The volunteers protecting the right to vote

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer meets the team of legal volunteers helping voters navigate new voting rules and procedures.
5:40 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for The volunteers protecting the right to vote
Election Day is just 43 days weigh in tomorrow. Is national voter registration days would take a closer look at the small army of legal volunteers standing by right now. To help you navigate those near constant changes in voting rules and procedures is here. This Devin Dwyer reports of pend may have offended our routines but it's not stopping a major effort. Now under way to ensure that everyone who wants to vote still can't. So Chris that this would be the nerve center of the election protection hotline in an ordinary election. And an ordinary election but these are not ordinary times the voter call center at the lawyers committee for civil rights under law is normally buzzing as hee-seop package when he do you believe this is where. Thousands of volunteers this season election season are fielding phone call seven days a week take a look you can I have your name. Program anybody calling about in twenty Swanee with a tidal wave of voting changes caused by covic the virtual hotline is busier than ever before yeah. Christopher Clark who oversees the program is one of the nation's top nonpartisan election borders now we tend to get a lot of calls from black voters from Latinos and native American voters. Ku least disproportionate rates have voter suppression and voting discrimination. We tend to get lots of calls from states like Georgia and Texas in North Carolina. In army of 121000 nonpartisan volunteer lawyers are working the hotline from home more than double the number signed up to field calls for years ago we've gotten calls from that. Tens of bounds ends and we definitely seen a shift we definitely are getting. More calls from people who are trying to figure out how to vote absentee for the first time. Nadine mound premiere is working nightly shifts from her Brooklyn apartment then going to keep you. A little sheep into what a remote. Hotline looks like I have my last time and I have my monitor here. Or Pol Pot while we're not selling warning think we are very focused on what ultimately why are you polyps are only students. Find out accurate estimate are you calling. Because you patent it's what hold on you aren't them or intimidate. What are some of the biggest concerns you're hearing right now from voters. Important race. The liberal or follow the letter saying you voted. Ten election that you decided not opponent muddy pit bull that. The attack but others believe that kind of but it's pretty funny but that's me. Org or local portable exit the vehicle chief Bob. People at the polls because that's what I like. Six states have so called use it or lose it laws that cancel registrations have an active voters. All states are required to clear out voters who have died moved or otherwise become ineligible at least seventeen million people were moved from state registration lists between 2016 and twenty T alone. Advocates say making sure your registration is up to date an active as a key step to take right now. The times soaks you'd think about it a little bit too late in the game and so what's good this year is that we calls. Early unique bands and registration deadlines with people just making sure thank you for calling much protection this is John. John Bennett has helped voters in the hot line for twelve years certainly did that lead up to the election is a lot busier than we typically are heady got a lot of questions about the Postal Service there's definitely been folks calling in expressing some local concerned with the post or written isn't news. Our advice is just. If you do want to vote by mail out request your ballot it seems you can't. Raising the stakes a tide of misinformation. About mail in voting. Is now 45 states plus DC allow anyone to vote absentee this election as a result of 119. President trump sowing confusion by recently suggested that voters who mail their ballots this year. Should show up in person on Election Day to vote again there ballot is already in the system. It's never were able to vote twice. That's correct. There's a swirl of unfounded claims of vote fraud voting by mail has been a regular part of American elections since the civil war. Is there are particularly pernicious piece misinformation. That is really kind of started to take hold. We'll probably. See Alex Heath Ali Blackberry. But now what whether it well I don't I'm not that I L or. People will vote what do you singer yes. You know I post Smart. And that that in your vote does get the matter of also making good at east high. He spent a lot of the people who fly deep. Down ballot may need. But Jack our lives. Don't remember aides who buying it at the bottom. Voter advocates are confident a historic surge in mail ballots this year can produce a fair election outcome. Many worry that some voters might miss out and make up. Clan now. You know don't dad caught by a deadline that snuck up on you that blocks you out from absentee voting. Make sure you know that deadline for getting registered to vote to make sure you know when early voting is happening in your state. This year we're encouraging people to not so much stink about November 3 it's Election Day but really think about October as election season. A season that starts with Gideon registered to vote for ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to DeVon for that if you have questions about voting this year that hotline number is 1866. Our vote.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer meets the team of legal volunteers helping voters navigate new voting rules and procedures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73155450","title":"The volunteers protecting the right to vote","url":"/US/video/volunteers-protecting-vote-73155450"}