Trump’s discussion of reopening the economy incites backlash

President Donald Trump addresses who has the right to reopen the economy and announces a halt in funding to the World Health Organization.
3:23 | 04/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump’s discussion of reopening the economy incites backlash
Let's go now to Washington where president trump lead in on the debate with governors over who has the right to reopen the country and he's also announced. A major action against the World Health Organization Terry Moran joins us now lie and Terry. As Tom just covered these groups of governors on both the West Coast and in the northeast there moving forward to figure out plans based on their own mattress the president. This isn't just soften his stance have been in the in the briefing this evening but what India to say about how these governor should move forward. Well he wants to be seen as taking the lead on this matter. And the way he does it is he says he is going to have the federal government issue guidelines and then in a call with the governors he will authorize the governor's give them permission. To open their states in a time place and manner of their own choosing. Which is really what. What the constitutional structure in the public health laws would provide that each governor or we're regional compacts of governors which we're seeing as you mentioned in west and east. Would decide based on local conditions on their own assessment of the risks and benefits in opening up in how they would do it for president represented wants to cheer lead. And provide federal expertise. And federal guidelines for them to do it. Now the president did take a harsh stance against the World Health Organization saying that he'll suspend their funding and hitting them for opposing his decision to stop travel from China back in February let's take a listen. Thousands and thousands of people would have died. Had other nations like why suspended travel from China countless more lives would have been saved and said. Look at the rest of the world look at parts of Europe. Other nations and regions who followed WH show guidelines and kept their borders open to China. The accelerated the pandemic all around the world. And does the president have a legitimate gripe here Terry or is this just a bit of a blame game is he takes some criticism for his early actions and and how significant is into potentially hold funding from the WHIO. It is a significant step and many people believe that is overdue. The WHO has a very difficult task it needs the goodwill of countries to report outbreaks transparently. And to respond to them based on evidence in order to do that it doesn't have any enforcement mechanism it is a diplomatic organization as well but with China. In this case and before. Many people see though World Health Organization as is enabling China's deceit. Of the world there's no question that China held off. At admitting that they had an outbreak of a new contagion they punished physicians like when Li Li Yang in their own country who tried to blow the whistle. I and it wasn't until mid January weeks perhaps even months after this disease. First emerged in the human population. That they came clean and even then they didn't allow the World Health Organization or the US Centers for Disease Control to get to China to investigate. So this relation to be doing the World Health Organization in China has been problematic. President trump as his as masking a very. Very blunt way of trying to address it but many public health experts. Believe that good that world out there that the World Health Organization has put politics. Too far ahead of public health and something needs to change all right Terry Moran for us in Washington does he tonight.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"President Donald Trump addresses who has the right to reopen the economy and announces a halt in funding to the World Health Organization.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70152041","title":"Trump’s discussion of reopening the economy incites backlash","url":"/US/video/trumps-discussion-reopening-economy-incites-backlash-70152041"}