War Vet's 'Personal Mission' Is a 58,286-Mile Run

Mike Bowen has been running for 31 years to honor every dead or missing American from Vietnam.
2:35 | 09/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for War Vet's 'Personal Mission' Is a 58,286-Mile Run
You -- your world -- -- 31 year journey -- he is about to come to an -- one man more than 50000 miles -- cause he reviewed it was hard and that's why it's our. That story today. He's been running one mile for each name carved on the Vietnam War memorial in Washington DC eight but -- -- -- from -- -- -- Flint, Michigan tells us. He's doing it for a very personal reason. Michael Owen runs through flushing park on this cool fall like day. Bringing him a few more strides closer to the end of a long journey. It's my own personal mission it's almost over. Before 1982. You could not call Michael -- an avid runner. Now more than three decades later he's closing and I'm 58282. Miles. The same number of names on the Vietnam War memorial in the nation's capital. Have a little guilt complex because they didn't have to -- I didn't get -- and that was in during the war -- -- net in the war I was in Germany. He has stayed on his path through cancer and through knee surgeries. Boeing has completed over fifty marathons 26 -- road races and countless silent runs through this park. And -- has carried an important message every step of the way. Didn't not forget our prisoners of war and are missing in action the -- we just left -- -- prison camps. Pull their troops. Didn't impediments. On Friday national POW MIA date but when will -- his final run in Washington DC at the Vietnam War memorial. The same place he vowed to start this mission. -- about twenty miles to go. So it's almost hard to believe that its. Content and -- Well will signal the completion of a tremendous journey it is not the end of his personal sacrifice the perfect -- -- of the it's. To -- critical. And flushing -- Harry ABC twelve news. -- just absolutely astonishing near and dear to my heart because my dad was a marine who did serve in Vietnam. Yeah fantastic and 58000. Miles it has -- forest -- -- -- -- -- And he's got a -- is that he's delivering every step of the way it was necessary -- -- -- -- NBC news. It's America's number one source.

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{"id":20281834,"title":"War Vet's 'Personal Mission' Is a 58,286-Mile Run","duration":"2:35","description":"Mike Bowen has been running for 31 years to honor every dead or missing American from Vietnam.","url":"/US/video/vietnam-war-veteran-mike-bowen-runs-58286-miles-20281834","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}