U.S. Marine Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans in Hawaii

Darryl Vincent is helping homeless veterans reintegrate into society.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U.S. Marine Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans in Hawaii
US -- of the largest nonprofit homeless veterans service provider in the nation. We have eleven locations across the nation one right here in Hawaii and basically on mission and our job is to help homeless veterans transition. To -- the next -- -- the likely be. My father and my mother were both of those from other retired army. I went to college in -- -- OTC. Left college and -- joined the Marine Corps -- -- like a rite of passage about family and -- was put to serve in the military. When -- -- a military I came to Hawaii starting over. And I cannot sustain that I didn't have necessarily a mission of what I was going to do -- house that they do and I knew I wanted to start over do something. And I was lucky enough to have the support of -- Stanley. To say hey didn't come here and start back over so the transition was mean really getting in support. Like any of these veterans are getting the say what is your next step in life in my situation was failing to support. Indeed better situation it's. US -- support. And I saw the gratification that brought we will always taught to give back to the community so I never grew up thinking obvious social worker but it ended up being that way once I saw that ratification came from it. And also seeing that it provided me a sense of the film and so wasn't just about. What am I doing it earned money think for my family is about giving back to the community with the film and I get -- and I honestly thought well this the good this is a good mixture. If it wasn't for his -- efforts and you know I -- determination and you know long nights here. This this wouldn't be. What it is today that it has brought -- back self esteem self pride and self discipline. But one of the biggest challenges we always had an -- we have a place the better as they go after they leave our program. Affordable housing but why is a big problem. It's very high cost living on his of the veterans also have. Issues when it's time -- leave the program where is the next step for them we can give them all the tools but they also have to have -- apartment ready for them the ring. So when they move out of our program they can sustain themselves and never have to come back to a place like this again. The -- and. And someone put on the uniform about how long house choice they took -- oath to defend our country for them -- be sleeping on the same streets they once defended I think it's almost. This honoring all of us so the most gratifying thing I get is when that it would become the -- say thank you for the help that you help facilitate.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Darryl Vincent is helping homeless veterans reintegrate into society. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22996534","title":"U.S. Marine Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans in Hawaii","url":"/US/video/us-marine-veterans-helping-homeless-veterans-hawaii-22996534"}