Waffle House shooting suspect nabbed after 4 slain

The suspect in the massacre at Tennessee Waffle House was captured Monday.
7:46 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for Waffle House shooting suspect nabbed after 4 slain
This is ABC news lined up Kenneth mode here in New York we have breaking news out of Nashville Tennessee where police have captured the suspect. And that deadly mass shooting at a Waffle House over the weekend are ABC's air rest up with on the ground there. Area what do you know. Hi tech addict we know that the suspect an. Ally. The nineteen had been arrested and police are meeting at Irving it moment ago here our car. Port area where wrecked it. Not all are from that he now about a mile away. Area where they captured or we get back. On route and there copy that only that the area or or. Or I I. But little did he called it cleared the area. And they can't release it right right I by how. He or their car. They all come and ducked out early prep where police and 800 that he helped a lot. Spanning from local state and federal working. Hiller are believed to be I got that four people and we got at lot out. Aerial ranking as you know have been on the run for more than 24 hours that it no abuse in the woods or who's been helped by some wind. Well what are investigators saying about exactly how he was cabinet we're still learning those details but again you Mitzi was taken alive. Do we know anything more at this point. We don't know more about how it happened. A warmup police activity that we look at eight area right. Out where all of the media. Oh look a lot. That their local command and weak not alert activity all the attic we can't get in peaked at Eric happening throughout the current. You don't cart war and that rate. We knew what direction traveling with the correct it where they do in order or wheat though that there might. Perhaps he was it ain't somewhere either in the wooded area. Are actually that was. Target. Well are a lot. Org and art we're. But all of. Aerial when the law enforcement may give an update just a while ago they said. You know if he's in those woods they happen pretty must surround and they will be ready form when he came out it appears that they were ready. It does appear there already open. Weather at the actor and be able to get it didn't bring it bit damp. Chilly here and he was allegedly not clothed. A particle. Come on the run and then possibly wearing pants even Eric but it sure until it very hard to be out and eat in this. In the wooded area for a called encore he may very well you'll be. Near the crying. Although at that perhaps I felt like it enables you look at vehicle. This count and anything yeah they. Of that community really on high alert during this manhunt schools were not allowing visitors I'm sure there were other businesses homes ever went taking precautions. Tell us a little bit about the cents up how that community has. Been dealing with this the past 24 hours. How well you have to remember that the community that was propped actually six months ago at a church at mile. So resident Europe's. It does is it really it 24 hour finally got out they at all our. And we knocked the wind gentlemen you. When that leak were coming I hate how we got the right after he. They had done their own greed that their property they are young daughter ate my daughter's. School today but it district. Right here at area I. On and that they're telling the dire they. Play outdoor all suspect captured every Mac it contents the situation. Those who live it. Yet we're seeing some of that and the video that we've been showing here where there are so many law enforcement agencies on the scene aerial. Just tell us again. We know that the gunman is being caught. But that's as far as the law enforcement effort just FBI eight you have armed local state law enforcement all messing trying to find this man. That's right Kenneth I mean they they are considering hand at the top of eat out at let they have elected to help. State local federal officials at a certain they eat. On board up a dirt and the area. Eight area there where that fought member canine unit. And we don't look on the cooling rack at. Court that meet air by police. That that it that traffic ranking it act. That the bid up. Police at at that it would not rat Kelly out. That could be the community reveal that we batter what it. An area let's get right to this new image. Travis ranking in the back about patrol car right there you see he has been taken into custody. Is they knew image that we just got in from metro Nashville PD he seemed to have some type of mark on his right shoulder there you see is closer tattered. I'm but he has been taken into custody alive after police say he walked up to that Waffle House. Yesterday morning with an assault rifle and opened fire. On four people were killed others were injured this manhunt going for more than 24 hours now. I'm aero aerial again you said your racing to that area at that location that's seen. Again do they think he was in those woods for that entire time war it was that area like. All of that will be it will remain to be seen I would tell you that it very rural area there are it than it. But for the most part the wooded area. Right here we are right Eric who helped Lee helicopters. Circling the area everything equally Crittenton a very small. It will be interesting. It traffic with you. Undercover for 24. Hours a look at the current in this. Specific area or it may act in won't come a hot. Eric doesn't sweetheart you're. On I'm and they have to be at the leak into a little bit more. I. I'm gonna let you do that think you again let's take one more look at that image and I want I think aerial for her reporting live on the I think wants you giving gathers more details. This picture this and it's right there from the metro Nashville PD it's the image that that community has been warning to see since this. Heinous crime took place where police say that man right there Travis ranking. Opened fire on a Waffle House. Arm early morning hours around 2:33 o'clock in the morning people war. I'm having a late night meal when police say he walked up opened fire tried to get into the Waffle House. But there with a man by the name of James Shaw junior who was able to wrestle him. I'm get back assault rifle out of his hands the order over account are and they're calling that man at the here wrote. Who's who they would stop the suspect from. I'm really killing more people we know four people killed again we are expecting another live update from law enforcement after the arrest of this. Mass shooting suspect Travis ranking. This is ABC news five Kenneth but report New York.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"The suspect in the massacre at Tennessee Waffle House was captured Monday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54670171","title":"Waffle House shooting suspect nabbed after 4 slain","url":"/US/video/waffle-house-shooting-suspect-nabbed-slain-54670171"}