Trump turns down Time magazine's 'person of the year' honor?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the back-and-forth between the president and Time on Twitter.
2:35 | 11/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump turns down Time magazine's 'person of the year' honor?
There's so many pressing issues facing America, the reality star in the white house took to Twitter over the very long weekend claiming that "Time" magazine told him he was quote probably going to be named person, man, whatever of the year. Like last year. But I -- I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. And I said, probably is not good enough. And took a pass any way. Thanks. So, "Time" responded. He's incorrect about the process. They don't announce until publy collation on December 6th. The whole thing is weird. Why do we need to know anything? Why did he bring -- what is up -- why did he -- why -- why? I don't understand that the process is he practically has to audition. He is the president, incompetent though he may be. He is the president. He has to sit for a photo shoot and then decide? When day decide person of the year, they don't do an interview with them. Not always. No, no. Angela Merkel didn't do one. That's why they can do dead people. So, there is no -- there's no photo shoot. Look at the pictures. They don't -- What are they talking about? Ments that's the question. What is he talking about? You fell for this, joy? Joy fell for it. Fake news. They didn't call him? He was the person of the year last year. Do they ever do a two-for? If they're going to do person of the year, they're not going to call people. Because then, somebody will do what he did. Say, you know, they called me and I said. I don't believe "Time" does that. They don't tell you until they say, here's the person. So there's no -- The white house. They need lead time. No, they're not doing an interview with him. They're not doing interviews. They did hitler years ago. His own narcissism. Hitler was the person of the year. They did the ayatollah khomeini. No, they don't call you! They don't call you! All right. I hate this stuff. Did he just lie then? I don't know if you're exhausted about these tweets as I am. He can't get out of his own way with his narcissism. It's a big deal to get the cover of "Time" magazine. It doesn't matter. You're the president of the United States of America. You're the most famous man in the entire world. What is not enough at this point.

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{"id":51413554,"title":"Trump turns down Time magazine's 'person of the year' honor?","duration":"2:35","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the back-and-forth between the president and Time on Twitter.","url":"/US/video/trump-turns-time-magazines-person-year-honor-51413554","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}