Temperatures Soar as Officials Warn of Heat Risks

Thermometers reach record levels as East Coast braces for week-long heat wave.
10:05 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for Temperatures Soar as Officials Warn of Heat Risks
This is a special report from ABC news. And then -- -- -- New York with its ABC news digital special report on the East Coast heat wave that sun is blazing. -- the temperature is into the ninety's and it is going to stay there are all week that picture clearly a reflection of folks sweating it out on the northeast. Humidity may he in his heat wave even worse the National Weather Service has heat advisories and warnings in place in Boston New York City Baltimore Washington. Joining us now -- Philadelphia. Annie McCormick from our station WP BI -- thank you I apologize that you drew the short straw and you are. -- out of -- today how is Billy -- how. If I honestly now let's not bad because there is -- -- however we're still in mid nineties we aren't excessive heat warning until Friday and here in Philadelphia. We also had humidity -- -- -- does make it feel at times. Like it is -- the triple digits I have to say I don't know I -- -- and paying too much heat for too long when people start saying how would only about ninety it's only about ninety live at that point. David doing it until on the day he however again it's it's not -- too bad at this point. That comment along with its not the heat it's the humidity is certainly gonna draw looks. At least this think -- someone it is not clearly in the heat long enough. What about cooling centers -- I know of and on the east got political incentives -- an open up in different cities. We do we have a lot of elderly people here in Philadelphia so there's dozens and dozens of cooling centers across the city we of course. I'm have listing them throughout here at the local news to let elderly people know there's one that senior centers at rec centers at this point we're told that they aren't. Back at filling up that there are people that are you know definitely utilizing and there's also. Visiting nurses that are urging some of -- out early to go over there -- people that are checking in on seniors in some facilities and of course urging everybody knows somebody. Who has a senior citizens to let them know about those cooling centers because as one of the dangers you're afraid of some of those people that don't have air conditioning in their homes that maybe you know keep -- windows sad because they think that that's what's gonna keep them cooler. -- of course our people are asking just to make sure to be vigilant tabs on those you know -- elderly and side. And also some plans may be to change for some war re enactments folks -- be addressed and it's obviously very hot. Cotton or wool costumes. Adelphia and -- tourist seasons out. I am party scene Ben Franklin like 3 times this morning and he's not even breaking -- slack as -- crazies but I'm. Today actually there's a group for missing and employment site and drum -- They travel all over -- country and they're out here this morning there right. Ten pounds of wall. I'm top coat that is made of world class a vast plus they have old -- Another shirt and -- a blouse underneath -- on and told. That the only time that they have taken a break from their fight and some more duties. It was an amazing in about three years ago. It is a 103 degrees and it was at three mile long parade because it was a parade and there was a lot of walking they -- that that lies. The -- -- and that is why that they ended up. Taking them out of that but here -- sign is seen not even be break in this early -- maybe not that but they do stay hydrated and there's a lot of young kids that are involved in that group -- you can see their parents popping in. And giving them water while others still performing you know beating on the drums and and calling the -- and you know doing the performances that they do they have one -- performance today and it different section of Philadelphia until in between the two of them. They're gonna take off their costumes put on rags and ice down so they can be prepared again because it is expected to get. Hotter today more humidity and also those temperatures are expected to rise again the rest of the week. Is definitely going to be more treacherous if you're in the city of Philadelphia. I think you lost -- participation at the -- bridges spanning but we appreciate he had Eddie McCormick Philadelphia thanks so much for joining us obviously stay cool down there. So important offices they -- days like this -- water even when you are not thirsty. ABC Hijazi is here now the dangers of the extreme -- It's July and this weekend next at a hottest climate -- of the year. So what's the big deal the big deal is heat kills an average of 100 in nineteen people every year last year at 155. People died because of heat the majority were male and over the age of 55. Most were in homes without air conditioning. Air conditioning -- -- -- so incredibly important today -- thank you that team coverage continues now with ABC's Devin Dwyer Washington. Where there is an ongoing water issue down and talk about bad timing -- That's right and had power it is hot here today and bad timing for about. A 100000 residents and Prince George's County it's an area just on the southeast side of Washington and it includes. Andrews Air Force Base were President Obama flies out of also the national harbor. Officials are telling us he's six foot concrete pipe that carries water to Peter. To that area -- cracking their burning off the water later this evening about 8:9 o'clock. Residents there are going to be without water for three