University of Oklahoma Fraternity Sings Racist Chant

President David Boren says he won't allow SAE fraternity back on campus.
8:21 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for University of Oklahoma Fraternity Sings Racist Chant
A racist chance. By members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma that paternity now shut down and the students at that school. Demanding more than just an apology they're demanding a change in culture. One and Dan Cutler in New York the president of the university. David Bourne addressed the students and press and news comes a short time ago he said he wasn't sure yet on how those students responsible that can't might be punished. But in fact that he is going to try. We're very. Ulcers. First. How her. Certainly. My arms through these rumors here comparisons. Or hurt. Not going. Indeed for all the hosting him. It was. We know. Says. I. This all. Matt brown this morning with the movers and boosted my. It was not want true it was a whole group and community. Who do. So. Into the youth on the limo there. We're that this is. We're gonna have a university. And we're no longer you Matt. We're right. That's the response from the president I want to bring in now ABC's Ryan Smith with more on this story right. What do we know but it's fraternity in this particular chapter well this chapter has been around erected sick SE. He's one of the oldest fraternities in the country around college campuses. About a 159 years. Hop fifteen some thousand members across the country. And this chapter has been there for quite some time there prevalent on campus and so when people solve this they said. My goodness what's been going on in this house now that you know part of the reason why we're seeing this out. Break of this this video and it being sent out there is because some students were concerned about what was going on campus and this was one of the videos they came from that but. This is a fraternity it's been there for quite some time and so when you talk about the blow that this is. The national organization that very big blow this was so this these members of returning were on a bus. In this video was captured when when when we find out bottled it was just found out about it this weekend and and this was something that was captured. By someone on the bus sent to a group called on herd which is an African American group on campus it's trying to. Bring about cultural change on the campus some of the folks and heard. And others have been saying hey this is this this campus is not what everybody thinks it is we need change and they're using this is an example. But make no mistake it's about as shocking as it gets because. When you how that's going on on Abbas you wonder what other people in that bus saying who's participating. And what the investigation going to look like you know the discussion now talking about how the culture changes on this is well on the president as you just further explored options of some kind of punishment for these students there what can he do that well he can identify them and any can bring them up for disciplinary charges. And consider different things if I'm if this functions like a number of schools do. You bring them up when disciplinary charges and possibly there's some student organization or some organizations combination of the students and the professors and other university leaders there. To decide whether or not they get suspended now criminal charges who knows what that brings that the police action. But here I think that's what he's trying to get it can we identify who's on that bus who's participating. And should that mean that someone leaves now he made the statement that while some of the voluntarily leave good luck with that most kids are gonna fight this if there on the bus they get identified. It is adding that he do with that white kicking me out I shouldn't be responsible. But I think the key is if you want to show that you mean business on this. You've got to find out who's on that bus you find two or three kids. You ask them who else on that bus for your career at the university might be in jeopardy it try to bring everybody forward and really figure out what happens on that but some might say well that sounds like which. You know it is trying to correct the mentality that some students have on the campus. The campus is supporting racism. She want to bring these students up and say what did you do what were you doing on that bus. And it's so punish them what about the national organization and what's response from SA the national organization quickly backed away from this chapter said look we're not responsible for this. They condemned what happened on the campus so they had taken the move up. Quickly saying this is not what we view this is what they are doing and we don't support that and I think the university in striking the universe strike in the chat from campus. Making the kids move out immediately sounds harsh because maybe every candidacy wasn't on that bus but it certainly since the statement. You know you say something you're out you gotta find you housing. I don't care what you do says David -- well and so what others thought Heather any members of that particular SC chapter had any kind of a response to this than the president of that particular SC chapter saying nothing as far as we know president not saying anything everybody laying low. Perhaps because. And where you say that we can get in troubles but at this point. No one's saying anything and that's. Creating this boy and I think of people saying well. They're not saying any thing that maybe they're all responsible in this I think soon you're gonna hear some people say. I didn't have anything to do it but that remains to be seen because right now no come the bigger issue though that's being discussed right now is the culture on campus and at the president address that this is what he had to say. Do all rooting for these are. Specifically. That are quite diverse are really. Doing the right things wrong. On many issues. They're. Through. We'll we'll be good to be looking. Carefully this and we'll start over. They've been here. Murder. Tell me more about this on her group's this on her group is a group of African American students who see it as their job and their mission. To try to bring to light things that are not done culturally properly on their campus so times when they feel that African American students and others. Are not getting a fair shake or there's things being done to African American students and others on campus are people saying things. That are offensive which is why they're spreading as we get whacked uninteresting about that though. Notice how he said both groups who do the right thing others aren't we're looking at that. That's a big deal or these others and he week. You would think that in a situation like this someone does something SA does something on a busting you say hey. That group is wrong that's not how we run things here that's not what happens here but I wonder if the university president here is saying. Yet we do have problems. And we're trying to take a look at that it that it that's what he's really saying that's a really big bit of candor there but it also lends credence to what groups like unheard are doing which is saying. Hey this isn't it folks there's other stuff going on this campus that we don't think is right and that's why we're trying to bring to light. What what sort of power conflicted dialogue and to know of at this point that on her is that having them with the president mean. No it back in a statement like that is being made what we're hearing right now is just initial conversations visible we found. There might be others but nothing concrete I think this is the beginning of a larger discussion. And it has to do I think you're gonna see many people on campus saying. Something's got to be done about these kids right now three kids they believe have been identified. So what do you do with those kids to start. But you heard on that bus it's not three kids chanting. So three kids having that discussion see one kid standing up you hear a lot of voices. What's going to happen to those voices that these critical in making the statement to unheard and the student body. That we mean business when it comes to change ABC's Brian Smith when it's on this front thank you think that you can keep up today with this store in real time by downloading ABC news App Store in the story forks with an update them. I'm Dan York.

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{"duration":"8:21","description":"President David Boren says he won't allow SAE fraternity back on campus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29512351","title":"University of Oklahoma Fraternity Sings Racist Chant","url":"/US/video/university-oklahoma-fraternity-sings-racist-chant-29512351"}