United Airlines CEO admits passengers have had enough

Oscar Munoz thinks airlines are reaching a breaking point with shrinking seat sizes.
3:19 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for United Airlines CEO admits passengers have had enough
A record number of us are taking flight at the foot of the airlines doing to get your business and what about those shrinking seats. The wife by the doesn't work. Some answers from an airline thoughts. On David Curley let's get you the speech. Followed everyone you instantly Oscar Mourinho was runs United Airlines what is big for. Like its competitors he wants to make you a loyal customer. What we sat down to talk to him we asked. How when the airlines fly the same type of aircraft often with the same classes economy that lost the first. What can make a difference for passengers. Other than price is scheduled. I have folks have been with us a long time. He's been doing his job the tremendous win have a lot of experience what's going to be the fundamental differentiator I tell our folks it's our people. And our tools that we can. What kind of battle you live with the other airlines the competition is classified as price discounts and more about the experience in service. Because as you know today it's better for the customer sees keep on getting smaller hasn't stopped him we've reached the smallest we're gonna get I think we are nearing a point certainly. That. I welcome your Wi-Fi doesn't always work it's complicated technology different. Different carriers different transmission different aircraft. We will fix that and frankly we would stop a lot of our growth if we could to stop and when might provide going to. That's how important weapons when we started flying it was fun people wanted to go line. It's been a chore will be fun again I hope so because you know if that's funny that you mention that has become so stressful. From when you leave wherever you live through it again and attract to find apartments. Its security the TSE's doing their best but he. Rented apartments and one where her Parsons who just tell us that the world. And I don't care what coffee and cookies you're smile like you view your just ready but with your message be to passengers. Who are sometimes frustrated on somebody asked me that's what would what advice would you give other travelers I think empathy. Discourse between human beings as Lackey. I have always there by the concept of sharing is caring. And so share with so many different vehicles and we did write social we did wrong it's and in what you think why what I. On purpose. Delay Europe can't you do whatever you can be done yet there's always been something that cannot cool ride I was told I team listen someone's trust us. It's that you would get me from here to you. And not what they've. Peaking at short of that. Has to be our issue you did not grow up in the airline business what have you learned during your tenure about this business if I ever write a book which probably won't. I think I would title if there's no good deed goes unpunished. Because if you take care of your employees. You know investors what I don't know what you gonna get in return. And that's usually lagging and he do a lot too much for your customers and nobody matches didn't do more. And then of course it's sold want to make sure that you do deliver the financial benefits to investors that big part of your world. Airlines hoping to gain your loyalty while trying to maintain profits in an economy was rising costs. I'm David Curley and now you're up to speed.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Oscar Munoz thinks airlines are reaching a breaking point with shrinking seat sizes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62566770","title":"United Airlines CEO admits passengers have had enough","url":"/US/video/united-airlines-ceo-admits-passengers-62566770"}