Union Workers Blast Crying Baby Sounds at Protest

Philadelphia electricians object to apartment complex's use of a non-union contractor.
1:27 | 12/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Union Workers Blast Crying Baby Sounds at Protest
-- union workers in Philadelphia are sending a loud and their re clear message and they are using one of the most irritating sounds in the world. To do it. -- -- -- -- maybe has been torturing residents. At an apartment complex for days now unionized electricians have been. -- the annoying crying through loudspeakers. To. Protest a nonunion contractor hired there -- -- caught in the middle as you can imagine had had enough. They don't seem to care you know -- -- we approached them nicely on the first day they seemed to ignore it's well within the law it's within the First Amendment. And that union official did agree to cut off the baby -- at least for now. He said in the spirit of the season home last Christmas carols. In stand of the debate raged on which I think is more I don't think that -- they are certain -- but. There we are an island nursing mothers can't go anywhere near because of nursing mom here's a baby cry. Yes right to it instinctively know something happens. What. The result is that true -- your milk wouldn't member Julie Roberts had a famous speech and should. She needed -- -- had no idea why haven't your milk letdown sorry to get graphic but this gets settled here that sits an audible at -- if you hear baby cry the -- -- your body's. Let's down the -- you're ready to go.

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{"id":17961917,"title":"Union Workers Blast Crying Baby Sounds at Protest","duration":"1:27","description":"Philadelphia electricians object to apartment complex's use of a non-union contractor.","url":"/US/video/union-workers-blast-crying-baby-sounds-protest-17961917","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}