US administering 2 million vaccines daily

Detroit's mayor turned down receiving 6,000 Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines, saying that “Moderna and Pfizer are the best."
4:59 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for US administering 2 million vaccines daily
Let's turn to the corona virus pandemic and how it's bringing. Together to try to find solutions particularly true vaccines like Q let's bring in infectious disease specialist an ABC's medical contributor doctor Todd Eller and for more on this doctor honor and let's go to the vaccines a CDC says that. Where now administering more than two million vaccine doses per day how big is that. Good morning Diane I mean this is huge I mean think about and so far we've actually about 20%. Of adults in the United States and about twenty. Months and now the last week or so we didn't. At about two million dollars a days who are really getting the action we have too short for remember this is fifteen essentially is like a human shield and really protects us against getting severe disease and also will decrease transmission from person to person this is exactly what we need to keep cut ago we have to keep going power. And trade mayor Mike Dugan has turned down 6000 Johnson Johnson Colvin vaccine saying quote. But Darren and Pfizer are the best what are your thoughts on that moved. Yeah I don't agree with that at all remember the best vaccine right now is the one that you there's no question these actions have not been computer and to add my journey advisory teams worked on a different time periods in different countries there were different there weren't those periods certainly wish what's important is that ball free and he's got seemed to be giving you weigh in the United States. Protect against severe infection they protect against possible is Asian getting into the intensive care unit in doubt. We don't give your questions now I want and he US the first is if I've been infected and then receive the common vaccine is this second dose still worse than the first us. It's a great question you know we know if you haven't been unfair to before and you get both shots of the messenger Arnie and a vaccine that is second dose is more react to generate in the first but what's interesting Diane she it is easy did you previously been and to record in nineteen huge typically that first chose to gives you more of those reactions when people look at the second dozed. After the first it's usually not if you create a single news. If you've already had Kobe do you even need that second dose. Right so it's an is that it's a very good question so I'm small data access has shown. Once you've been effective. And you've received the first dose of the vaccine you get. Eight very robust immune response. Almost similar to doses and someone who's never been infected so scientifically. It probably makes the people may only need one dose of vaccine after they've been infected by and here's the big buyer. Currently guidance is steels who received both vaccines. Even if you've been instructed. Aaron and the answer this question might create a little tension in his household we're gonna ask it anyway this year says that her boyfriend had Kobe. But she did in answer she's wondering how long his immunity is expected to last and can he still transmit the virus to hurt. Even if he is immune because apparently she likes to go to a bar Wear masks are very optional she says. Okay we'll she's in good shape right now because what we do now with we've been infected and doesn't lead was significant immune protection and let's face it we've been dealing with corporate 191 year. Write and read. Factions still are very rare so the likelihood that she gets reenter it is. Not impossible there are infections but I think she's in good shape and hopefully sheeting and vaccinated as soon as possible so she can catch her immune systems to his. And the CDC timeline on immunity after having culminated what's the guideline there's at three months. As far as if you have call it how long. You know and K can you go without having to take standard quarantined protections for example. Yes doesn't yes definitely so if you being internship if you've gotten vaccinated and your within a three month window you don't have to quarantine. Re not only happy home and be instructed all. Yet if you if you've had cobra then you don't you're considered immune short a long period of time but the recommendation right now is to still get a vaccine within a three month period WA chose his six months CDC says three months we still don't exactly because you know the fact you know be the did the clinical trials and studied as excluded you if you if you did have Kobe nineteen for now we still recommend vaccination after Corbin nineteen and most people can get an. After 03 months after induction. Doctor Allan thank you we can during these questions that you think giving us answers we agree.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Detroit's mayor turned down receiving 6,000 Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines, saying that “Moderna and Pfizer are the best.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76280715","title":"US administering 2 million vaccines daily","url":"/US/video/us-administering-million-vaccines-daily-76280715"}