'After The View': Dec.11 2015

Republican Analyst Peggy Noonan on Trump Vs. Clinton
12:53 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for 'After The View': Dec.11 2015
Well you know we ran out of time on the show. So we're really talking to the conservative. Political pundit recycling and that sure that's fine Peggy Noonan and you know here he liked having you here so we have what they've said have been fully tenants won't politics. You know which gives me a headache sometimes but I. I want to ask you hear you work a lot of but a lot of me. Cuba and a lot of men you're gonna mailing industry basically are you not I am I was when net at the brief time I was some politics and help. The time Saddam injure in journalism mail exactly. So now do you think that you can be friends like we were talking about on the show with a straight guy. Ended it would not Barkley Europe significant other. Oh yes men and women can always be friends they have different contexts. In which their friends. Sometimes. Things happen that are surprising and at that point a decision gets made to an unending and some. I'm still active I don't I. Can't always come out people don't know what's going down that might say and just think Clinton when it just brought me this sounds like it might go too far and may be can't stop. Well I think sometimes we want commencing decisions have to be made and then is an honorable lady and I am honorable gentleman used stick with the decision because you kind of notes the right one you do well that's very promising. Usually adultery is serious but when that. But I think some have pointed at its ballot because sex is always a question I think when you have a man and a woman and their. Their friends and so a decision is made are we going to just be friends. Or not this ten man did there is at a deep friendship exactly work captain romantic friendship by mean decision or Freddie and it is fragrance that they're okay but what is what is there about well go back in the politics has I don't want I wanted to ask you. About President Obama high terror has been in the headlines recently and I wanna know how you think he's handling at. He has been choosing his words very carefully. And he has avoided using the term radical Islamic terror yes yes and do you think he's being advised not to say nest. I think it is very much his own decision I think he is a zone lamb. Okay. Disappoint here because I think it is the wrong decision. It is good to choose your words carefully your prison and the United States be careful. But it is banned in my view to avoid and that obvious truth that is obvious to everybody else in the country. In America people look I mean there's. The it it at Ellis doesn't matter what we're doing is as long as we're going towards the same meeting their RG hobbyists warriors. There are violent Islamic radicals whatever phrase but you gotta use the phrase the kind of captures the fact. We want to just paint the whole religion Wade's accept this at stroke that is that kind courteous and I understand but sometimes courtesy. Is pushed too far. In two fiction. Sometimes you gotta prove you know what's going on just by honestly speaking. In my view we're hearing people with in the Obama administration end. Saying different innings and saying when it when it comes to war on terror. He was saying that things have been contained. Within this administration have said they aren't yes why aren't they on the same page with in the the administration there's two reasons there are people in the administration who are frankly differing both on the record and off the record with reporters. From the president's. Assertions. I think there's two things behind it. One as that there really is a fight within the administration. About what to do about. Radical she hottest Islam there's a fight about what to do about prices what to do anonymity so there's there's that thing it is complicated. And people are feeling while. We can't just be talking for the next five years this is an urgent moment we need decisions about right decisions so there's that. There's also the fact that the president is in the last year of his presidency. And believe me in the last year of the presidency. Things get. On discipline acts in a White House begin enemies. Speaking of undisciplined you really caught my attention during the live show you're talking about the conventions and the nominee that we could potentially see at least in terms of the GOP. The nominee chosen on the convention floor we've ever seen that's. Does he made. So what should we expect how invesco down. Nobody knows I think right now Republicans and conservatives are trying to. You can't game plan something like this but they're trying to figure it out everybody is hoping that the voters state by state between now and say June. Pick on nominate. And the party come rallying behind the nominee and it will be the Republicans. Against the Democrats and it'll all be clean. But people are starting to admit that may not capsule with voters pick one hearse and then you have the party that wants another person. How does this go adapt well if safe trump who has been in the lead now for six months so I think we got a call on the front runner yeah this is not a and amp. Yeah M. If trump has almost enough delegates but not quite an there's two other. Men or women who have almost enough delegates together but not quite. You can have to fight them on the floor you can ask to go to the Ohio delegation and say mr. Ohio please will do when you think come over vote our way. Enough to make deals so they're going to be blood alcohol staying there will be blood well I actually think they might be hitting each other over the head that's how passionate it could get him. So now naturally you know on the on the right arm a columnist it can't get dramatic enough