Veteran Cop Dead in Apparent Double Murder-Suicide

New York City police say off-duty officer shot her boyfriend, her infant son and then herself.
2:16 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Veteran Cop Dead in Apparent Double Murder-Suicide
Horrifying discovery East Flatbush and police say that an NYPD officer shot and killed her boyfriend and young baby before turning the gun on herself. It happened just a short time ago on east 56 street let's go straight to -- reporter Anthony Johnson live on the scene dampening. -- are certainly a very disturbing story taking place out here on east 56 street you can see the police officers are still. Out here on this -- but this is certainly something that is. Disturbing to very many residents that are out here on the street it is certainly rocked this neighborhood happened around. 9 o'clock this morning officers have swarmed east 56 group following an apparent. Double murder suicide victims include a man in his thirties or forties that apparently is the boyfriend the baby boy just seven months old. A female veteran police officer thirteen years on the police force. From the 108. -- said she was the apparent shooter. It appears she killed the man in the doorway at 805 east 56 street then went into the bedroom with the child. Killed her son and turn -- weapon on her self the victims were pulled down on them that. The older nineteen year old son from a previous marriage he jumped out of a window and escaped he alerts police as they start to arrive on the scene. Needless to say. Residents -- done. -- -- -- happen here and not let these schools and it comes to dealing with them -- Soviet them it was a media stuff. Scrimmage -- neighborhood right they know -- personally I don't lifted it is just mama tells. I don't know how -- I just tell us what the -- on my mom's. Yeah action I heard she wasn't happy office. And of course that woman did rush here to the -- to check on our mother -- our mother lived on the top floor. The NYPD officer boyfriend and the child lived -- a basement -- lower level apartment police are still out here on the C in the name. Of the officer has not been officially. Release of course there's still trying to determine what caused that officer to snap. That is latest live from the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn Anthony Johnson channels that dot -- it.

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{"id":18958637,"title":"Veteran Cop Dead in Apparent Double Murder-Suicide","duration":"2:16","description":"New York City police say off-duty officer shot her boyfriend, her infant son and then herself.","url":"/US/video/veteran-cop-dead-apparent-double-murder-suicide-18958637","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}