Washington's Legal Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect

Recreational marijuana is now legal in the Evergreen state, but only one store was ready to open in Seattle.
9:43 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Washington's Legal Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect
It's a little after 3 PM in the east high noon in Washington State is people are lining up to buy pot legally. But it looks as though the marijuana sales might go bust a lever when I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the demand for marijuana in Washington State. Not too high although that didn't stop people from lining up at Canada city the only legal marijuana dispensary in Seattle proper. ABC's Neal Karlinsky took -- tour the facility yesterday and talk to their first ever customer as she stood in line 24 hours in advance. So this is what the legal marijuana business looks like in Washington State if not you fancy after all the talk and all the time to get this. Legislation passed but we've got here in Seattle is in a fairly. Industrial part of town won exactly one store barely has -- candidate city. -- is that they're getting ready for the big day tomorrow let's go inside and take a look. They're not open yet they just -- their license today. The marijuana doesn't show up until overnight or early tomorrow morning so the shelves are now mostly empty if you pick up their fight in the wrong and they happen. These pamphlets. Marijuana use and Washington State and -- don't consumer's guide. And has all kinds of hopeful. Tips and its purchase limits they can't take credit cards here. The banks don't want to deal with these people so they actually they have any TN. Ready to go to engage your cash they're a little bit uncertain how the first -- going to go. We took the numbers from Colorado's they did about five to 101000. People showed up for the openings of those stores so we anticipate for 101000. Hope to -- we won't get that much because we don't have that much product really figured. Hopefully not but legally we have to anticipate plan. This grandmother of three and competitive runner showing up to be first in line -- full 24 hours early. I'm here I thought to be one of the first I didn't realize -- -- gonna be that are stressing kids enjoy the new legal recreation home. I never thought I'd see -- in my. Nighttime and to be able to vote for it and to be able to enjoy it legally. -- Just an awesome thing in my life I'll probably buy the -- and I think best to gram bags one I'm gonna keep for ever. The other one knowledge and yet there are laws that are associated with -- I'm plan to respect the laws but to be able -- in my own home. To be able -- it transport it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And on the menu yet but the Brothers scrap of paper here they're gonna have four kinds of marijuana they're gonna have Opel OG Kush. Copper cushion oh -- pearl and -- Lafayette. Of one -- -- it's about five dollars more per gram then medicinal marijuana. The reality is you need to be conscious about how much people are really willing to -- we don't want to Jack the prices up so high that need. Force our customers back to the drug dealers. One of the problems they say is that the State's liquor control board which has been mandated to. Regulate its -- it had a hard time keeping up with the and so actually sellers. Aren't prepared yet to supply a whole lot of marijuana and that's -- here in the city of Seattle you only at one store this one. Out of the way store. So it'll be inching to see how it goes -- doubling its take a long time to get. Up and running but there is one interesting thing about their ambition not just can't in this city but the others and this -- It's being part about the location in this industrial part of town. -- look right over there you see that building with the American flag waving on the at a Starbucks world headquarters. They started small in Seattle. And the -- would like to do the same we'll -- Neal Karlinsky ABC news Seattle. For more on this story I want to bring infusions chief -- this correspondent Ryan nurse from Miami. Ryan -- remember those long lines of pot stores in Colorado why do you think. The response has been a little dial down in Washington State. -- my understanding is it that everyone knows that the word is out that dumb -- supplies of marijuana are very low. -- they they didn't. License those growers until March and so that wasn't a big enough time -- enough time for them to get a big crop people know that and -- four. The the supplies are so low the prices are gonna go up so people in Seattle who already people who -- -- state who already have medical marijuana licenses. Are gonna continue to go to those dispensaries where it's a lot cheaper. And people who who don't have those licenses are probably just gonna go to there they're private dealers who -- for a good price. And only 100 or so growers were authorized in Washington State about 3500 apply why do you think there were so many delays and denials this process. Yeah I mean one of the things that I've heard a lot about the difference between -- Colorado is that. You know they opened it up beyond the growers and -- dispensary owners from the medical marijuana world so what they wanted to do was create a more egalitarian marketplace. So they think that actually going forward in the end this is gonna work well for them -- -- -- people with a -- chiropractors. And concert promoters who got involved in this process to try to grow and have their own. Recreational marijuana dispensary but because so many people came into the system trying to get involved and they couldn't really check their background in terms of making marijuana before that it -- difficulties in the front in determining who should be able to grow. And give us an idea little bit more about the for your bureaucracy. Trying to acquire marijuana sales licenses that meant to keep certain people out of the business. On the bureaucracy. I'm achievement can you say that again. About just the -- a lot of theocracy get through acquiring a marijuana sales licenses that -- Intentional obviously keep many people out of the business. Sure well I mean it's it's a very Fuzzy gray alien -- gray area there because what happens is. A lot of the people who have expertise in growing marijuana. At some point in the not too distant past we're doing something illegal right and they're still doing something illegal on the federal level. So this gets into this -- three do background checks on people to see if they've had any criminal history. And a lot of them because in getting experience to grow we're just deal with marijuana on any level do have some sort of criminal history with marijuana. So it's it's weird catch -- -- -- you were some of the most experienced people actually will fail background checks so. That takes a little more time on its own right there. You know Washington State certainly taking a look at Colorado in the history that they've had from what we've seen in Colorado. Could Washington State expected decrease in drug related crime as well. I think so yeah I do think so I mean I think that they'll be sort of initial period where they feel it out and you know obviously there is a period it and indeed in Denver. Where they sort of had a little. An uptick in robberies and things like that. But you know medical marijuana has been in Colorado and Washington for a while now and -- are ready. Made some of these mistakes so I think I think you'll see armed crime drop in Washington -- well. I think today for the beginning. The roll out there is not going to be as dramatic and impressive but I think maybe they might be the tortoise that wins the race. And that they allow all these other people to enter the race beyond just medical marijuana people and in the end. -- will open up a lot of business development that Colorado doesn't. Let's talk a little bit about the strength of the medical marijuana and made the at a bulls are there any plans in Colorado Washington for warning labels and stuff like that. Yes so you're getting into one of the questions that that has come up in in terms of -- between Colorado and Washington. Is that there are no -- available bomb in these recreational. Marijuana stores in Washington and one of the reasons for that at least speculated. Has been that what happened in Colorado. Is it's been a few deaths associated with people taking -- -- -- that were stronger than they thought. There is a New York Times writer that you might be aware of missed out who went to Colorado. And was not aware of how strong -- edible she was eating was and and had a meltdown in her hotel room. And because this kind of thing Washington is decided to slow down offered no licenses for at -- -- at the moment. And there are going to be a little bit more more sort of -- Intelligent and slow and sort of -- this and make sure that everything that they do says ten milligrams of TH C and and hopefully it will also say this is a standard effect that this. You know pot brownie with ten milligrams of TH C will have on -- and hopefully they'll they'll -- sort of obviate the need. For some of those those harrowing. Things have -- with animals in in Colorado. Fusion chief -- correspondent Ryan nurse thank you. More from Brian much more from Ryan on -- and a business report. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"9:43","description":"Recreational marijuana is now legal in the Evergreen state, but only one store was ready to open in Seattle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24473917","title":"Washington's Legal Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect","url":"/US/video/washington-state-legal-marijuana-laws-effect-24473917"}