you're maniac what I I'm. I am a little worried that in this time of urgency. We might be hitting each other over the had him. It never gets there because I I. Have found that no conservative almost no Republican. Will admit to its. Trump indeed becomes the Republican candidate will admit to backing him will admit to supporting what if he just has enough votes to be. Com the Republican candidate. Do you mean he it that Republicans and conservatives you know who who can't get to supporting him what will lay dill isn't it. Well here's a funny thing we are talking about it before. Everybody wonders is if mr. trump doesn't get the Republican nomination with the bolt the Republican Party and start a third party at a secret you know I'm not. This is that if mr. trump gets the nomination there will be planning of Republicans who will say. I can't do that may be they don't Bolton do their party may be they'll vote for mrs. Clinton may be they'll stay home and have a Margarita. Nobody knows what's gonna happen but so who would you like to see him a ticket and Hillary Clinton as shallow and economic well I had. Because I write about all of the contenders and watch them so closely. I I don't like to have a favorite to tell you the truth because Connie gets in the way of my ability to observe. But I will tell you you can probably infer Urlacher Lance. I am I'm say ended a substantial character like John Kasich asked has not been warm and success. We will see how Marco Rubio goes he's an extremely bright man but he's young. There's Ted Cruz who is so politically capable. But I think a lot of people might not like it's every so. He's at one or not he is yeah say any when you look at him what do you say it's his says mean mean mean PM on and I am I Ebenezer Scrooge. You know my humble everybody I didn't mean yeah I. You know I didn't care I don't. I don't anyway hardly says he had about excellently space I just try to watch them when booklet. But you're talking about that I just credit to watch them with cool lies and describe to think or lysine what I think is working what I think is not now when at this point it's hard to until now almost to write about anybody but it's not business as a compelling let's say US advising Hillary unite people say she's not like I happened to know where I think she's extremely adorable. She laughs she has finally announced let me she's considering her current Democrat to incidental say that she can't overcome her image is there and it is yeah he did she do an irreparable. Here's it is that. When you when the subject is what should mrs. Clinton do to make herself more likable and eight. I sort of think you know what. She's not going to be able to do that people have been watching her for 25 years you'll like are you don't like there here's what she could do. Show her seriousness every day work really hard. The about policy be about seriousness the about showing you understand the moment more and and try to portray yourself as. Those Republicans are going crazy they're going wild and I am a stable scent that's it she did at the Ben got here. I think that is what jingle dill and I I don't think she should try to charming or your best friend or at least trust me and not only never wore a moral question do you think shall bring the bill along. I think he'd be only. Off. I think he would he would be saying he would be the first gentleman and and I love that when life is exciting and Bill Clinton back in the White House is the first gentleman would be exciting yeah. Has nothing to do about politics because this is what these ladies love and I'm like. Let me wait to vote because I can't assume that drama adults fighting can handle it. You aren't true writer asked which you are then you're offing you are right or how do you feel about people. On a certain platform that just call themselves writers. And go about spewing all kinds of markers I'm not saying words and I'm just cutting edge relaxes me I'd like to talk about me so she said the word. How do you feel about bloggers that called themselves writer writers and authors when you have made such a stamp on this world. With your profession. It's a man. Well we live and I think that's what you mean were in this multi media environment them a lot of young people are coming up and understandably they're trying to position themselves themselves themselves in various ways. I always snippets about me. I am a writer. I am not anything else I really am a writer and so I spent thirty years essentially staying home and right. The writing and did not mean to cut I letter writer. I've ever. And at the end of the day you know somebody was a writer when you could look back at their work and say. That was writing. To anatomy and yet wasn't sick pundit Ing or running around are having had been lateral and it was a show went something thinking. Yes yet I mean it it's something I write about a lot in the book I actually write in the book about being a writer I need so many young people who want to be writers and so I want to tell them a little bit about the life. But it. Now with. With I guess that the station have means you can't bloggers be writers yes I think it one of the great things about the multimedia thing. Is that you can if you are a talented and thoughtful person. You can put up your own blog that his GO dot com and you can start doing more. And if it's serious and thoughtful aren't you listening or Lance insight. It's gonna get some people wouldn't start CNN and linking it and sending it out yeah. And suddenly you'll be invited monologue of fabulous shows like the and it like this one if you're lucky the. Didn't. If you're really a writer. You really gone right. Peggy the backward from Peggy Noonan thank you so much for sticking around presidents we stretch.

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