Universal basic income program tested in California

The leader of SEED and a benefactor discuss the new plan that gives $500 a month to Stockton residents.
4:50 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Universal basic income program tested in California
All right so that trade war is impacting every wine and again the candidates will probably be discussing this the top contenders as well as. Some underdogs on the stage on like Andrew Yang his most popular policy. The freedom given day in which is a universal basic and come. Of 1000 dollars for American adults with no strings attached well if you ever wondered what this program would even look like Stockton California is giving it a shot launching a program that guarantees. 500 dollars to adults for eighteen months it's called the C program or stocked in economic empowerment demonstration in yesterday. I talked to the directors to key Samara Anez on named one of the first 100 recipients of take a look. I'm really glad you guys are with us today because this scene program is the country's. First ever city land at guaranteed income initiative Suzuki I wanna start with you. You can just tell less why and how the C program was created. And hating and eat and eat in the nation's space at hand in debt eight send any against acts and it. It I think and get it every 8888. At admittedly at socket that aren't making any Wear my. And every scenic greatest act at at Atlanta Austin on in ancient. Problems in it it was hard but it's as a bank inspection and and susteren and to recover it. One in Florida that Clinton poppy eighteen teach how the City Council and aren't all sparkle and that the state it's we knew that. That is the fast 'cause it's. And ample and that need it peopled stacks. At opinions I'll make any nation like that it I'm just ambulance accent hot seat. And you and where does that money come from does I think that's a question a lot of people have. Alternate receipt comes banner ads on topics are since we're only other apathy and in net taxpayer dollars at being says but the devastation. And an additional one million dollar detonation of economic skate day. And happens but it and number there doesn't topic I admit it isn't. Ends on May you were one the recipients. You've been. It's been about seven months since it started so how has this program that changed your life this extra 500 dollars every month. Came at a time where I wasn't an employee and and I was pretty man's drowning. So I was the breadwinner and bar ads can be in a contract chant starter if he misty day you know. Eating you hate so now that you know we have it's extra income can be kind of settled me if you misty day. And we're able to without a net leased at. That 500 dollars of course that he got mark writes that's right and mandatory school getting ads or fifty. And you know our DirecTV. And our niche is CB feel they car insurance that's automatic to where we don't have to stress are Tibet. And they you know we have Arnold date nights it would ever so it works out but yeah. What will it like when you learn that you are going to be one of their recipients. Extension the friend aren't. Oh like waiting in it yet right. Posted 300000 people in the city. And analysts had a person I'm nosy so I read everything that comes my mail so it doesn't look like hey you're getting it some many. Its seventeen day you would have to actually read your mail. And and randomly Kate S. That's when he got and Stetson lesson. That's amazing so it's it's clearly making a difference on Cynthia when asked you what happens beyond. They eighteen months because right now that's that's when it ends yes. Silly ID eighteen and then and then at intervention asked a goal is really to pulled it to begin. And data and story that at eight and thanks Kate by gates in an out of state let a national level. And it's exciting that acquitted demonstration even of overseeing the next summer months I'll make gains added expansion at EXE that we get up again. It Saturday Harrison went and their contracts are represented at which she its elite. At the stat that really seen it crashed and it by an ink her lawyer by the social contacts. And we hope that at that demonstration continues at Indiana straightening out this indicates but it that it yanks it out a cemetery that should scale. All right CP into what Eric ends Sunday so nice to meet you and see that it's having a positive impact in your life on thank you both for joining us today. It's happening.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The leader of SEED and a benefactor discuss the new plan that gives $500 a month to Stockton residents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65541140","title":"Universal basic income program tested in California","url":"/US/video/universal-basic-income-program-tested-california-65541140"}