UCLA basketball players admit to shoplifting in China, thank Trump

The three UCLA basketball players were detained in China.
3:11 | 11/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UCLA basketball players admit to shoplifting in China, thank Trump
Awful terrible. Amounts are it to everybody we'll have let down. Without this that I take full responsibility for the mistake I've made sub lifted. I know that is the of the army led in my school down. Well that the entire country. Before. Before I think everybody who worked so incredibly hard. So what's your eternal safely on what you think the Chinese police in the government for taking care of us entry in this world during a time there. The president so that the United States government thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. We really appreciate you help. Miss out like the sorrow but say it's hard forced doing from the stores in time. And exercise my best doesn't. And I'll vote for that. Apologize to my Fam leave my coaches my teammates. And UCLA from and so many people go. Also follow diocese people it's time for causing them so most of when young men however. There's now an excuse for making overly stupid decisions. I'll feel sorry from us though. And I've learned my lesson from his big mistakes in the margin to pursue a sword that I'm not making that decision like this woman here. On all selected faith president sought in the United States government. But I hope that they provided as loyal. First off all lights of cause us. All the facets of quarries. So I max's suffered from the mountains. Harris me because I can see that and cause. Are those of my teammates marcos' in my family because of Thomas negative attention. On the they do not deserve. Sorry for shoplifting. What I do stupid this is no other way to put it and I'm not that tough person I would like to thank everyone a vote in his whole ordeal. Thank you to Chris Gloria and Terry percent with a solo time thank you so police department was to this very well. Think he's an apparent vote and I hope you sue a community that helped to SoHo. I think you'd see United States government at present strong beer precipitous fall. I can't think enough they're credible polls. Here you shall. At the pac twelve. And even president trump in his administration. And the nonstop efforts to resolve the situation. These are good young men. Exercise and inexcusable lapse lapse of judgment. And now they have to live with that we let a lot of people down and process. I'm extremely disappointed in their actions. You just heard him apologize. I would like to again apologize on their behalf. So the chancellor today and to the Bruin family these three young man warming suspended indefinitely from our program. As we work through the review process. With the university's office of student conduct. During that indefinite suspension. There will not travel with the team normally shoot up for home games. At some point they may be permitted to join team workouts. Practices. And meetings with that time mourning has yet to be determined.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The three UCLA basketball players were detained in China.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"51175715","title":"UCLA basketball players admit to shoplifting in China, thank Trump ","url":"/US/video/ucla-basketball-players-admit-shoplifting-china-trump-51175715"}