U.S. Blames North Korea for Sony Hack

FBI statement claims North Korea directed cyber attack on Sony.
3:52 | 12/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U.S. Blames North Korea for Sony Hack
It is now official the US government today officially laying blame for the massive pack on Sony. On North Korea the report just released claiming the intrusion into Sony's servers showing specific signs of a North Korean style attack. Well what I'm down Cutler in New York joining me now with more on this developing story is ABC's Tom yeah honestly Tom there's been a lot of speculation about this but now apparently. The US to a very confident this and fight was done by North Korea. Yet we knew the snowstorms and become a few days ago but FBI the FBI publicly officially announcing that North Korea is behind Sony hacker attack. Daly out basically a statement that shows North Korea's digital fingerprints were all over this attack they talk about IP addresses that link back to North Korea. Certain now where function cycle right to North Korea and of course towards that were used in other North Korean sniper attacks it's the bill though the blame now being pinpointed on North Korea. Although at this point we're trying to understand the logistics it didn't actually originate from a country there's been some reporting on that that this hacker group guardians of peace working in conjunction with North Korea. We're the first to launch this attack against Sony. I think bought the pistol coming out in the days ahead Lauren much mourned the FBI of course can't show their hands at all but lately out of really good case about why this from North Korean irritable to link this to pass North Korean attacks against South Korea a lot of the same kind of pools digital software was used and of course the ripple able to actually analysts and still is computers and it's in this data out into the response to all of this any kind of press has been canceled because of the interview the movie itself obviously has been pulled altogether. And in response to that there was a new message it was put up at this hacker group didn't get the big question gated steel. You know are there going to be more leaks regarding the peace announced a special Christmas surprise we're not sure that's gonna happen yet what we do know is that recently they contacted Sony it's that people please get pulled the film. But other asking for even more things and similar things so we can't do the rescue that they take on the site the movie down every website that they don't let them begin to be pirated. That would be humanly possible because anybody who let copy any. And be reviewed the film will have a copy that getting the wrong hands cylinder somewhere Chinatown canceled going to be want to watch it. So we'll see what happens because it would be it would be humanly possible that will be not to come out. You know the government has specifically identify what it believes the source of all of this hack that. Has this been deemed an act of terrorism so there was a packet for our sources are telling us with in the White House whether to call this an act of terrorism. They called in national security issue Indian and are calling this an act of terrorism. What they are seeing though is that they're gonna impose costs and consequences. All the people the groups and the nation states in all in this act. What exactly that means we don't know for sure. What it it may lead to you is the US taking some type of action and it worked we are we exactly don't know that is yet to be determined about that and also the president expect to have his final news conference of the year this afternoon. I'm assuming we are expecting he will address this week he can't address this is the biggest story happening in America right now. It affected a global company it's should it Hollywood to export we just heard from George Clooney. Yesterday you spoke a deadline dot com talking about how he went every studio at nearly every studio had. Asking them to sign a petition to say we stand by Sony let's release this bill he says that a single person would sign this. You know two ministries huge and America huge around the world and the deathly blast. Fact we'll have to see what it's going to be doing and for those films going forward ABC's Tommy on us with the latest on that topic so much appreciated. Of course you keep up today with the very latest on this story in real time by downloading ABC news happened star in the stored for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm down for New York.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"FBI statement claims North Korea directed cyber attack on Sony.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27720542","title":"U.S. Blames North Korea for Sony Hack","url":"/US/video/us-blames-north-korea-sony-hack-27720542"}