Vote 2020: Democrats put climate change in the spotlight

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced Monday he will release a comprehensive plan to combat climate change later this week.
5:18 | 05/13/19

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Transcript for Vote 2020: Democrats put climate change in the spotlight
Are turning out of the race up for 20/20 and former vice president Joseph Biden on the trail today making his first trip as a candidate. A to the first in the nation primary state of New Hampshire he's talking about climate change teasing a big plan that is on the way a short time ago I caught up with our. KP reporter Kristin Otto who's up there with Joseph Barton. Hey Devin so button just made his first appearance New Hampshire as a presidential candidate he promised to talk about his climate change. Proposal warranty till later this month in a speech. But he did discuss a few things he said he. He's going to lay out his holes planned later this month calling an environmental revolution he says he's on the forefront leaders and climate change talking about it since 1987 but he strangled criticism because while he may have been a more fronts and thanks maybe 71 of the last candidates are actually to be talking about it and releasing a plan. Many other candidates have released their climate change plans. He wants to kind of bring it back to Obama era. I'm talking about the Paris climate accord and even once secede solar panels or. Electric car charters along every highway in America. Right sued the former vice president thanks to Chris there the former us president teen a big plan. Didn't throw back to the Obama days certainly not in embrace of the green new deal or Stephanie abs are environmental reporter she joins us to dig into this now also drive up from New York by Avery harper. She's another one of our new campaign reporters Aybar agreed to seal let's start with you Avery you are. Are covering the campaign coverage Joseph Biden some of the other Democrats. How is the former vice president the front runners climate change plan being received. Well in a field of democratic. Candidates that is as wide as the democratic field all these candidates are looking for ways to. Differentiate themselves from each other and a recent Reuters report gave some Democrats the opportunity to do to do just fat. The called Biden's. Plan middle of the road and so we saw immediately some of those candidates come out and say. And criticized that plan we Suggs Bernie Sanders sweet that there is no middle ground. When it comes to climate policy Washington State governor Jay and police said we can simply we cannot simply go back to the pass. And this is all because of what Biden's plan might say we do know that he is expected to release a plan before the end of the month. Hand middle of the road is probably not. A slogan that will go over well with a lot of those. Progressive groups Stephanie that your covering environmental groups they want. Yeah far to the left on environmental policy yeah absolutely said they are really seizing on this moment where climate change of such a big part. The presidential debate you know they. They are pushing for similar to the green new deal the most ambitious possible solutions because. Kind of similar to the road -- Orleans groups these are I'm zero I loved Sierra Club the League of Conservation Voters is on it's been around for along time and you have these kind of up coming and coming up grassroots groups as you specifically at young people like the sunrise movement. They were tweeting about that Joseph Biden yeah I'm just the reds interests and it's not actually gotten. Who tweeted just. Overnight here that Joseph Biden's middle ground will drown entire communities forever said vast walls of our country a blaze kill millions of species. Tear apart the fabric of our economy my generation doesn't have luxury or privilege of middle ground. Oh yeah every harper that it's not something that. That I know that Joseph Biden will take lightly. He hopefully come out swinging against that criticism or hate. Definitely this is. Eight an issue that he's biting campaign is going to have to tread very carefully. In order to capturing be progressive part of the party we've seen some of the other candidates like that so work he's come out with a five trillion dollar plan. Proposal to combat climate change she's talking about taxing the rich. In order to invest in technology to get to net zero emissions by 2050. 45%. By 2030. And what to put forth clean energy standards and electricity new vehicles and new buildings in order to get there. This is a feel that has embraced they the green new deal many have refused contributions from fossil fuel companies. And your executives and so again climate changes that when going to be an issue that has people are going to be watching by and. For. Right away as the source of funding that some have even called out. People both parties for receiving money from fossil fuels and I'm runs true that there you're already. You know of throwing out money at the League of Conservation Voters announced a two million dollar effort to pressure candidates to talk about climate change release. What they call ambitious climate pay plans that focus on green energy it's interesting that bite and chose the word revolution instead of ambitious. You know people who are less comfortable with this would call them extreme expensive. Even socialism if your going back to green new deal territory you know. One of the first big flash points in this primary season can be interest seemed to see. If they actually pull off a climate change debate is a member of the candidates have been talking about Avery harper it's great to see you on your. Briefing room gave you know you'll be out on the trail great to meet you Stephanie I'm so it's funny how you hear thank you for that.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced Monday he will release a comprehensive plan to combat climate change later this week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63014785","title":"Vote 2020: Democrats put climate change in the spotlight","url":"/US/video/vote-2020-democrats-put-climate-change-spotlight-63014785"}