Virginia bracing for weekend protests

Officials are preparing for protests on the anniversary of the violent "Unite the Right" rally.
2:21 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Virginia bracing for weekend protests
This thing is he is live I need to tell them we're here in Charlottesville Virginia and this is the street where that driver drove down into the sea of people. And hit and killed one woman. They are marking the tragedy. The anniversary of that tragedy this weekend here you can see this memorial set there are chock. Words and phrases written on the wall there that. Our messages of hope messages of remembrance of Heather higher. Messages. Encouraging people to love one another as a mark that one year anniversary. Those same people who planned at last year's protests here are now calling on people to gather again those white Nationalists and you may remember those images of the men. Martin came here. Back using. Dominant over and saw people fighting in the streets of noontime the streets of Charlottesville into a battlefield it seemed like. My tether living in their flag Latin. Opening bottles of concrete and bottles of urine at each other this the violence and the brutality as these two sides. Last and then that panic. And they chaos of the car drove down the street. Barely into the sea counter protesters killing one person Heather higher that 32 year old woman that's from. Who was from this area that was from the Charlottesville. Area now the protests are planned for DC and at least here in Charlottesville. There is a state of emergency that is going to be in place this weekend for both of those locations. Plans are in place to deal. With the protesters in DC they have Ari decided that whip. Or whip out a concealed carry permit you can not have a gun near those protest sites. If you are seen with a gun police have said they have made it very clear that you will. Be arrested they are not taking any chances at any gun violence in those areas this year the hope. Is that with all the plans that this is a peaceful weekend of protests. We are here in Charlottesville disease a pilgrim for ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Officials are preparing for protests on the anniversary of the violent \"Unite the Right\" rally.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57135860","title":"Virginia bracing for weekend protests","url":"/US/video/virginia-bracing-weekend-protests-57135860"}