Is It Unhealthy for Parents to Argue in Front of Children?

The co-hosts discuss whether it is appropriate to argue and disagree in front of children.
4:09 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Is It Unhealthy for Parents to Argue in Front of Children?
Now there's a new book. I'm American governor senate candidate. Chris Christie said that when he and his Latin argue. They retreated to a walk in closets under kids don't you know fighting. Ed smart's actually get an accurate to me. I. Now I know what I I have to say this is awful and I can see my husband reminds me all the time when my daughter raises are ways he's like she's getting it from you know. It's hardly have an and I'm not gonna make any excuses. I'm my husband and I need to stop argue we don't have huge fights but we do discuss the what do we away from the children and me and they're always around the Collette Barnes had an at. Vanished because they both I'm speak Hungarian. Said they would. Really fight in front of me but just a different language that it didn't understand and and the result of that is that they I don't speak Hungarian except for the meanest dirty word went out. And I could curse you into an early grave but I could not order chicken outlet I I don't know. They got big definitely fun of me my brother very used to bear loud voices of. Well that is on in my eye. I got a divorce. And my daughter was shocked because my husband and I never had a nice never argued she was like what what happened. Yeah whereas my parents argued she meant to constantly and they sit together for a 150 that's still so I don't. I thought Harry Harry about how interesting because my parents never argued they only seem like to have is people on them when they got a divorce okay. What happened yeah but I'm so argue in front of my children with my husband I I just think it's it's unsettling I think it's fine to disagree right I think if your I really really arguing I think it. It's scary to the kids sixth avenue right outside the US is not about yeah it's unsettling it's really until over the kids but I think in nineteen your point I think it's healthy to have disagreements and to maintain your own individuality I used to think for a long time if you find her relationship it was a bad sign. What it's good to have healthy. Healthy disagreement in. And go back and forth because. You need to maintain food are. And a candidate popping up as I think guide parents would have liked the road down fall like you're like healthy disagreement like what are you taught them that crowd you think really airports. Well al-Qaeda not typical but they would just I mean there were allowed. Fight but I'm used to every day when I called again at the bikes Mindy in this by Nixon thank you so that's not my mom and that's it from dinner someone from pack Kevin says we didn't argue much in front of our kids when we did we felt it was important to see. How we resolved it so the kids would know that and I think that's a big thing for kids because I often say that even when I'm you know on CNN I'm debating against Don lemon weak weak allow for drinks afterwards. Well we're we're debating. And I think as long as kids know mommy and daddy aren't getting a divorce they're just disagree rights and then maybe they feel. Manning in daddy a little bit when I want to like who got all that dumb luck yet if you have I you know healthy teammates so healthy for your kids to see you apologize to one another because you. I I I know it. I somebody gave me that advice they did when you're wrong apologize to your child because you're setting an example you don't have to be right all the time and I remind that I remind my daughter of that would if she makes a mistake I make the missing mom's not perfect and I'm sorry isn't gives thumbs accents are fighting I mean I feel like. The arguing AC some titans is a reflection of blanket back. Love him very well and hey Adam and I took Patrick it jarred my first husband have broken. The wind out there and they're right time he kicked in the dishwasher it was like we don't have a you know I have clients insurance would need to elect. So we had a violent throw down settlements and Abbas you're done understands broken replied yes you get serious and listening. He's there when I'm home when I did that could let us appetizing not really what happens when the Christians come out of the closet. That's the question. The maybe they just stay in the closet but only after you have no income that is on TV so you know he comes at a club act. But now you made me say it like that yeah. That's not know why they. Didn't sound like I was saying Chris Christie was coming out clot that we haven't asked thing about Chris Christie that I would say I liked it but what about park about not eager to look at NASA's.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"The co-hosts discuss whether it is appropriate to argue and disagree in front of children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"36404920","title":"Is It Unhealthy for Parents to Argue in Front of Children?","url":"/US/video/unhealthy-parents-argue-front-children-36404920"}