Vietnam veteran clings to life after NYC beating

Police believe William Boyd was attacked by five men who broke into his apartment.
1:45 | 03/15/18

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Transcript for Vietnam veteran clings to life after NYC beating
Fighting back her tears fill verified puts up another poster with a picture of her father will be buoyed. Offering a 2000 dollar reward and asking the public's help identifying the man who viciously attacked this 73 year old veteran. He is a good man he didn't deserve this and I need justice will be served. Well but that does have some paid and I'm praying that anybody out there weren't any type of information appeased history tells us. Standing in Willie boy department bill Maris and her brother William cannot believe that five bid pushed through the front door and attacked their father my father was found unconscious. In the lobby in front of the neighbor's door. If it wasn't for his neighbor. My father Hollywood. Willie had an altercation with a man late Tuesday over money old and cold police. Later after they left around 12:45. Early Wednesday morning police believe five meals busted down his door and viciously beat him. He was discovered here in the hallway by a neighbor he won't be able to remember. Hawk. Barely moves. He's living on life support. Feeding tube will these children there are five of them say their father is a good bit of Vietnam veteran a family man who always spent time with them. Matthew like his father went into the army. My father served when his contract. Our what do makes my career ordered argue about what it. Even through June the guy you can say that if it's there now they feel helpless as their father struggles for life. How a family and allowed same. Nobody deserves that don't. I go. What would that this took what little time I would have left him. Reporting for Port Chester Tim Fleischer channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Police believe William Boyd was attacked by five men who broke into his apartment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53767652","title":"Vietnam veteran clings to life after NYC beating","url":"/US/video/vietnam-veteran-clings-life-nyc-beating-53767652"}