Veterinarians Treat Dog Who Was Hit by Car

A Rottweiler named Ziba had to have her skull and jaw surgically reconstructed.
1:30 | 02/06/16

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Transcript for Veterinarians Treat Dog Who Was Hit by Car
This is a healthy dogs. But when dealers head was caught in between the wheel of her owner's car that was crashed with fractures to root out this fall. Ten years ago was people would have been down but thanks to the team that you CD hits. Xena is now a very active. The it's kind of tendency actually I just heard my mom. Can't say they can't braves he's been hurt when I saw us are out. It's bloody and it was it was awful it's one of the most severe cases we've seen because all parts of the Scotto. Were affected both sides of the cheek bones the forehead the lord shall. The joint. We even had to somehow. Since regularly sleep through the nose. Veba underwent a five hour surgery. That involved reconstructing her skull with titanium plates. It could be done but it's very Manny if ever comment on the sentence. A UC Davis. The staff at UC Davis may be the best at what they do in the world views. But it's clear they also just love animals. You're very very ecstatic we were jumping and screaming. As we were. Done with the case very very happy. As for the about the healthy eleven month old is back to normal. The learning to stay far away from moving cars. It's amazing. It's like. My best friend. And she's been incredible in Davis ever L Carroll ABC ten news.

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{"id":36756062,"title":"Veterinarians Treat Dog Who Was Hit by Car","duration":"1:30","description":"A Rottweiler named Ziba had to have her skull and jaw surgically reconstructed.","url":"/US/video/veterinarians-treat-dog-hit-car-36756062","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}