Virginia governor: President ‘threw a flame on that tinder box’

Gov. Ralph Northam discusses the security precautions Virginia is taking in the wake of the siege on the U.S. Capitol and criticizes President Donald Trump’s rhetoric to his supporters.
5:59 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for Virginia governor: President ‘threw a flame on that tinder box’
2000 members of the Virginia National Guard are being deployed to Washington to help protect the US capitol and members of Virginia law enforcement works some of the first to help respond to last week's attack we're joined now by Virginia governor Ralph north and thank you so much for joining us tonight governor from the Washington Post reported that speaker Pelosi called you as this capital scenes was happening saying quote there's glass being broken around me we're just very very concerned right now take since signed up moment and how you responded. Well thanks for having me on today and you know week ago week. We all witnessed that arm inch direction of our. I US capitol actually given a press conference dealing with the code written how we wouldn't distribute our Saxon nations and our Press Secretary. Notified me that they US several had been breached week brought the press conference to an end. I started receiving calls and in talking with various people. In Washington to include the mayor of the District of Columbia. And that the speaker of the house and I got on the phone with. Speaker Pelosi and she had been taken to an area that was secure but said that there was. Bread a gut glass breaking around her there had been gunfire. Thumb and just said please send helpers as quickly as she can't and so we deployed dough about 200 of our state police. They were on the ground but very soon there after and then we also deployed our National Guard and now have over 2000. Of our Guardsmen and women on on the premise and the US kept. And we saw that troubling Intel from the FBI office in Norfolk and warned that rioters discussing plans online ahead of last week's attack were quote ready for war and we're seeing potential threats now facing state capitals in the coming days as well what resources are you marshaling to track and prevent threats from white supremacists and other groups that may come from Virginia to DC you were to target your capitol in Richmond. Well unfortunately we have experienced here in Virginia we had that is the riots and Charlottesville back in August of 2017. And and then we had a lot of armed protesters and in January and so. We have we have some experience we we are obviously working with our local law enforcement are our state police we have capitol police here. And we also have this the National Guard available. I'm so we have prepared. Unfortunately fences are up around our our State's capital the bottom for the win this had been boarded up it's it's so unfortunate situation but. We've made it known to these individuals that if they come here looking for trouble. That we're ready and comments not can be good for him. And as you just mentioned Virginia of course no stranger to the threat of violent protests from white supremacist groups as we witnessed in Charles Phelan 2017. And you're also the potential target of militia groups who discussed kidnapping you last year. What lessons do you take away from those moments that could help the country at this point deal with the threat going forward. Well the first lesson is that words have meaning and our leaders. Need to be very careful. Without a message to those that support them and you know over the past few years Lindsay we have a president that is really created a tinderbox. Armed with that is their lives that he has been telling recently after November the third saying it did. The election was stolen in these individuals that support him here this over and over again. And then on Wednesday a week ago he literally threw a claim on that tinderbox and that and the rest is history so. We take the set threats very very seriously. Our legislature is here in town now doing the work of the people and so we're gonna do everything we can. To keep Virginia safety keeper capital safe and and also to assure that there's a peaceful transition of power. In Washington we hope that things calmed down every day that this president is an office is one day too many. The senator that he can leave Washington. The better for all of. Us and lastly turning to the pandemic we saw you at a mass vaccination for teachers in Virginia earlier this week but you're still has had a rather sluggish roll out so far with CDC data showing Virginia the back of the pack administering just 26% of the doses of commonwealth has received so far so what would you say to the Biden administration can do to help states speed up distribution and what can Virginia. Do better as well. Where's our overseas can be a breath of fresh air to have partner in Washington it will work with the state senate. Still localities. You know we. We have only about. You know Dan twelve other states that have given more vaccinations and Virginia has. Those states' most Amare are larger than Virginia but there's no question that we can do it. More rapidly and so about a week ago I made announcement that one we're gonna have a goal. And that is to go to 25000. As quickly it's we can Hyundai. And then 50000 hot shots today. But we brought on what I cost TO general doctor Daniel Bullock now because a lot of experience it logistically. And vaccinations and so he's on the ground and then and working hard the National Guard obviously will be a part of this program move them forward. And and I basically told that. They clinics and hospitals in the health departments if you're not used in the the doses that we give you don't lose it and so. All of that to Geller I think Megan and I have provided some urgency. For the vaccination program in Virginia and that we've moved from 1821 B. But we've lowered the age of individuals to 65 south. As long as we can get to supply that we need in Virginia we're ready two Arlington. Distribute this vaccination and I think our numbers will continue to rise on a daily basis till we get to our goal of 50000 shots a day. Governor north and we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on the show. Thank you so much revenue stay safe you too.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"Gov. Ralph Northam discusses the security precautions Virginia is taking in the wake of the siege on the U.S. Capitol and criticizes President Donald Trump’s rhetoric to his supporters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75262171","title":"Virginia governor: President ‘threw a flame on that tinder box’","url":"/US/video/virginia-governor-president-threw-flame-tinder-box-75262171"}