Twins arrested in NYC on explosives charges

There is no active or current threat, according to law enforcement.
3:00 | 02/16/18

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Transcript for Twins arrested in NYC on explosives charges
I think it's very important that we appreciate this evening army arrested two individuals. By the joint terrorist task force on a number of federal jar charges related to explosives. US attorney Berman we'll speak more to those charges. As you'll hear this incident began with me December 4 2017. Threat. To a high school in Harlem it. A fifteen year old student was arrested by the by the NYPD intelligence division on a bomb threat. In team in January teacher in that school abruptly. Resigned in school authorities reviewing his laptop noticed some material that was question only contacted our detectives. Based on a follow up investigation by the joint terrorist task force. Net was what led to the as those arrests today on December 4. There was a bomb threat made to an upper Manhattan school that triggered a call to police. In relation to the bomb threat. And began an investigation. By the league's investigation unit from the intelligence bureau. Into where that threat came from and what the source of it was. That investigation continued involving interviews would students teachers. And others. As part of that investigation of development on January 10 was the resignation of Christian Toro. A school teacher from that school. Which cause investigators to follow up. Two days after that Christian toros brother has outlined in the complaint. Turned in a Department of Education laptop that had been assigned to Christian Tora while he was a teacher to the board of education. A review of that laptop by board of education officials uncovered. What appeared to be a document included. Including bomb making instructions. That of course for the investigation to continue. And the FB IN YPD joint terrorism task force joined the efforts of the intelligence bureau. And the detective bureau the NYPD. To follow additional leads. This week. Additional investigative steps. Led two. Interviews. And developments in the case. That amounted to probable cause for the FBI's joint terrorism task force to seek a search warrant. From. The US attorney's office and a federal judge to go to 2121. Matthews avenue. And search and apartment belonging to Christian and Tyler Toro. In the course of that search. Which was conducted beginning this morning. And went on through much of the day over thirty pounds of chemicals. Which take in together and certain combinations. Constitute. Explosive precursor materials. Were recovered. Christian and Tyler Toro for taken of the 49 precinct. Where they were taken into custody by the FBI. And charged as you see in the complaint. With possession of explosive precursors. And and giving explosives to minor. The the charges have to do as is outlined in the complaint with allegations that. At least two students. Were in president and the toros apartments. Empty. Explosive black powder from fireworks. Harvesting them from fireworks and and putting them into separate containers. As well as the explosive materials and what appeared to be simulated weapons. That were found in the course of the search. There was a diary appearing to belong to. Toros brother. That. Have notations in its. About something called operation flash. Statements contained in the diary about discarding. And doing away with physical evidence.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"There is no active or current threat, according to law enforcement. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53129388","title":"Twins arrested in NYC on explosives charges","url":"/US/video/twins-arrested-nyc-explosives-charges-53129388"}