Warning signs for mass attacks in the US: Secret Service

The Secret Service released a report identifying trends and warning signs from 27 mass attacks that took place across the United States in 2018.
3:40 | 07/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Warning signs for mass attacks in the US: Secret Service
Mass tax a public spaces. And other types of targeted bounds as you've already heard from John pro votes are not merely law enforcement issues. We must drawn every available resource to prevent these attacks and that's why gatherings like these are so absolutely critical between nineteen. The Secret Service and our national press ask the senator and tack if we call does an amazing job of researching attacks. Conducting training and providing consultation in order to create an awareness a prevention techniques. However we're fully aware we cannot do it alone. So our call to action today for all of us. Is to absorb the information gleaned from and tech's most recent report we're here to talk about today mass attacks and public spaces for the county you're twenty team. Discuss its findings. Hopefully study the report a little bit after we leave here today maybe check out some of the related information and resources exist on our website Secret Service docked up. And that of course look for opportunities to apply that knowledge. To the spaces within our control. And by extension helped spread the word to others. Without question the faster all of us with a concern for public safety and educate ourselves and others. Asked of the warning signs and the options exist for taking action. The better we will be able spent and a terror acts of targeted violence. Back in the 1990s the Secret Service which even at that point had long been involved in the game of for an investigation threatened print management. Embarked on a comprehensive study. Adds to the thinking in behaviors of a person. Who engage in violence against public officials and public figures. The results of that study still serve as the foundation for our agency conduct for a management assessments today. In in the wake of the groundbreaking report that followed back in the ninety's and tack was established. In order to more broadly. Conduct research training and provide consultation. In the areas of threat assessment and the prevention of all want to targeted violence. Whether they are endemic to the Secret Service mission or not. Since its inception and tack it conducted numerous studies. And dissemination information on how to prevent mass attacks in public spaces school based violence. Attacks on government buildings and attacked a high profile parts. This year's report. Focuses on 27 incidents of mass miles. Incidents in which three or more people were injured or killed. All of these incidents having been carried out in public spaces between January. And December when he team. And he's 27 instance in affected workplaces schools and houses of worship. The report itself. I doubt vice common themes in the backgrounds and behaviors of the attackers. For example. Half the attackers were motivated by Britain's. Two thirds had a history of mental health challenges. Nearly all experienced a significant stress their in their lives. Likewise. Nearly all had previously made threatening or alarming communications. Directed toward were made in the presence of others. While there is no single profile person commits targeted violence this report. And so many others and tack is complete in the past aims to assist our partners in law enforcement. In the education area and so many other stakeholders in understanding some of the motivations behind mass attacks and their positive factors. I commend the staff intact for the hard work I'm very proud of what they've accomplished. And I encourage everyone to take advantage of the resources that created. The treating me deliver and the consultation they provide.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The Secret Service released a report identifying trends and warning signs from 27 mass attacks that took place across the United States in 2018.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64214644","title":"Warning signs for mass attacks in the US: Secret Service","url":"/US/video/warning-signs-mass-attacks-us-secret-service-64214644"}