to five days that we talk to some folks earlier today out those areas they are stocking up going to hospital -- Packages of bottled water but one woman told me the biggest issue -- horror. It's how to flush those toilets how to watch those clothes and how to take a shower. She's filling up several kids. Pools of water outside their home and -- buckets -- -- toilets. Be a bad idea if he can get out of town for a couple of days as a threat many sweated out someplace company -- -- and check -- people of their better. -- -- in -- -- what about the cooling fan. -- -- There are few opened up. Around the city so far where we're hearing that they're not full at this point it's it is pretty hot here -- from Minnesota -- everything feels odd to me about it. It's it's not quite a -- it's -- -- be today its forecast. But to get up to about ninety degrees here that the temperature as -- -- hearing that from -- -- deals like that was much hotter. Right now I have a -- -- my phone from the Labor Department across town -- -- safety app that tells me just what the temperatures like here where I'm standing. It says -- -- they calculate right now it's a 102 degrees right now right where we're standing given the humidity so. People are definitely going to be seeking shelter later principles that 105. A hundred in two. Believe I'm surprised the -- -- -- in the temperatures there to exert Devin Dwyer. Thank you for that that appreciated and I -- -- turn out AccuWeather is by -- out more what's on -- were sweating this out. Just the beginning of this one unfortunately right -- -- -- That's right and I mean it was already a hot start to the work week across the northeastern US but temperatures now actually I into the widespread -- from right around the East Coast all the way back into parts of the plains and upper midwest so -- -- has been expanding. Over the course of the last 24 hours. And -- satellite picture here really tells a story you can see that outline of the high here the cloud cover drifting just off to the north than remaining away from the area so. Beneath this high the air sinks -- provides -- -- temperatures have been above normal so that has been making for very uncomfortable conditions in the afternoon. I in the afternoons I should -- with temperatures. Ranging anywhere from five to ten degrees above normal but this thing has been the humidity that's. -- making it feel even warmer and one thing of note she is that during the overnight hours places like New York City Philadelphia on. And even down toward the DC area won't see much relief during the overnight hours temperatures will barely make it out of the eighties -- a lot of spots mostly looking at upper seventies and lower eighties -- even during the overnight hours not much relief in store and certainly as we head into Wednesday not looking at too many changes. Temperatures for the most part expected to rise into the mid ninety's but once again. He factor and that's sunshine you factor in the humidity and it's gonna feel more along the lines of anywhere between 9500. -- five degrees your plates at places like Pittsburgh and even warmer there. Closer toward the coast out even as -- head into Thursday this high pressure system will remain stagnant so the heat will continue although some spots will start to see change as early as Friday. We'll start to notice -- serious affronts. Make a move into the upper midwest over the front that's going to finally bring an end to this oppressive heat and humidity will continue off to the south and east -- this front is still well up across the northern territories but. Will provide some cooling and lower humidity for the upper midwest as early as Friday and again that will continue south and eastward. For the start of the weekend so this is what we're going to be waiting for temperatures will cool and humidity will drop as we head into Sunday although unfortunately this front. Will be accompanied by some strong to severe storms late week let's say as early as Friday from Chicago all the way up into Montreal and again that will continue south and eastward into place at Pittsburgh -- tightened up into a bank remain as we head into Saturday before the cooling arrives on Sunday Dan. I -- that -- very quickly and we've broken any records so far. Up a couple of records broken but by no means is it's really a record breaking air mass really what's been going on -- -- high originated out in the Atlantic and that's bringing the humidity -- -- so it's really the humidity. That's been making it feel so uncomfortable this heat. Although the temperatures have been above normal by about five to ten degrees in order to get so widespread record breaking temperatures we'll have to be talking temperatures anywhere from ten to twenty degrees above normal so I think more than anything it's just the first prolonged he -- that we had and it's making a lot of folks think that this is -- record breaking heat. Yeah hey hey hey it's a mental and her height violently Yasser back -- right thank you -- carry on how exact. Words to live by and sit in front of the accident at -- -- race card thank you so much vernacular there's been an ABC news -- special report the latest now. On -- East Coast heat wave just beginning. I'm -- Cutler and New York. This has been a special -- Report from me.

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{"id":19679848,"title":"Temperatures Soar as Officials Warn of Heat Risks","duration":"10:05","description":"Thermometers reach record levels as East Coast braces for week-long heat wave.","url":"/US/video/us-heat-wave-2013-temperatures-soar-officials-warn-19679848","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}