US Army Reserve Aviation Command is conducting rescue operations in Texas

ABC News' Rob Marciano talks with one of the officers who are flying Black Hawks for rescues in Conroe, Texas.
3:30 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for US Army Reserve Aviation Command is conducting rescue operations in Texas
I'm rob Marciano for ABC news in Conroe Texas as the suns coming up here captain Matt Roman. The army reserves here. Guys and busiest it would Blackhawk helicopters and means and watch you guys work. How many rescue me yesterday and you hit that nursing home added that you. Yes sir that's accurate we use the similar aircraft like the one behind a state case sixty medevac aircraft we did a total approximately eighteen lives over a 120. Civilians evacuated and brought to a close associate of silly. I got to go from one existed and it's amazing wants to watch these teams work of the procession the coordination. You know surprisingly is run like a military operation but it didn't deal joking aside to still be able do that in these tight urban spaces with all these other choppers. Really close behind this is phenomenal to me what it would do this on the the bigger is ethics challenge that these these pilots have to go through. Yes I would say operating these environment is is challenging for them but these these citizen soldiers are actually. Residents of this location so they have special ties in naval guards. They live here there they goes to go to school here and I believe he would join with the adrenaline pumping yesterday they were laser focus and it's evident in if moderately era they're able to pump. Data got a lot of hard man that they want to help their definitely got their eye on the ball. And when I saw them Rolen in last night someone who. You know landing after dark after 101214 hour day of going nonstop getting beat up in those conditions and each unit faces mean they're bitterly. Be authorized or reds is tired. But did but they're ready to come back today. Aaliyah serious are we have a role in right now. In their day game right back to work and ready to launch if needed. We've kind of trying to explain people what. I don't know how would quantify rescues and you heard your gimme some technical speed Meehan Meehan. So yes solo home. If one of these aircraft were to launch or take golf to weigh landing zone wherever they send this to. And they see some. It did tasked with picking up some folks that's considered a lift and lift can be anywhere from one person to. Multiple. Two capacity of the aircraft that handles so it's really about operating safely and is really about accomplishing the mission and the mission today is helping American citizens. These this aircraft or ever really amazing hindered. It's quite frankly to grease actually look at him and it uses a beautiful beautiful machine. What makes the Blackhawks national especially when it comes. You need rest disaster. Yet so these aircraft is actually it's the same frames a black vote but it's actually designated AT sixty wish the medevac aircraft and is specially outfitted with. Specific medical treatment equipment and that's what distinguishes it from the traditional black hawks a one without the Red Cross on it. But the power and the the waiting to maneuver makes them very. Applicable it is. That no via W their air again today that we now grown. Appreciate your your work your service good luck to everybody today. Hardly the floodwaters continue and them. This causes. Dave giving Africa and the man we talk about that earlier it's the ABC gave giving and I get it get witness it was the Red Cross where your favorite charity and give the flood victims here. In the Harvey zone Louisiana and Texas State meet our helpers there. Exceed. Dexter gets a great day I'm rob Marciano for ABC news conference axis.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano talks with one of the officers who are flying Black Hawks for rescues in Conroe, Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49537871","title":"US Army Reserve Aviation Command is conducting rescue operations in Texas","url":"/US/video/us-army-reserve-aviation-command-conducting-rescue-operations-49537871"}