played. The other thing if you look she wants a three trillion dollar tax hike. No fracking. Funniest thing no fracking in Pennsylvania is gonna play. That's how big fracking stated he didn't have. Energy produce that way you would have taxes that would triple and you'd have. Unemployment that you would believe in Pennsylvania list you had the best year they've ever had. Texas last year the best year Oklahoma last year almost every state in the nation last year had the best year they've ever had. And they can have that again next year. And you can see that by right but think of it. She wants no fossil fuels. No fassel fumes. Really tell that to Texas that I hear. Trump is only one point up in Texas they said the same thing with crooked Hillary Clinton. They said Texas is in play trump is down in Texas. And then when Texas immediately when this at the polls that close. Trump as one Texas. And when viola. And and when Georgia violence the same thing over it's almost like a duplication of what happened before except we have much more energy now than we ever did and 26 and we had Paula. We had record amounts in 26 to. But do you take a look at the tax cuts. We gave the biggest tax get in the history of our country and the biggest regulation goods in the history of our country by far. He wants to increase everybody's taxes. And she's one of the people that wants I mean you take a look at that she wants to. Defund or at least substantially reduce money going to police departments. And can't do that can't do that. It's actually got to be the opposite I've been endorsed by. So many police departments are getting a really good when this week. That you'll be seeing really big really good. But who could ever want what police department what law enforcement group could ever. Support Joseph Biden. Where. He said things that are so bad and so foolish. Frankly so stupid in terms of in terms of crime and what would happen. So we're getting all of law enforcement. We're getting the military she wants to spend much less and I'm military I've rebuilt the military we have the strongest military now. Much of the equipment is coming in all made in the United States 2.5 trillion dollars spent. When I took over we had any military that was totally. It was in terrible terrible shape. It was concluded it was a depleted military old flames all tanks old everything. And we have a beautiful brand new military with the best people in the world we never had anything like it some of the equipment is still coming in. Now we have. We've done a real job. And I think we're going to be extremely successful. I was surprised that he picked are very surprised because of the horrible way she talked about him and frankly because. She dropped like a rock I did when I ran I ran against seventeen. People mostly governors and senators some others Ben Carson was very strong very good couple of others but mostly governors mostly. Senators and I rent. And went up. She ran as she went down to rock bottom I don't think she ever got to run her first. To take the vote in the first in the first day. And so generally speaking you don't want to pick somebody that. When Dan she went down but she went down and a very terrible way and she said horrible things about. She should followers about Biden and I ever did. And now she's running as vice president.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"In response to Sen. Kamala Harris’ comments criticizing his handling of the coronavirus, the president argued that it is Harris who is \"very weak on facts.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72339428","title":"Trump targets Harris for being ‘very weak on facts’","url":"/US/video/trump-targets-harris-weak-facts-72339428"}